Pine Knoll Center for Integrated Horsemanship
Pine Knoll Center for Integrated Horsemanship
                                            November 2012
Hi Everyone,
This is the month for giving thanks.  The Pine Knoll Team are extremely grateful for your friendship and support.   May your Thanksgiving Day be filled with family, friends, love, joy, laughter and, of course, your four legged family members.
As horse owners and riders our days never seem to have enough hours in them to get everything done....then find time for ourselves!!! We often end up on the bottom of the "to do" list.  This Thanksgiving take a moment to write down all the things you are grateful for....Gratitude Increases the Law of Supply. 
Wikipedia - Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. 
With Very Best Wishes
Gillian Vallis, Team Pine Knoll and The Peace Ponies
Pine Knoll Center for Integrated Horsemanship
Lexington, Kentucky
The Pine Knoll Experience by Laura Corsentino


My horses are very different from each other and Mr. Poulin was able to work with me to bring each one's strengths out. He gave specific exercises to encourage each to work through their weaker moments and the results were some positive and dramatic changes. Changes without compromising the mental confidence of the horses or our performances that would happen the following week. He gave me


 It has been several years since I had last ridden with Mr. Poulin. And the horses I brought to the October clinic he had not seen before. I signed up for the clinic as a way to get some last minute, on point instruction before Regional Championships. I realize that most people won't look to change things right before a major competition, but my past experience, with Mr. Poulin, had taught me that he would give me the subtle tools and directives to be able to ride the best tests possible on my horses.


Mr. Poulin is also very adept at teaching to the auditors simultaneous with teaching the rider in front of him. He effortlessly explained what was happening with the rider, why they would be performing the exercise, and the results he was expecting. He strived to make sure the auditors were able to see the changes and the progress of the horse and rider while it was occurring. He does this without detracting from the lesson being taught. And on top of this, since my rides were being videoed, he would have me execute the exercises on lines where I got the additional benefit of seeing what he was explaining to the auditors as well. So later when I watch the replay, it gives me the true benefit of a lesson from the sideline point of view!


Now, I think I may have cramped Mr. Poulin's teaching thought process when I let him know I was riding so close to a major competition. Like I previously, mentioned, not many see this as a positive thing to do. However, if results of the completion are to be seen as whether intent of the clinic was accomplished, then let's put it this way. The scores at Regional Championships were as good or better than they had been all year. The freestyle scores were significantly better (Gravitas' was 7+% points higher than anything he had earned previously). And we earned 1 Champion, 2 Reserve Champions, and a 5th out of 5 rides in championship classes. In our book, it was an huge success. Even if Mr. Poulin didn't make drastic changes, he made the right ones, and he gave me a big boost of confidence. This confidence, and the peace and blessings of the entire week made for an absolutely amazing weekend of competition.


 Laura Head Shot


Where in the World is Tom?
 Bermuda, Chicago, Oklahoma and Kentucky
Tango and Rocky  at Robin's  


In October Tom headed back to Robin's Hessel's wonderful facility in Oklahoma.   


October 13 he judged a recognized show in Stillwater Oklahoma at Valley View Equestrian Center for the Great Plains Dressage Chapter of Oklahoma Dressage Society.

October 14-16 Clinics at Valley View with a full register of riders of all levels. It was a wonderful clinic and everyone is looking forward to the next one. These are two of the riders who participated in the clinic... Chris Cashel and Nancy Litsch.
November  2-5 Tom was on the beautiful island of Bermuda.  He had a very full clinic with 12 rides per day.  Part of the the clinic included one day at Vesey Street, the National Equestrian Center where the riders were able to go through their tests in preparation for the Caribbean Equestrian Association's (CEA) 2012 Mini Dressage Challenge.
 Below Tom  teaching Dawn Fox on her lovely horse Lancelot.  They competed at at Intermediare 1 in the CEA the following week and scored 68.289 (see bottom photo).  The Bermuda team all did well!!

Tom Bermuda clinic Nov '12 



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Insights from the
Peace Ponies
Are you looking for Unique and Inspiring
Grab a copy of the Calendar and Celebrate 2013 with us.
Calendar Cover
 Here's a peek at October...Ballata trust eyes

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The Peace Ponies

 ASEA Presentation
Feldenkrais Workshop 
8th December at Pine Knoll
ASEA Redox Signaling Molecules:
for Humans and Horses
introductory talk with  
Beth Wofford, equine trainer and co-owner of Fayette County's RimRoc Farms
Meriah Kruse, veteran wellness professional
In the past 20 years, one of the fastest growing areas of science worldwide has been "redox biochemistry." Simply put, this growing body of research has led to profound discoveries about how human (and animal) cells protect, heal and replace themselves through the work of tiny molecules known as "redox signaling molecules." We now know that these molecules are essential in all aspects of healing and immune system functioning. In humans (and in animals) shortages of these natively-produced molecules can and do occur, often with grave consequences for the person or animal's health and well being.
Several years ago, a group of medical professionals, engineers, and researchers discovered a proprietary method for creating redox signaling molecules and stabilizing them outside the body. This led to the creation of ASEA - the first and only redox signaling supplement in the world today.
Beth Wofford and Meriah Kruse will give a free introduction to ASEA, including a discussion of how using ASEA is affecting the health of both humans and animals around the world.
11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
free of charge
Free the Pelvis, Free the Ribs:
The Feldenkrais Method with Horsemen in Mind
 Meriah Kruse, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® since 1999
As many horsemen know, working with the Feldenkrais Method of Movement Education® can make you a better rider. This introductory workshop will teach a simple and profound way to find more freedom of motion in the rider's body -- so that the techniques of sound riding can be achieved more effortlessly. These lessons will also greatly improve body awareness, and can be used again and again throughout the rider's lifetime. The workshop is appropriate for riders at all levels of experience and proficiency.
The Feldenkrais Method, originated by Dr Moshé Feldenkrais (1904-1984), is an internationally respected awareness method which employs movement to address the deep-seated patterns in the nervous system which control all of our movement, thinking, sensing and feeling. The two components of the Method are "Awareness Through Movement®"and "Functional Integration®."
Meriah Kruse, the founder and primary practitioner and presenter for Lexington-based Be Free to Move, has been a movement educator for over 25 years. She has an eclectic background, with a wide breadth of experiences in dance, somatic education, therapeutic massage, cultural arts programming, wellness studies and outdoor recreation. Since 1982 she has been on a great adventure: creating opportunities for all kinds of people to learn, create, dance, explore, evolve, have fun and enjoy life.
1:30 - 4:00 p.m.
Workshop price : $70 min of 4 people and max of 7
PLEASE register asap to claim your space!
yoga 1
yoga 2
Kerry's Corner
THT logo Thomas Herding Technique
Kerry and Domino

"You must endeavor to understand, before  

you seek to be understood."


Kerry meeting Domino from the Peace Ponies 


The ability to communicate, and do it well, is a key ingredient for the success and survival of all living creatures.


If you watch bees working a beehive or a colony of ants gathering food for the colony, one is keenly aware of an unseen, yet highly sophisticated, communication network that governs their actions.

In human endeavors like the business world, successful communicators grow and expand to become corporate giants while the unsuccessful communicators close their doors and go out of business.


In the equine circle, the dynamic of a sophisticated communication network is evident when one observes a herd at rest suddenly begin to move to a new location - be it a new feeding ground or a place where the herd is safe from predators. The herd's survival depends on communication and horses are good communicators. However, this sophisticated communication network is not easily perceptible by the human eye.


Mother Nature is sneaky when it comes to nurturing survival of the herd and one of the methods she uses to insure that survival is to conceal the communication between the lead horse and other horses in the herd. Why is this so? Because the herd can survive easier if a low or middle-level horse is lost to predators instead of the leader. Thus, nature often conceals the true leader.


Often the lead horse is concealed within the herd when it is at rest. Sometimes the lead horse will also hide within the herd if it feels threatened or there is a communication breakdown among the other horses. However, the lead horse is more discernible when the herd roams across prairies and meadows.


In the domestic environment, the lead horse is also not as recognizable as many herds spend most of their time cooped in stalls - nevertheless, the hierarchy is the same. All of the horses in the barn know the lead horse and, with only subtle persuasion, they give way when it goes to get food and water - and yes, even on the racetrack or in the show ring.


The lead horse is often concealed from the "human predator" and

thus quietly hidden before our very eyes and, indeed, overlooked. (This is important to know when pre-purchasing and selecting breeding mates or claiming and training horses.)


How the hierarchy is established and communication is transmitted within the herd is vital for their survival. The ability to comprehend the working of this communication network within the herd is essential for ones success as a trainer because it will allow you to properly communicate your goals or intentions to the horses in your training program.


But how does one bridge the communication gap between human and horse?


We are in the process of working our clinic/workshop schedule for 2013.  Kerry will be sharing his many insights here at Pine Knoll.  We are very excited to be offering this series.  Dates and more information will be in our December Newsletter.  


In the meantime you may want to check out Kerry's wonderful book Horse Profiling available at

About Kerry Thomas and Thomas Herding Technique 

Leslie Desmond







Equine Experiential Education  

  Feel and Release Seminar


Horsemanship Through Feel & Release is the method Bill Dorrance showed Leslie during the last years of his life. This approach to coaching riders and training horses does not require special equipment or the use of fear or force to obtain amazing, and very useful results for all breeds and riding styles.    


"My main goal is to teach others how to teach their students to develop a reliable partnership that is based on feel. We are not talking about mechanics when we are talking about feel. There is quite a bit to it. We are focusd on the horse's mind, and the intelligent ways he has of knowing what you want and doing what you want as any full and dedicated partner would if he or she could." Leslie knows this way and is available to help you learn it.

Would you like to learn how to release your horses to the desired maneuvers instead of forcing them? Leslie uses no flag, stick, whip or restraint devices to achieve submission. Why is this? . . . one could wonder. Submission cannot be the goal if partnership more!


Spectators are always welcome at her demonstrations and clinics. 

Her students include veteran professional coaches, young trainers who are getting started in their careers, veterinarians, farriers, first-time horse owners and competitors in the western events, jumping, dressage, driving and racing. 

At Leslie's clinics, you will learn how to release the natural lightness in your horse -- on the ground and from his/her back -- using feel and release! This approach helps you gain access to your horse's world in a way that few can imagine -- one in which a relationship without resistance or stress is not only possible, it is the norm!


When you learn how to set the feet where and when you want them, at the speed of your choosing, with a willing partner who enjoys implementing your requests because your intent in perfectly clear, you will agree that it is a truly amazing feeling!


The Pine Knoll clinic is designed with a focus on participants from the equine facilitated /experiential/leadership/coaching field.  We will be using Pine Knoll Horses and each participant will be paired with a one horse for the three days of the clinic.


The tools and insights you will learn from Leslie can be implemented in all areas from groundwork to riding.  We are not limiting the clinic to equine experiential  participants because the content will be extremely beneficial to  equine professionals and riders of all disciplines.


This clinic will fill up quickly and is limited to 7 participants.  Auditors are welcome.  Please visit Leslie's website to sign up in advance. 

Participant package includes 3 hours private instruction on the ground with a horse, and attendance at both demonstrations (Thursday, April 11 and Friday, April 12 from 6 - 9 PM).  For daily schedule see Leslie's calendar.

Horse rental and facility use fees are payable directly to Pine Knoll $250 for the three days.

Private Instruction Leslie -  $750.00 /April 12 - 14, 2013

In This Issue
Clinics and Workshops
Tom Poulin Clinic
15th-16th December, 2012

ASEA Presentation
Feldenkrais Workshop
8th December, 2012

Leslie Desmond Clinic
11th-14th April, 2013 
Tom Poulin Clinic
Pine Knoll Farm

Diane Dawes-Torreon Dotti


Shane Cathy 

Cathy Fox on Gold Charm


Laura on Eclipse 

Laura Corsentino on Eclipse 

See below with owner

Lee Ann Kagny

Gold Essence

Sophie Medium Trot 

Sophie canter  

2000 16 hh Chestnut Oldenburg Mare

Gold Essence- November 2012
Gold Essence- November 2012

Lovely amateur friendly mare with

VERY comfortable fluid gaits,

easy changes and great lateral work.

She is training Prix St George

 - a must see!


"This mare has the talent to advance and will be ready for PSG in the spring. She has a good work ethic. She has three gaits with clear rhythm and the mental capacity to increase their elasticity. Highly recommended for amateur or professional riders."

-Thomas Poulin, USEF S judge

Nov 20, 2012



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These handmade braided Friendship Bracelets are made with 100% natural horsehair. A rainbow of glass beads and a tonal mix of gold and silvery accent beads compliment different horsehair colors. Unique 'just for you' color combos. The casual, self-adjusting style is easy to wear and fun for both girls and guys.


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 Sassa Bella Equine Products

Sassa Bella, LLC. 

The Legend of the Great Horse Trilogy
by John Royce
Trilogy books

"The Golden Spark" is a tale that will appeal to young readers of fantasy and particularly readers interested in horsemanship. The story is magical and enchanting and the writing moves along at a nice pace as we follow Meagan on her journey through history. ~ Kam Aures, Rebecca's Reads 


"Thrilling and intelligent fantasy..." ~ Emily Hinton, US Review of Books 


"John Royce introduces us to one of those works you will remember forever..." ~ Danelle Drake, Reader Views 


"Quite a Ride!" ~ Shirley Johnson, Bookwatch 

"Veteran horseman Royce combines history and myth with action and adventure to create a fast-paced, well-informed tale..." ~ Jackie Cassada, Library Journal 


"Great plot and character development, wonderful descriptions of equine history ... will leave you gnawing at the bit for more." ~ Rebecca Roberts, Historical Novel Society 


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  to proud "Mum"Lee Ann Kagy
and her horse Eclipse!
Lee Ann
Reserve Champion 2nd Level
at Region 2 Finals
with rider Laura Corsentino!
Read Laura's article in this Newsletter
to Ben Winger

*Ytzen- South West Dressage Championships FEI Prix St. George - 62.763 Reserve Champion

*Ytzen- Great American Insurance Group Championshop FEI Prix St. George - 62.092 Reserve Champion
*Ytzen- SWDC Fourth level championships - 63.438 Reserve Champion
*Ytzen- GAIG Fourth level championships- 67.375 Champion
*Koal- SWDC Training level championship - 67.8 (5th out of 25)
*Koal- GAIG training level championship- 67.3 (7th out of 25)
*Koal's first First level test ever 65.862 1st

"I would like to thank the owner of these awesome horses, Beth Butler. This lady happens to be one of the most kind and sincere people I have ever met. She has been so generous to me, allowing me to ride these two amazing horses, that there is no way I could thank her enough. I could have never done it with out her."
Ben Winger, Texas
Ben trains with Fran Dearing in Houston and Clinics with Tom Poulin.
 Ben will be sharing his Pine Knoll Experience with us in the next Newsletter
We are grateful for the support of dedicated owners like Lee Ann Kagy and Beth Butler .
In half-pass, the outside rein
determines the path of travel,
while the inside rein is the
 suppling rein.
Tom Poulin and Karin Glassman
Lessons Available on our Mechanical Schoolmaster

The 4Harmony  Schoolmaster™ provides an incredibly realistic simulated riding experience. Riders can focus upon developing kinesthetic awareness, flexibility, body control, and coordination, without the distracting variables posed by a live horse. Yet, they are able to acquire true feel for proper position, balance, and use of the aids. Without exception, every student with whom I have worked on "Harmony" has enthusiastically reported that they achieved perceptible improvement in their riding and horse's way of going, even after just one lesson. Under the guidance of a qualified instructor, the 4HF Schoolmaster, especially when combined with complementary unmounted exercises in Pine Knoll Farm's studio, provides a unique and powerful instrument to a rider's toolbox.

 ~Karin Glassman


"I have just completed a wonderful weekend training at Pine Knoll. My weekend started in the studio with Linda and Karin, moved onto "Harmony" The Schoolmaster and culminated in a lesson with Tom. I have participated in many "Natural Horsemanship" clinics in Oregon and Idaho - where many would argue that the movement began. My horses have benefitted tremendously from the experience and as much as I enjoyed participating in the clinics I felt that there was a missing element.


My horse's demeanor improved, their confidence grew, my horsemanship skills developed, however my riding remained the same.


This weekend I found the missing link. By improving my posture, body awareness and rediscovering idle muscle groups I was able to take my riding to a new level during my lesson. Reprogramming my muscle memory and confirming these changes will take time, commitment and effort. I may never ride at Grand Prix but I see a real opportunity for self improvement and a happier horse."


Jaqueline Stobbs

Pine Knoll Family and Home
School Master Ballata

Ballata at window 
Healing Room

Healing room
"OK" Chief Equine Co-Leadership-Facilitator

OK in field
Peace Ponies having fun!!!

Puzzle bucking
Domino rearing
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"Pine Knoll Farm is a wonderful 'therapy' for horse and human. The stress of life will melt away here so you can concentrate on the riding and learn more in your time here. Tom Poulin is a master!! Gillian is so hospitable and I always feel at home here. They are my family!!"


Kathy Ridenour - Tennessee


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