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2013 Gold Shows
2013 Shows
Alberta Angus is proud to host two outstanding Gold Shows in 2013 which also includes the National Angus Show at Farmfair International. Join us at the Olds Fall Classic, October 4-6, 2013 and Farmfair International, November 3-10, 2013. To support these great events please download the sponsorship package listed below.
Angus Tags
Introduced in 2012, all calves must be tagged with the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed green tags to quality for Gold Show points. Again in 2013, all new "A" calves will need to be tagged based off of the new guidelines. "Z" animals exhibited must again have green tags. Animals born before 2012 will NOT be required to have the Angus tags. We encourage members to tag all their calves green!

Call 1-888-571-8093 or email Cheryl to get your early tag order completed!
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Farmfair International 2012 Results
Please note that the Black Angus results for Farmfair in the February edition of the Angus Angle were incorrect. Click here for the correct results.
2013 AAA AGM & Hall of Fame Gala & Awards
Mark your calendars! The
2013 AAA AGM & Hall of Fame Gala and Awards will take place on
August 13, 2013 at the Bashaw Agricultural Society in conjunction with the Alberta Junior Angus Show.  
Nominations are being accepted for:
Attention Juniors!!!
Don't miss the deadlines for the following applications!
Upcoming Junior Shows
Be sure to mark your calendars for the following Junior Shows!
CAA News

Canadian Angus National Convention

Mark your calendars, make travel arrangements, book your hotel and submit your registration form for the 2013 Canadian Angus National Convention in Guelph, Ontario.

Watch our website for up-to-date information on Convention.

Registration Form: due May 15, 2013

Hotel Reservations can be made at: 

Holiday Inn of Guelph, 601 Scottsdale Drive, Guelph, ON
Phone: 519-836-0231
Reservation Code: CAC
Rate: $124.99, One Queen Bed or Two Double Beds
Reservations close on: Monday, May 6, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions about Changes to the Parentage Verification Policy


Do I have to DNA test all of the dams in my herd?

No, you only need to parentage test those dams that produce bull calves born on or after January 1, 2015 that will go on to sire registered Angus calves. The policy change will affect less than 2,000 females annually. However, a lot of our members are taking advantage of the $5 Female Permanent Genotyping project or the $12 SNP parentage verification offer to genotype their entire cow herd.



What's the difference between the $5 Female Permanent Genotyping project and the $12 SNP parentage verification offer?

The Female Permanent Genotyping project ($5 per test) will read the DNA for producing females and create a reference point to allow parentage verification of their future bull calves.


The SNP parentage verification test ($12 per test) reads the DNA for producing females and places them on file so that their bull calves can be verified to them in the future AND it also uses the dam's genotype to verify her to her dam and sire. SNP parentage verification testing is available at $12 per test until March 31st, 2014.



If I want to register my bull calves now, do I have to DNA test all my dams first?

No, the parentage verification policy applies to bull calves born on or after January 1st, 2015. Any bull calf born on or after that date that will go on to sire registered Angus calves will need to be parentage verified to both his sire and his dam.



What if I buy a bull to sire registered Angus calves and he is not parentage verified?

Currently, a bull calf needs to be sire verified in order for the CAA to register his progeny. In cases where members apply to register calves from a sire that is not sire verified, the Association works with the member to get the sire verification.


The policy change means that all sires born on or after January 1st, 2015, including those approved for AI use, must have a DNA parentage genotype on record with the CAA and be parent verified before their offspring can be registered. If you buy a sire that is not parent verified the Association will work with you to get the parent verification.


If either parent is lost before a DNA sample can be taken, the Association will work with our members on a case-by-case basis to find a resolution.


The implementation date for the policy change was set to allow our members more than two years to prepare. The Association has several initiatives to help our members prepare for this policy change.



What's the best way to prepare for the changes to the Parentage Verification Policy?

Pull hair samples (30-60 hairs including the hair root bulbs) on any dams that may produce bull calves born on or after January 1, 2015 that will go on to sire registered Angus calves.


Place each dam's hair sample in a clean, well-labelled envelope.


The hair samples can be stored at the CAA office or at your home until a parentage test is required.


For members who prefer to verify their female's parentage and have their reference genotype on file so future calves can be verified, we are offering the following tests at reduced rates:

  1. Female Permanent Genotype for $5 per test (for the first 15,000 kits ordered and submitted to the lab before December 1st, 2013)
  2. SNP parentage verification for $12 per test ('2-for-1' pricing through March 31, 2014)

Outstanding Students Selected as Angus Summer Interns

For the second year in a row, the Canadian Angus Association is excited to announce our summer internship position selections. Last year the CAA committed to a threeyear program which would primarily focus on marketing the female beef 4-H project, increasing the number of junior Angus members, general industry promotion and exposure to the CAA membership services.


Three interns were chosen to represent the CAA this summer most directly in their chosen provinces but also across Canada.

In This Issue
Coming Events
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CAN-PROV Meeting
If you have anything that you would like discussed at the Can-Prov Meeting happening in June, please forward it to Denise.
Chosen for her marketing strategies and outgoing personality, Karla Ness grew up in rural Alberta participating in the 4-H beef project and raising Angus cattle starting at a young age. She is currently at Mount Royal University seeking a Bachelors of Communications - Public Relations. Watch for Ness to be located in Saskatchewan this summer. She is sure to add value to the CAA.




Additionally, Alberta Junior Angus Association board member Katelyn Dietrich will join the summer internship program. Dietrich will be located in Calgary with travel across Alberta. Studying to be a future elementary teacher, she is excited to work with youth both in and out of the classroom. She too has been a member of 4-H and very involved with her family's purebred Angus operation in Forestburg, Alberta.

This year, the CAA was able to hire a third intern in Ontario. Because of the need to market the junior Angus program, Matthew Bates was hired and will devote much of his time within the province. Majoring at the University of Guelph in Animal Science, Bates will also help prepare and conduct the Canadian Angus National Convention June 6-9 in Guelph, Ontario. He, too, grew up with Angus cattle and excels in experience within the industry and passion for the breed.


The CAA internship, for college, university and technical students, includes the opportunity to interact with juniors and promote Angus cattle to both youth and breeders alike. The internship will provide training and experience in association work. The positions begin starting late April 2013 and will last until late August.


For complete press release click here.

Canadian Angus Youth to Represent in New Zealand

The Canadian Angus Association on behalf of the Canadian Angus Foundation is excited to announce those chosen to represent Canadian Angus in New Zealand for the 2013 PGG Wrightson World Angus Forum during the Youth Program. 


Congratulations to those members chosen to compete on three teams of four - Stacey Domolewski, Taber, Alberta; Sean Enright, Renfrew, Ontario; Ty Dietrich, Forestburg, Alberta; Erika Easton, Wawota, Saskatchewan; Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, Alberta; Matthew Bates, Cameron, Ontario; Chad Lorenz, Markerville, Alberta; Patrick Holland, Montague, Prince Edward Island; Melissa McRae, Brandon, Manitoba; Austen Anderson, Swan River, Manitoba; Michael Hargrave, Maxwell, Ontario; and Jared Hunter, Didsbury, Alberta

PGG Wrightson World Angus Forum 2013 New Zealand

When again will you have the chance to come to New Zealand and see so much for so little?
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till the end of March.

Click on image to go to Cassie's Facebook Workshop on YouTube!
EPD 101
Click on image to watch Kajal's EPD 101 Workshop on YouTube!

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