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       West River History Conference                February, 2015
Rapid City, South Dakota
Let the Games Begin:
Sports in South Dakota

Call for Papers
Accepting Paper Proposals Until August 17

The 23rd Annual West River History Conference, will be held October 1-3, 2015 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Rapid City. The theme of this year's conference is Let the Games Begin:  Sports in South Dakota. This can include all manner of sports, played by Natives or settlers, biographies of sports promoters or athletes, sports events, venues or bygone leagues, stars and unsung heroes. 


Colorful characters, memorable and forgotten events and stories of the everyday people who did extraordinary things in rugged hills and drought-stricken areas are remembered and given a place of recognition at the conference.


The West River History Conference is open to all individuals and the public. Paper titles are welcome from amateur and professional historians alike, and especially sought from students from middle school through graduate school.


The collected papers of the conference are published annually in a permanent bound volume available for purchase by schools, libraries, museums and other interested parties. Prizes for the best papers in adult and student categories will be awarded. 

Do you know a deserving student?
Scholarship money is available for conference registration and travel expenses to encourage students and their teachers and/or parents to attend. Our newest board member, former Rapid City Central teacher, Carol Saunders, has been tasked with increasing the participation of young people so they can learn more about their heritage and carry on the work of preserving it. Please contact her.  All applications for this year's conference are welcome!
Sponsorships are available to help keep the conference affordable for our participants
and to encourage young people to attend.
Exhibitors  and Booksellers Welcome

Friday, October 2, exhibitors and booksellers will be sharing their historically-related materials with conference participants.  There is no charge for a table (or half table) - but are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.  We do require that all participants register for the conference.  If you have a new book to sell, or especially an historical exhibit pertaining to this year's theme, please let us know!
Call for Papers

Let the Games Begin:  Sports in South Dakota
October 1-3, 2015

Paper topics are not limited to the conference theme.  Topics must be submitted with a title, brief description, and biographical sketch of the presenter by August 17th in order to be included in the program. 

Please note:  Your completed paper is NOT due until the conference in October.  Only the abstract and above information is due August 17th. 
West River History
Conference Board

Shebby Lee, President
Bev Pechan, VP
Bobbi Sago, Sec/Publications
Diana Hayes, Treasurer
Marguerite Kleven, Exhibits
Sandi McLain, Project Director
Wayne Gilbert, Sponsorships
Carolyn Weber, Corresponding Secretary
Carol Saunders,Student Liaison

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Quote of the Month
"Every civilisation is formed not merely by its own achievements but by what it has inherited from the past. If these things are destroyed, we have lost a part of our past and we shall be the poorer for it."

Ronald Balfour

WWII British Monuments Man




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