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Our Learning Coach Newsletter - Dec, 2014

Welcome to the First Issue of our New Learning Coach Newsletter

January 1st is both the beginning of a New Year as well as the start of a new phase in the life of the Learning Coach Program.

Since its inception nearly fifteen years ago, Youville Centre has been the driving force behind the creation and administration of the Learning Coach Program. During that time, this program has grown steadily while helping hundreds of young parents living on social assistance continue with their education. With funding support from the Learning, Earning and Parenting Program of Ontario Works (LEAP) along with substantial help freely given during those years by the Bethany Hope Centre, the Learning Coach Program has matured and developed into the successful educational support program it is today.

To help the Learning Coach Program continue to serve effectively in the future, the decision was made recently to transfer the leadership of the Learning Coach from Youville Centre to the Bethany Hope Centre so that the formal administration of this program will be closer to where its service is actually delivered to clients.

As we make this change, we want to extend our sincere appreciation to Cindy Simpson, the Executive Director of Youville Centre, and to all the staff there for the wonderful support and encouragement they've given to the Learning Coach Program over the years. Youville Centre can look back with considerable pride and satisfaction at the successful program they started and then helped grow over these many years. The partnership among LEAP, Youville Centre and Bethany Hope Centre has been a very productive one that has benefitted many young parents in the Ottawa area. Bethany Hope Centre is strongly committed to continuing the development and support of this program.

In addition to the change in administration from Youville Centre to Bethany Hope Centre, the Learning Coach Program will also get a new leader as well. Phil Wakeford will become the new Learning Coach on January 1st. We know you'll want to join us in congratulating him on his new post. He will do a superb job as Learning Coach. John is not leaving. He will continue to work with Phil as the education support worker for the program. Thus, the familiar faces running the program will remain the same and so will our commitment to helping all our clients achieve their educational goals.

We're ready and eager to welcome the New Year.

A Successful Bethany Hope Christmas Bazaar 

This year's Christmas Bazaar felt bigger than ever. The halls were filled with vendors, customers, and the smooth acoustic music of The Split. With 35 vendors, 9 of whom are active participants in our Parent Enterprise Program. 

A special thank you to Bridgehead for the coffee and tea, and to The Split for the tunes.

It's Christmas - Time to Decorate

Around this time of year, the staff of the Bethany Hope Centre like to showcase some of their holiday spirit through a door decorating contest. This year, despite the best efforts of Phil and John, the door to the Owl's Perch was deemed "not Christmassy enough!" by all students.

Two such students decided to take it upon themselves to engineer a first-rate door. After much planning and pasting, these two crafted a very festive façade, complete with stockings hung with care.

But the competition was strong! If you can believe it, this beauty only tied for second place!

The Ontario Literacy Course will, once again, be offered at Bethany in early 2015

Every Wednesday, starting January 21st, the Ontario Literacy Course (OLC4O) will be offered once again at Bethany Hope Centre. Phil Wakeford will be teaching this course between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm each Wednesday over a 16 week period.

For students looking to satisfy their Provincial Literacy Requirement, this is a golden opportunity. Not only will you complete the literacy requirement, you'll also earn a senior English credit. And there are even more great opportunities for PLAR candidates.

Trust us, this is a good deal. It only comes around once a year, so act fast and sign up soon!

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