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2013 Shows
Alberta Angus is proud to host two outstanding Gold Shows in 2013 which also includes the National Angus Show at Farmfair International. Join us at the Olds Fall Classic, October 4-6, 2013 and Farmfair International, November 3-10, 2013. To support these great events please download the sponsorship package listed below.
Have you ordered your Angus Tags???
Introduced in 2012, all calves must be tagged with the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed green tags to quality for Gold Show points. Again in 2013, all new "A" calves will need to be tagged based off of the new guidelines. "Z" animals exhibited must again have green tags. Animals born before 2012 will NOT be required to have the Angus tags. We encourage members to tag all their calves green!

Call 1-888-571-8093 or email Cheryl to get your early tag order completed!
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2013 AAA AGM & Hall of Fame Gala & Awards
Mark your calendars! The 2013 AAA AGM & Hall of Fame Gala and Awards will take place on
August 13, 2013 at the Bashaw Agricultural Society in conjunction with the Alberta Junior Angus Show.  
Nominations are being accepted for:

Deadline for Nominations is April 30.

Attention Juniors!!!
The Alberta Junior Angus Association's Board of Directors is busy planning junior Angus events for this summer and we would like to remind you off some upcoming dates and events!

The Alberta Angus Association is looking at possibly sponsoring a cattle liner to haul cattle to Showdown in Armstrong, BC for July 25-27, would there be any juniors interested in participating in this? Deadline to get in on the liner is May 15.
Canadian Junior Angus Deadlines
Click here for more information
  • Robert C. McHaffie Junior Ambassador - April 30
  • LEAD Conference/Round-Up Exchanges - May 10
  • Showdown Entry Deadline - June 1
  • CJAA Scholarship - June 15
  • Summer Job - contact CJAA office  
Other Deadlines
Click here for applications and more information 
  • Canadian Red Angus Promotional Society Bursary - May 1
  • Dick Turner Memorial Award - May 15
  • AAA Dorothy Banks Memorial Scholarship - June 1
  • AAA Lybrook Miller Scholarship - June 1 
Don't miss the deadlines for the following applications!
CAA News

Canadian Angus National Convention

Mark your calendars, make travel arrangements, book your hotel and submit your registration form for the 2013 Canadian Angus National Convention in Guelph, Ontario.

Watch our website for up-to-date information on Convention.

Registration Form: due May 15, 2013

Hotel Reservations can be made at: 

Holiday Inn of Guelph, 601 Scottsdale Drive, Guelph, ON
Online: http://tinyurl.com/CanadianAngus
Phone: 519-836-0231
Reservation Code: CAC
Rate: $124.99, One Queen Bed or Two Double Beds
Reservations close on: Monday, May 6, 2013

CAF's Building the Legacy Sale

Consign to the CAF's Building The Legacy Sale during Canadian Angus National Convention in Guelph, Ontario on June 8. Contact Michael for more information.

CAF Foundation

Canadian Angus Association Announces New Elected Board Members

The Canadian Angus Association is pleased to announce our new elected board members who will join our current board during the Canadian Angus National Convention in Guelph, Ontario, June 5-10, 2013.


Bob Hahn and David Sibbald have been elected to represent Alberta and Tammi Ribey has been elected to represent Ontario. All three will serve for a three-year term.

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Bolduc Elected as Canadian Beef Breeds Council President

Canadian Beef Breeds Council members gathered in Calgary, Alberta, on March 26, 2013 for the CBBC annual general meeting. The Board of Directors affirmed David Bolduc as President for 2013-2014.

Complete Press Release

May 15 Weight Deadline

The deadline for weaning weights for 2012 born calves is May 15, 2013. Members should have their weaning weights, and if you choose to submit them, yearling weights, in the office by this date in order for the data to go into the next National Cattle Evaluation wherein we calculate EPDs for your animals.


Weights must be submitted online or via CAA weight worksheets. If you need your weight worksheet please contact the office at 1-888-571-3580.


For more information on EPDs, check out the EPD 101 workshop on You Tube. If you have questions or would like to enroll in the Performance Program, please contact Kajal by email or at 1-888-571-3580.


weaning weights 

DNA Testing and Lab Turnaround Times

The 2-for-1 pricing offer for DNA testing has definitely given our members reason to do more DNA testing. The Association is pleased that you find so much value in this offer. It has made for very high test volumes for the lab. The Association has worked with Genserve Labs in Saskatoon to streamline all DNA testing. Regardless of what test you wish to have done, members must contact the CAA office for a test kit. The test kits are specific to each animal, so the animal being tested must be recorded at the office first. Hair or tissue samples (if you are using the new Allflex tissue sampling units - contact the office to order), accompanied by the lab paperwork, should be sent in to Genserve Labs. The expected turnaround time for DNA tests at the lab are as follows:

  • SNP Parentage verification ($12) - 10 days
  • Genetic Defect Testing ($22) - 10 days
  • Zoetis HD 50K Marker Panel ($75) - 4 to 6 weeks
  • Igenity Angus Specific Marker Panel ($45) - 4 to 6 weeks
  • Permanent Female Typing ($5) - samples must be submitted by December 1st, 2013

Rush requests on DNA testing cannot be accommodated so the Association strongly encourages our members to arrange for DNA testing well ahead of when results are needed. For more information on Genomic Marker Panels, click hereContact Kajal by email or at 1-888-571-3580 for more information.

Southern Alberta Angus Assocation 2013 Membership
2013 Membership
Your $20 membership helps to support the ANGUS name in Southern Alberta. Remember to take advantage of having your events emailed out to all members by emailing them to SAAC. Also like us and have your event added to our facebook page.

Click here for membership form.




Friday July 19th  

10th Annual SAAC Golf Tourney, Taber Golf Club


Wednesday October 23rd



Angus Advantage Week - This fall at local auction markets

Chinook Classic Sale, Taber Agri-Plex 


Keep checking your emails for the news blasts and to keep in touch! 




Will once again be held at a supper meeting in Lethbridge in December.

18th Annual Chinook Junior Stock Show

Another successful Annual Chinook Junior Stock Show with 145 exhibitors from Barrhead to the north, Coutts to the south, Cranbrook to the west and Maple Creek to the east and all points in between. Our event had exhibitors 3 years to 21 years exhibiting 87 steers, 46 purebred heifers and 33 commercial heifers.


This show has stood the test of time and our alumni are now bringing their children back to participate. We also had 42 new exhibitors which enrich the sustainability of the program. As well as confirmation classes the youth took part in showmanship. Those striving to advance on to the National Young Cattleman's Competition in Bashaw in late August as so took part in judging, marketing and a livestock quiz. The Chinook Junior Stock Show is a full day of skill development, beef education, mentorship and fellowship that assists our agricultural youth in broadening their knowledge of the industry.


Our judges for this year were from Alumni to our Junior Program and from within the Junior Programs. This speaks volumes to our depth of youth development. A huge thank you to all the youth participants, parents, sponsors and volunteers who make the Annual Chinook Junior Stock Show a sustainable success.

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