February 2015                                 
AAA on Location...
Watch for the AAA on Location
Alberta Angus Association will be on location:
March 4-5 - Calgary Bull Sale at Stampede Park

Stop by the booth and have a coffee and visit with Cecilie! Be sure to get your copy of the new breeders directory while you are there as well!

CAA News
The next AC-TV is being released on March 2nd. This episode is all about "Bulls 'n Tags" Stay tuned for more AC-TV coming your way! To watch this episode click  here.

Watch the first "Meet the Producer" segment that is now online. You will learn about other producers and how they run their operations. This new segment will be released in between episodes of AC-TV. Enjoy this episode here.

Meet the 2014 Outstanding Young Angus Breeder - Colton Hamilton in this segment on AC-TV. Click here to watch.



March 31th, 2015 - Feedlot (in partnership with Certified Angus Beef (CAB)

Maximizing Innovation for Profit - A one day gathering for the feedlot industry providing a broad view of the North American beef industry at the Lethbridge Lodge, 320 Scenic Drive, Lethbridge.  The day will begin at 9:00 am with registration and coffee with sessions running from 9:30 am until 3:30 pm.  Registration is complimentary and includes lunch.  CAB and CAA staff will be on hand to talk about what their partnership means to all sectors of the industry.  Please RSVP to save your spot for the day by emailing chazenberg@cdnangus.ca, for further details visit www.cdnangus.ca 


June 8th - 10th, 2015 - Carcass 101 2nd Edition (in partnership with Certified Angus Beef (CAB)

A two day learning & networking opportunity focusing on adding carcass value and increasing consistency of the final product.  This event is being held at Olds College, 4500 50 St, Olds, Alberta.  Registration will open April 10, 2015 and space is limited so register early.  The cost of the event will be $350 plus GST and includes all sessions plus the opening reception Tuesday evening, lunch and dinner Tuesday and lunch on Wednesday.  This project is supported by ALMA.  A schedule will be available in the March E-newsletter. 


JUNE 3rd - 6th, 2015 - Canadian Angus National Convention
Your Canadian Angus Association's National Convention (this year entitled "Yes We Can") annually showcases the best of the host region with an annual Artisan Fair on the Friday evening during Cattlemen's Connection Day.  We are currently seeking applications for artists to participate in this event and showcase their talent to the entire Canadian Angus community.  Tables and space will be provided and the fair runs from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Friday, June 5th at Angus Central.  More information can be obtained by contacting Stacy Price at sprice@cdnangus.ca or by calling the office at 403 571 3580.



There is also an opportunity for you to showcase your business or operation to the rest of the Canadian Angus fraternity by becoming a sponsor of the event.  Full information is available on the Convention page of the CAA website.  Contact Cheryl Hazenberg at chazenberg@cdnangus.ca or by calling the office for more information.


Registration will open for Convention on April 1st, 2015 and full details will be available in the next e-news.

CAA Transaction Fee

What is the Transaction Fee?


Commencing January 1st, 2015, the new $5 Transaction Fee will be assessed for every work order that is submitted or requested by clients of the CAA for which a financial charge is accrued. So, if you submit all your applications for registration at one time, you will be assessed the single $5 Transaction Fee. If you request to set up a DNA kit for parentage verification, you will be assessed the Transaction Fee. This fee is ONLY assessed, however, on orders that involve a financial charge. Subsequently, transactions for which either no charge is assessed or if a refund is provided will NOT be subject to the Transaction Fee.


Why a Transaction Fee?


The purpose of the Transaction Fee is to offset miscellaneous administration costs associated with any given work order that our Member Services Team completes as well as bank and interest charges. The CAA's office supplies (including telephone, postage, courier, equipment lease, insurance, et al, for a total 2014 cost of $149,793) and bank and interest charges (cost of $85,226 in 2014) have increased between 5% to 40% over the past three years and while the new Transaction Fee certainly does not offset all of these costs, it does almost cover the increase we've experienced since 2011. The total cost of this CAA administration in 2014 amounted to $234,989, or 6.68% of CAA's total annual expense. The new Transaction Fee was set at $5 in an effort to cover approximately 1/3rd of the annual expense for administrative overhead and financial services.


Paying a transaction fee for service has become quite common within the service industry, and subsequently this new fee has been incorporated to help offset part of 'the cost of doing business' in addition to the rest of the Updated Fee Schedule, which is really about doing exactly that. Please remember that your CAA has been continually trying to create new member value through services and tools but doing so based on fees largely assessed in the 1980s. With the Updated Fee Schedule, your CAA is playing 'catch up' to 'the cost of doing business' in the 21st century.


Again, the new Transaction Fee is assessed at $5 to be accrued on each financial transaction that takes place between the CAA and its members and users. Approximately 1/3rd of our transactions (about 6500 annually) do not have a financial charge assessed to them, so will not be subject to the new Transaction Fee. The remaining (roughly) 15,000 will be assessed the $5 Transaction Fee. If members choose to 'batch' their work to minimize the number of Transactions Fees they pay each year, your CAA will believe this is a constructive and positive choice because that leads to efficiency on our part by performing more services for you while your single work order is 'open'. When your work is done and we close the work order, you are assessed the $5 Transaction Fee if this is a financial transaction in which you pay a fee.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Canadian Angus Association at 1-888-571-3580. Thank you very much.

Would you like to receive a DVD of the AC-TV Episodes? Click here for more information.
Attention Juniors!!!


March 7 - Progress Steer & Heifer Show, Lloydminster, SK 

March 8 - Making Champions Double Jr Show, Lacombe, AB

March 14 - Little Royal at Lakeland College, Vermilion, AB 
March 27-28 - Northlands Farm & Ranch Show, Edmonton, AB

April 8 - Chinook Junior Stock Show, Claresholm, AB 
April 18 - Canada's Richest Youth Steer & Heifer Show, Olds, AB 
April 19 - Olds Spring Classic, Olds, AB 
May 24 - Country Classic, Josesphburgh, AB

July 6-10 - Summer Synergy, Olds, AB

July 16-18 - Showdown, Olds, AB

August 9-11 - AJAA Junior Show, Bashaw, AB




April 15 - Junior Angus Stockman of the Year

April 15 - Outstanding Young Angus Breeder Award


Showdown Travel Bursaries  


Congratulations to the 2nd Annual recipients of the $11,000 Canadian Angus Foundation Legacy Scholarship Recipients!


The applications were evaluated to select five (5) finalists who have completed their adjudication process in Guelph, Ontario at our 2015 GOAL (Guiding Outstanding Angus Leaders) Conference ...led by our Canadian Junior Angus Association. The result are:



  • Tyler Dietrich (Forestburg, AB) - $500;
  • Allison Speller (Monte Lake, BC) - $500;
  • Jennifer Jermey (Ashern, MB) - $2000;
  • Michaela Chalmers (Shanty Bay, ON) - $3000
  • Matt Bates (Cameron, ON) - $5000.

Many thanks to our twelve (12) judges who evaluated the four (4) stages of our contest. Many (even most?) of you are on this distribution, and we appreciate your expertise and volunteerism.


Congratulations to all of our applicants, to each of our recipients and, finally, to the CAA members from coast-to-coast, both breeders and supporters of the Canadian Angus cause, who donate and purchase in support of our Foundation and our national youth. YOU are all the 'stars of our show' and NONE of this happens without YOU...

CAA Board Highlights
To see the highlights from the January meeting click here. 
NAAC Summer Tour - June 7! Watch for more details to come!

Mark your calendars! SAAC Golf Tournament - July 24, Medicine Hat

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Angus Angle Deadlines
September Edition 
Deadline - August 1

February Edition
Deadline - December 1

Prices are as follows:
- 1 page black and white ad: $150 + gst
- page black and white ad: $84 + gst
- page black and white ad: $42 + gst

Please send camera ready ad copy to the office.
Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development 
Livestock Research
The Livestock Research Branch is a dedicated group of researchers and extension specialists in the Livestock Research and Extension Division.


Your partner for success: We partner with allied-industry and primary producers to advance agriculture in Alberta. Our expert scientists, technicians and extension specialists are committed to advancing knowledge and implementing changes on Alberta farms through applied research, commercial field studies and extension activities.


Our Vision:
Livestock Research Branch: World-class partner in delivering applied and innovative solutions for a sustainable and vibrant Alberta.

Mission Statement:

Enable the Alberta livestock industry to use research-based knowledge and technology to enhance competitiveness. 


Click here to see what is happening in the Beef Research Group.
CAA Coming Events
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Canadian Cow-Calf Smartphone App Development Survey

The Canadian Hereford, Simmental and Angus Associations have jointly been awarded funding from the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA) to explore the development of a mobile smartphone application ("app") for Canadian cow-calf producers with integration into Canadian breed association performance data. Integrated Traceability Solutions Global ("ITS Global") of Okotoks, AB has been contracted to research and summarize the functionalities Canadian cattle breeders desire in a mobile app. This on-line survey is the first step of the process.

The questionnaire will take ten to fifteen minutes to complete. Survey results will be analyzed collectively by ITS Global, and all individual responses will remain confidential. Only those respondents who express an interest in follow-up will be contacted by ITS Global for further feedback, using only the contact information provided in this survey.


Click here to take the survey.


If you choose not to respond to this survey but would still like to provide input on the development of a mobile cow-calf app, please e-mail appinfo@itslivestock.com. Responses will be accepted until March 31, 2015.


Thank you for participating, your input is important.

February Angus Angle
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Canadian Red Angus Promotion Society News

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