Spring is finally here!                         Spring 2014
We are pleased to announce the launch of our Life Enhancement Center!
 We hope you will come by during our Open House on April 19th and take a tour of the facility and learn about all the new services we are offering.  Be sure to bring your friends and enjoy a day trip into Lexington's historic horse country.
We will be sending out more information on our Open House to everyone on our Newsletter list.  We have some great door prizes so keep the date open!
Look forward to seeing you on April 19th!
Gillian Vallis, Team Pine Knoll and The Peace Ponies
Pine Knoll Center for Integrated Horsemanship
Lexington, Kentucky 
Life Enhancement Center
Visit the Equestrian Lifestyle Solutions website to see more about the Life Enhancement Center.  Read about our team members, see our services, and learn more about how the Life Enhancement Center can improve your life.

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Check out our Monthly Special!
This month's special is...  Beat the Winter Blues!
Beat the Winter Blues- for Horse and Human 

Feel stress and strain melt away in the nurturing arms of your trained therapists. The combination of these services invites complete relaxation and greater freedom of movement.

This 3 ½ hour package includes:
Myofascial Release for you and for your horse
Masterson Method for your horse
Reiki session for you and your horse


The package allows for treatment of your horse while you are receiving treatment in our Healing Room.

We require a Negative Coggins.


Beat the Winter Blues- BodyWorks for You 

This service is designed to restore vigor and revitalize you from head to toe! There are over seven thousand nerves in your feet, making it a storehouse of stress. Reflexology is an ancient healing therapy which focuses on pressure points within zones of the feet relieving tension, improving circulation and balancing energy throughout your body.

Dien' Chan' is a Vietnamese method of facial reflexology which is widely used in the Far Eastern countries as an art in medical first aid. This amazing method, with roots in the technique developed by doctors, scientists & acupuncturists to used on both humans and animals. The main objective is to prevent health problems before they begin & to relieve exiting troubles before they become entrenched.

$85 1 ½ Hours

Please wear loose comfortable clothing
Expiration date extended to the end of April 2014!
The HorsEmpowerment™  System teaches skills to access human/horse potential.  This mutual developmental experience is the result of a collaborative relationship between horses and humans.

Our vision is changing the paradigm of the Horse Human Relationship.

Equine Experiential Learning is a fully interactive horse-human experience designed to support the facilitation of corporate or personal development workshops.

Just as a mirror is a reflection of our exterior self, the horse is an honest reflection of our interior self.  Working in collaboration with the horse creates opportunities for: self-discovery, team building, emotional and social intelligence, non-predatory leadership, problem solving, working through fear, life skills, socio-sensual awareness, "present-moment" living, clear boundaries, and improved communication skills.

Horses are highly social herd animals and they have fine tuned their non-vocal communication skills over more than 40 million years.  As prey animal they must listen closely to fellow herd members for survival.  We have a lot to learn from their behavior and well-defined herd infrastructure.

Through a series of interactive goal oriented exercises, our co-facilitators (the horses) provide instant honest feedback in the present moment.  The learning process is based on the principle- "How we do one thing is most likely how we do everything."

Our job (as your facilitator) is to observe this horse-human interaction, and based on our extensive equine knowledge and facilitation expertise, integrate this information into a learning opportunity.

Horses reflect our internal states enabling the invisible to become visible.

Herd Culture: Predator/Prey behaviors, Non-Verbal Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Somatic Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership etc all come in to play.  Horse-Human interaction gives non-threatening feedback to present moment situations.

Gillian Vallis has spent a lifetime working with horses and designed the HorsEmpowerment™ System at Pine Knoll Center for Integrated Horsemanship for more information www.pineknollfarm.com

Gillian is certified in numerous healing arts and is an E3A Equine Experiential Association Certified Master Trainer see http://www.e3assoc.org/Equine-Experiential-Education-New

Some examples of Self Discovery work with Horses:
~ Improved Communication Skills - verbal and non-verbal (90% of communication is non-verbal)
~ Clear Boundaries
~ Awaken and Expand Your Awareness
~ Discover Your Strengths
~ Learn "Present Moment" Living

WE invite YOU to TROT ALONG with us on a voyage of Self-Discovery!

Happy Trails, Sophie!
Pine Knoll said a bittersweet farewell to Gold Essence (aka Sophie) this winter.  We would like to wish her the best of luck with her new mom, Kathy Figueroa of Ryegate Farm in Plympton, MA.  We hope you have a great first season together!
Where in the World is Tom?
For those of you who may have heard Tom had some surgery recently and we are happy to inform you he is making a speedy recovery. 
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Insights from the
Peace Ponies


All Aboard the Peace Ponies Express!

The Price of your ticket is... PEACE


Would  you Like to Experience more Peace,  

Positivity and Wonder in Your Life?


           As Ambassadors for Peace and Inspired Living, we are passionate about Peace and supporting others to live from a place of Peace and Well-being. Our goal is to cultivate an Intentional and Sustainable lifestyle and community grounded in proven practices that develop Peace and Dissolve Fear-to promote Love.   


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Kerry's Corner                                    
OK and Kerry
Kerry profiling OK
Thomas Herding Technique Education
and Research Center at Pine Knoll!  
Coming Soon:
Certification Program and Workshops
In my work and research of Herd Dynamics of Motion of the equine athlete, I have found that among the most singularly profound misunderstandings is within the unique patterns of behavior and how they indeed translate into individual patterns of motion. This, being largely based on equine communication, is at the core of horse life, put in place by nature, to allow for herd survival. For the 85% of the mid-level herd-horses basic and 'normal' workouts are applicable, but for those unique equine minds that make up the top 5% herd level horses, not so much. As these horses mature there comes a shift of influence in their communication from body language primary to emotional communication, far less and at times an imperceptible body language as 'intent' and 'presence' takes over as the dialect of choice. This is because Mother Nature, being clever, conceals her true leaders so that they can more easily be hidden in plain sight of the eyes of the predators. As this shift takes place, so should the concepts and innovation in their training; simple 'workouts' are not nearly enough, these horses must be mentally engaged, especially the race horse, in order to light the fuse of command in motion. Because of the broad reach of presence and emotional communication high level horses have no need to be in any physical location in particular, and in fact, if you think about it, there are layers of protection for the leaders when they stay camouflaged within the midst of a moving herd. These otherwise high level horses in the herd can to us seem suddenly underachieving and even complacent, like they 'lost their grit' so to speak. These horses require very specific and individually designed continued development programs based within the naturally occurring area of 'Anticipatory Response' mechanism which is in place naturally and which allows horses to assimilate to stimulus seamlessly. In short, you must find ways to train the mind ahead of the body; develop the athlete, nurture the horse.  

Thomas also has a THT Training Center location in Nicholasville, Kentucky and has countless research articles and papers available at both his Thomas Herding Technique & Pine Knoll Farm websites as well as on the company page on Facebook.

Follow Kerry on Twitter: @thomasherding  
Read Kerry's newest paper on The Equine Sensory System


In the meantime you may want to check out Kerry's book Horse Profiling available at Amazon.com

About Kerry Thomas and Thomas Herding Technique 

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Feldenkrais Workshops    

Finding Your Natural Posture on Horseback


A Series of Feldenkrais® and Bones for Life® Workshops

with Meriah Kruse, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®


 The two-way dialogue between rider and horse depends, in part, on the ability of the rider to relax into the rhythm and feel of the motion of the horse. One of the greatest favors any rider can do for her equine friends is to cultivate a sense of effortlessness, where just the amount of effort that is needed is used, and nothing more. When the human half of the partnership has a clear somatic idea of where her personal posture emanates from, she can bring a highly organized body and mind to the act of riding, thus eliminating what Feldenkrais called "parasitic efforts" which distract or interfere with the horse's gait and sense of ease.


Both the Feldenkrais Method, and it's offspring Bones for Life, create just these conditions: effortlessness, and an approach to dynamic, natural posture that comes from increased subtle awareness of self.


"Riding, like many sports, demands coordination and timing. It also requires that elusive quality, "feel." Feel is the ability to carry on a subtle two-way dialogue with your horse, so that horse and rider act as a single, intelligent unit. Feel requires a heightened awareness of self that is often lacking in our stress-filled world."

Mary Debono, GCFP

Encinitas, California

Feldenkrais Workshop at Pine Knoll Farm


Since 1982 she has been on a great adventure: creating opportunities for all kinds of people to move, learn, create, explore, evolve, have fun, and get healthy. She has an eclectic background -- over 30 years in dance, writing, somatic education, therapeutic massage, cultural arts, spiritual studies, and adventure travel programming. Meriah has a particular fondness for working with her friends in the equine industry.

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May 9-11
Tom Poulin Clinic
July 11-13

2008 16.2 hh Grey Lusitano Cross Gelding 
Training level gelding, with all the flashy gray and black chrome of his Lusitano breeding.  Loves to jump and easy to sit at all gaits.  Standing 16.2h, this fellow is sturdy enough to carry a taller rider, but nimble enough to navigate changes during a dressage test or boldly jump a course.

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Sassa Bella provides the highest quality, earth-inspired, 100% natural handmade soap and body care products for people, equines and canines. We make products that promote well-being, encourage a sense of inner harmony and enhances your own unique radiant beauty.


HIghest Quality: You can't get it better nor more naturally, no chemicals. Unprocessed, unrefined - It's real! From nature.

Earth-Inspired: The natural earth is a balanced place. There is a innate wisdom in the natural makeup of plants, that's why we combine pure, all natural plant ingredients so we end up with products that are naturally balanced and inherently beneficial. You see, plants have a lot of things in the perfect ratio that help and support healing in people.

100% Natural: EVERYthing in the products we make falls into the same natural category. Botancially based, from nature, unprocessed and unrefined - wild harvested or organic.



Every facet that goes into the creation of our products supports the philosophy that our health is integrally linked to the world around us. Our focus is on making choices that are good for us and the Earth. Our raw materials come from suppliers that utilize sustainable and renewable farming practices; and our manufacturing principles are based on waste elimination, sustainability, and corporate citizenship.

 Sassa Bella Equine Products

Sassa Bella, LLC.


In half-pass, the outside rein determines the path of travel, while the inside rein is the suppling rein.

Tom Poulin and Karin Glassman


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"Pine Knoll Farm is a wonderful 'therapy' for horse and human. The stress of life will melt away here so you can concentrate on the riding and learn more in your time here. Tom Poulin is a master!! Gillian is so hospitable and I always feel at home here. They are my family!!"


Kathy Ridenour - Tennessee


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