October 2013                                   Alberta Angus Enews
Olds Fall Classic Results
Congratulations to the Champions at Olds Fall Classic!
Grand Champion Black Angus Female - DMM Blackcap Essence 7Y, Miller Wilson Angus
Reserve Champion Black Angus Female - SY Positively Cool 64Z, Symens Land & Cattle
Grand Champion Black Angus Bull - Remitall F Prospector 110Z, Remitall Farms Inc.
Reserve Champion Black Angus Bull - SY Cowman's Motive 55A, Symens Land & Cattle
For complete Black Angus Show Results click here.

Grand Champion Red Angus Female - Red DMNDT BLRS.AG Monique, Diamond T Cattle
Reserve Champion Red Angus Female - Red Ter-Ron Duchess 83Z, Ter-Ron Farms
Grand Champion Red Angus Bull - Red Wilbar Longitude 646Y, Redrich Farms
Reserve Champion Red Angus Bull - Red TNF Mariner 29A, Bar-E-L Angus
For complete Red Angus Show Results click here.
Enter the Provincial Photo Contest:
Submit your agricultural pictures depicting your province by 11:59 p.m. MST on October 25!

* Photos must be submitted digitally by emailing cdorran@cdnangus.ca; Email Subject: Photo Contest
* Submission email must contain the province the photo was taken in along with name of submitter.
* Multiple pictures may be entered.
* Photos must be a minimum of 1,600 pixels wide (landscape) or tall (portrait).
* Photos may or may not contain Angus cattle.
* All entries will become property of the CAA and can be used for future advertising and promotion.
* Winners will be selected based on image quality, artistic ability and depiction of your province.

A photo from each province will be selected for display Angus Central.
The winner will also receive a $50 A Store Catalogue gift certificate.

National Angus Show - Farmfair International
Don't miss the excitement of the 40th Anniversary of Farmfair International! Join us on Friday, November 8th as we host the National Black & Red Angus Shows! Show starts at 8:00 a.m. Friday morning.
Note to exhibitors...
Please remember that show attire is a white shirt with black/dark colored vest or show harness.
There will be an exhibitors meeting on Wednesday ' time will be announced in the barn
Northern Alberta Angus Club News
The Northern Select Sale date has moved this year! Our sale date will be November 23, 2013 in Camrose, AB. For more information contact Kim Sailer at 403-843-1173.
Find us on Facebook at Northern Alberta Angus Club!
Southern Alberta Angus Club News
Mark your calendars, the SAAC Chinook Sale is just over a week away. Wednesday, October 23rd at the Taber Agri Plex starting at 5:00. If you have not received a catalogue you can view it at bouchardlivestock.com

Also, do not miss the opportunity to purchase your tickets on the donation heifer, your choice of a red or black generously presented by Lauron Red Angus. If you cannot make the sale tickets can be purchased at $10 per ticket ahead of time by contacting any SAAC board member, or through this email.

So check out the catalogue, if you have any questions at all do not hesitate to contact the consignors or a Bouchard Livestock rep. The pedigrees offered for sale here are outstanding and the optimism in the livestock business is high, take advantage of the great lots for sale! 
Black Angus Donation Heifer
Red Angus Donation Heifer
CAA is moving to Angus Central at Noon MDT on Friday, October 25.
How does this affect you?

Please do not leave any messages on our phones from Noon MDT on Friday, October 25 until the morning of Tuesday, October 29. Any messages left at this time may be lost. We will be happy to answer your calls on Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. MDT.

As our office will be closed down from Noon MDT on Friday, October 25 until our reopening at 7:30 a.m. MDT on Tuesday, October 29, we will be unable to answer emails during this time. If you have an emergency, please mark your email as priority, and we will do our best to assist if possible.

Walk-in Services:
We ask that visitors refrain from visiting us on Friday, October 25 and Monday, October 29. Multiple deliveries will be made during this time. We look forward to your visit on Tuesday, October 29 when we re-open. Our official opening won't be until December 11, 2013.

Mailing Address:
Starting October 25, all mail will be received at our new office -
292140 Wagon Wheel Blvd, Rocky View County,
Alberta, Canada T4A 0E2

Mail will be forwarded by Canada Post from our Calgary address to our new Rocky View County address for one year, however, it is best if you make the change of address sooner rather than later.

We look forward to seeing you at our Official Opening on Wednesday, December 11, 2013.
Junior Stuff!
GOAL Conference - Guiding Outstanding Angus Leaders
Hey Juniors! Are you interested in going to GOAL 2014 in Calgary? Application forms are now available! If you have any questions, message Canadian Junior Angus Association on Facebook, look at the junior angus section on the CAA website or e-mail us! The form is also available right here.

The 15th annual National Canadian Junior Angus Show will be held July 17-19, 2014 in Virden, Manitoba. For more information click here. 
World Champions!
The Canadian Angus Association on behalf of the Canadian Angus
Foundation is thrilled to announce the Canadian Angus youth chosen last spring to
compete in the Youth Programme at the 2013 PGG Wrightson World Angus Forum
have been awarded champion and reserve champion world titles!

Canada sponsored three teams of four individuals (totaling 12) to compete at the
prestigious inaugural event in New Zealand. The Canucks with team members Jared
Hunter, Didsbury, Alberta (captain); Patrick Holland, Montague, Prince Edward Island;
Melissa McRae, Brandon, Manitoba; and Michael Hargrave, Maxwell, Ontario, brought
home the world champion title along with $10,000 NZ prize money! 

Click here for complete press release.
Stacey Domolewski
Chad Lorenz
Ty Dietrich

Team Canada
Erica, Ty, Kaitlyn and Matt
Jared Hunter

2013 Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Sales
Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Sales for Angus Tagged calves are happening! To see a complete listing for one in your area click here.

In This Issue
Coming Events
Click here to see the coming events. To be included in the coming events send your info to the office.

Seeking Career Minded Individual or Couple for Cattle Venture Opportunity - This is an opportunity for a young man or newly married couple who are passionate about cattle farming as a career.  Having an interest in developing a purebred herd of Angus cattle would be a plus.


I have a section of land in west Central Alberta and would be interested in helping you get started.  If you are interested and would like more details, please email Robert at rjfarms1@telus.net or phone 403-746-5614.

Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB
Did you know that the Glenbow Museum in Calgary has archived AAA historical material on display? To see the list of what is on display at the Glenblow Museum click here.

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Message from CEO
Good day, fellow Canadian cattleman and Angus booster!

After a late summer for most of the West and a rather hot one for some of the East, Canada is pulling off a 'bumper' crop this fall. With record feed stores and almost record-high cattle prices, the fall 'kicked off' with an exciting start and hopefully our general optimism will maintain through the season!

Your Board of Directors for both the Canadian Angus Foundation and the Canadian Angus Association met in late September and their highlights are found elsewhere in this publication. There were two key outcomes of these meetings:

1) Your Canadian Angus Foundation determined an aggressive program plan aimed at creating value for the Canadian Angus membership experience including over $60,000 in new investment in our Canadian Angus fraternity coupled with an investment strategy for Canadian Angus stakeholders to 'own' a piece of your new national headquarters, Angus Central, through making a donation to the Foundation and achieving its three key objects: Education & Youth Development, Historical Preservation & Restoration and Scientific & Market Research;

2) Your Canadian Angus Association Board of Directors created a new Genetic Condition Policy to become effective for all Angus cattle born on or after September 22nd, 2013.

Again, greater detail about these items is contained elsewhere in this publication, or available by checking out the CAA website or contacting me directly. I am very proud of the hard work and dedication put forth by these outstanding, committed volunteer leaders and you should be, too.

Through the middle of October, twelve outstanding young Canadian Angus breeders will be representing us at the inaugural World Angus Forum Youth Team Challenge in New Zealand. This is the culmination of two years of planning on the part of your CAA as well as almost a year since our contenders applied to be a member on one of our teams. I am so excited to chart the progress of these young folks and you can, too, via the Canadian Angus blog (http://cdnangus.blogspot.ca) Facebook (www.facebook.com/CanadianAngusAssociation) and Twitter (#WAFTeamCanada and #WorldAngusForum), and if you are reading this after their representation of our national skills and interests abroad, their blogs will make for interesting reading even then.

You are being represented at the World Angus Secretariat meetings by CAA President Kevin Blair, Past President Gary Latimer and past and current Youth Ambassadors Stacey Domolewski and Chad Lorenz, as well as 'yours truly'. We have a few topics we hope to bring resolution to, like an international strategy, or at least recognition of, genetic research and designations. There is limited structure to our international Angus organization and while we certainly don't want to give them much in the way of authority, your CAA believes the Secretariat should provide some form of 'clearing house' for information and sharing of what the member nations are actually doing and how we are progressing. I will report back more upon our return.

Among our most exciting news is that your member-owned national CAA headquarters, Angus Central, is very near completion. We are currently on budget and on schedule and are very proud to be so close to accomplishing both of these goals! I have been sharing progress reports with your Regional President and Secretary/Manager since construction started in earnest during our National Convention back in June and I'm sure they'd be thrilled to share pictures and information with you. Further, you can check out our Angus Central photo gallery on the CAA Facebook page online. During the Board and Foundation meetings, quite a few national Angus leaders were able to actually see Angus Central for themselves and reaction is almost universally positive. We would love for you to come and check out YOUR building yourself, so please plan a trip to Angus Central on Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 when we will host our membership and industry stakeholders with our annual Christmas Open House, ramped up this year to include our Official Opening. You really need to come for a visit... it's pretty cool! And you should be part of YOUR celebration on December 11th!

One of the aspects of Angus Central that will be unveiled during our Official Opening will be the Regional Showcase. There will be a feature wall at Angus Central including a banner representing all regions of Canada, 30-35 feet long and 30 inches in height. We are having a contest to gather pictures from each region, with October 25th as the submission deadline. We will work with regions to select the winners and 'drop' the banner at our Official Opening. Here is the link to the contest: http://www.cdnangus.ca/members/photo_contest.htm.

Further, your opportunities to 'own' an even greater part of Angus Central and have your name immortalized within will be unveiled at the Official Opening as well. For an affordable donation, you will have your name or operation included in the national headquarters and, in so doing, make a donation to achieving the three key objectives of the Canadian Angus Foundation. This is a donation that will look GREAT on you... and equally GREAT adorning Angus Central with your name and/or operation!

There has been substantial 'talk' in recent weeks about EPDs, particularly the Milk EPD in our Red Angus evaluation. Let me say two things to you: 1) the Multi-Breed evaluation (led by the Red Angus Association of America and the American Simmental Association) that calculates our Red Angus EPDs is right; it is verified and cross-checked and referenced and, trust me, compared to any EPD calculation worldwide, IT... IS... RIGHT!!! 2) Perhaps, if you have concerns about what you believe to be 'curve-bending'ly BAD EPDs... you need to look at the whole EPD profile and see where this is typically balanced by 'curve-bending'ly GOOD EPDs that perhaps give you advantages and opportunities you didn't even realize?! The thing about EPD criticisms? They are often based on a lack of understanding so please speak with our Director of Breed Development, Kajal Devani, whenever you have a question or your customers or friends do!

We will be wrapping our 2013 Gold Show campaign up early this year and giving all the year-end awards out right at the final Gold Show of the season, Canadian Western Agribition in Regina. This will happen on Friday night at 6:00 p.m. when we unveil and announce the Red Angus and Black Angus All-Star Teams as well as the Runner-Up, Reserve and Champion Aggregate Females and Bulls just prior to the 'Power & Perfection' sale. There will be hospitality and the ability to see the best cattle in Canada and members who support the Gold Show marketing campaign so come out and peruse the excellence!

There will be LOTS of announcements and unveilings and launches coming to you in the next few weeks and months, so please pay attention to our CAA social media avenues and communications touch points because you will learn about new scholarships for our youth and awards for our outstanding Canadian Angus (young) breeders. Further, January 5th will be the deadline for current college, university and technical school students to apply for our Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario Summer Marketing Internships. If you want more information on these, never hesitate to contact Cassie Dorran, our Director of Marketing & Branding.

Regarding some specific aspects of trying to enhance your CAA membership value, please consider these recent price developments. Until March 31st, 2014 the Zoetis panel is priced at $55 a panel, and Zoetis is offering Canadian Angus Association members a free test when you buy 9. Further, the CAA Board has modified the electronic registration discount. Any 2014-born calf registered online between January 1st, 2014 and December 31st, 2014 which is less than 6 months of age will be registered for the $15 electronic registration fee.

Finally, with the 'changing of the guard' with staff movements, I am incredibly pleased to share with you that long-time Angus leader and service provider extraordinaire, Belinda Wagner, is assuming the role of Canadian Angus Foundation Executive Director. Belinda will continue raising Angus to new national heights with this elevated platform and working her organizational and motivational magic on a national group of adult volunteers to match her regional adult Saskatchewan Angus Association Board and national youth Canadian Junior Angus Association Board. Belinda is one of our nation's most reputable individuals and we are fortunate to have her commit to another level of involvement. Thanks Belinda and good luck!

I'm not traveling quite as much this fall, nor through next year, so we may see a bit less of one another. With a new national centre to pay for and operate, plus the fact that I don't believe I'm so 'new' anymore, I'm going to stick around Angus Central more over the next 15 months and make sure it is what it needs to be for you as it increases member equity. I am, however, only ever a phone call away so please, if you have a concern, a suggestion, a question or even a bouquet for the Board of one of my incredibly talented and dedicated staff team, never hesitate to call.

Best of luck through the fall, and may you remain festive and positive!


Rob Smith
Chief Executive Officer

Alberta Angus Association | | office@albertaangus.ca | www.albertaangus.ca
p. 403-556-9057  f. 403-556-3333

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