October 2012
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Gillian Vallis
Pine Knoll Center for Integrated Horsemanship
Lexington, Kentucky

The Pine Knoll Experience by Whitney Abraham

Sophie and Whitney 1 

My first interaction with Tom Poulin was in August at Pine Knoll Farms in Lexington, Kentucky. Mr. Poulin is an influential member in the dressage community. He has competed through Grand Prix and has ridden with many of the legends in the industry. As an"S" judge and international competitor, Mr. Poulin has used his skills to help coach Swedish teams and the Mexican Olympic Team.


After only riding once a week for a few months, I was nervous to work in a clinic with such a fantastic trainer. When you first meet Mr. Poulin, he can be a bit intimidating--an older man with more experience than you could imagine but when you get to know him you see he has an excellent sense of humor. Since I am not able to ride much before I see Mr. Poulin I tend to apologize every time I mess up. But there are two words never used in his vocabulary, "I'm sorry" and "I can't." His positivity towards riding and training is evident in every lesson he teaches. I have been lucky enough to not only ride with Mr. Poulin but audit other lessons he teaches. He focuses on correct training and discipline necessary to achieve the goals of dressage. Many trainers only identify problems present on the day of the clinic whereas Mr. Poulin identifies long-term issues and finds solutions that can be worked on throughout the year. He has an amazing memory and has the ability to remember horses and riders to really see how each one is doing.



I stumbled upon Pine Knoll Farms by luck as I was searching for dressage barns in the Lexington KY area. I arrived for my first lesson in awe of the immaculate barns and surrounding property with its picturesque stone wall. I immediately fell in love. My first lesson with Cathy Fox made my feeling of comfort even greater. Cathy is an experienced, funny, insightful instructor. She has been an assistant to Tom Poulin and has competed on many horses to FEI level. From the first day I rode with her she has continued to be patient with me, always pushing me to my potential. For the first time in my life I am being instructed by someone who has genuine confidence in my riding ability and is happy to see me succeed and move forward. I can not thank Cathy Fox enough for giving me back my confidence as a rider and reminding me all the time why I love this sport. I am happy to not only call her my instructor and mentor but a friend.

 Sophie and Whitney canter

WhereintheWorldisTomWhere in the World is Tom?
Hawaii, Bermuda, Chicago,  Oklahoma and Kentucky
Tom has had a busy few months with clinics, judging and he attended the Judges Forum.  We will be including articles and pictures from Tom's travels in our upcoming issues.  

"Tom came to Hawaii many years ago and I had the pleasure and good fortune to ride with him in competitions and in clinics. His way of teaching is clear, creative and precise. He reads the rider as well the horse. He knows when to push and when to relax for both rider and horse. They both end the clinic with a wealth of knowledge.


We have Tom come to Hawaii twice a year; in the early part of the year to clinic and give a symposium for our riders before the show season begins. He comes at the end of the year to do our last show of the year and then clinic.

Tom has a faithful following here in Hawaii and we all look forward to having him come here again."


Anna Awana


Aloha State Dressage Society


Ryan half pass 
Past, Present and Future
Tom Poulin is a pioneer of American Dressage and founding member of the USDF.  He was advisor with Jack LeGoff and Maj. Gen. Jonathan Burton to the New England Dressage Association and has been a registered judge for nearly 40 years.
Tom has been Resident Trainer at Pine Knoll for the past 7 years and has trained and mentored many accomplished riders, trainers, competitors and clinicians over the years.
Ryan Yap, originally from Ewa Beach, Hawaii cliniced with Tom in Hawaii and then moved to the mainland to train with Tom at 17 yo.  Now 23 years later he continues to be Tom's Head trainer and business partner developing their dressage busness in Illinois and Wellington, Florida.
Elizabeth Poulin, daughter, was reserve National Champion, 6 yo FEI Test.
Cathy Fox, BHSAI, started working with Tom in Bermuda and the East Coast over 30 years ago.  Cathy is Assistant Trainer at Pine Knoll and continues under his tutelage.
There is no substitute for experience and Tom will be bringing his knowledge and experience to his Clinics, Integrating Insights Newsletter and the American School of Dressage which he is Director.  Articles re the American School of Dressage  will be in future Integrating Insights.
We are really excited about the future as we move forward with our team of experts and work on the comprehensive curriculum which will be based on the HorsEmpowerment System Pyramid see the link below: 

PeacePoniesThe Peace Ponies
About the Peace Ponies
Peace Ponies logo  
The Peace Ponies serve as
Ambassadors of Peace, Love and Inspired Living.
The Peace☮Ponies come with a charming and empowering message.  The Ponies encourage us to harness our Unlimited powers of Imagination, Potential and Capacity to Love.

These Peaceful Ambassadors live in the Present moment Now.  They ask us to Become Present and reflect upon the beauty, wonder and joy that is all around us.  

A profound love of all life is conveyed in their Evolutionary message.

It is our Joy to Empower the Extraordinary in Kids of all Ages. We serve as passionate advocates to help bridge the gap of perceived differences between cultures.

We see a global community of Peace Pony Ambassadors (Equine & Human) pointing the way to shape our collective future based upon the Practices of Peace and the Core Value of Love. 


Peace Ponies 
Will you Celebrate this Grand Dance of Life with the Ponies ?
Step into their Kingdom Visit The Peace Ponies  (site under construction) and Experience the Wonder !
What is Feldenkrais®?
The Feldenkrais® Method
As many horsemen know, working with the Feldenkrais Method® can make you a better rider.
As a human and rider, we move the whole day and we do not think when we move. We are busy with what we have to do and not with how we are going to do the movement. When we become aware of the how of a movement, a whole world of new experience opens up to us as we find easier, more efficient and elegant ways to move and think. 
Decades before the proliferation of body-mind methods which we see today, the Feldenkrais Method was leading the way internationally with what is widely recognized as one of the most comprehensive methods of integrating body and mind thus far discovered by mankind. Forty years before the emerging field of 'neuroplasticity' took center stage in the neurosciences, Feldenkrais was a man ahead of his time. In the last decade Feldenkrais professionals have increased their dialogue with cutting-edge neuroscientists as they jointly explain how the gentle and unique approaches of Feldenkrais directly influence the patterns in the brain that orchestrate our movements and our thinking and thus construct our self-image. It is this neurological connection that allows Feldenkrais practitioners and students to achieve remarkable long-term body-mind results while addressing a wide range of human concerns -- from rehabilitation to performance enhancement. A few key points:
· The Feldenkrais Method is for anyone who wants to reconnect with their natural abilities to move, think and feel. Whether to be more comfortable sitting at a computer, playing with children and grandchildren, or performing a favorite pastime, these gentle lessons can improve overall well being.
· Specific lessons can be tailored to address almost any function in the human repertoire.
· Because the Feldenkrais Method focuses on the relationship between movement and thought, increased mental awareness, self-knowledge and creativity accompany physical improvements.
· This makes it especially valuable for athletes, dancers, musicians and riders -- those interested in developing more subtle awareness within their respective disciplines.
We improve our well being when we learn to fully use ourselves. Our intelligence depends upon the opportunity we take to experience and learn on our own. Ordinarily, we learn just enough to function. For example, we learn to use our hands well enough to eat, our legs well enough to walk. Our abilities to function with a greater range of ease and skill, however, often remain undeveloped. This type of self learning - as taught by the Feldenkrais Method-- leads to fuller, more dynamic living.
Many horsemen have discovered the Feldenkrais Method and have used it to find their natural seat and posture and to relax into the flow and the process of riding, thus improving the overall riding experience for both rider and horse.
Exercise class
We will be hosting Feldenkrais Workshops
KerrysCornerKerry's Corner
Kerry and Peace Ponies  
Kerry Meets the Peace Ponies
Kerry is Godfather to the Peace Ponies.
We will be sharing his wonderful insights in to the world of horses in Kerry's Corner.
THT logo Thomas Herding Technique


At THT we specialize in the study of Equine Athletic Psychology, with a primary focus on Group & Individual Herd Dynamics & Emotional Conformation; Mental Soundness. We seek emergent properties and develop a working profile, the foundation point from which to work into the horse protocol's either in pre-purchase, selecting from the herd, breeding as well as training designs to fit the individual athlete or therapy horse. Investigate, Evaluate, Apply...




New-age Herd Whisperer to visit William Woods University

10/18/2012Mary Ann Beahon


Kerry Thomas is recognized by many around the world as a pioneering researcher and service provider in the field of equine athletic psychology. Next week he will share his ideas with William Woods University students and interested community members.

Starting his independent research of wild horse herds to initially learn more about their social structures for the purpose of developing therapy horses for children, Thomas made his first trips to Wyoming and Montana in 1989.
Early on in his research Thomas realized that it was emotional conformation and not physical conformation that governed the herd dynamics.
After many years of working in various jobs, including several years in construction to fund his research trips, Thomas moved into horse therapy development where he was able to use his research for the human-horse bond with children in need.

Click the link below to continue reading this article.
Article about Kerry and William Woods 


 Visit Pine Knoll and Thomas Herding Technique

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Shane and Barn 
Tom Poulin Clinic
Pine Knoll Farm
16th-19th November, 2012
October Tom Poulin Clinic
Pine Knoll Farm
Laura Corsentino

Laura Corsentino

Kathy Ridenour

Kathy Ridenour

Cathy Fox

Cathy Fox

Gold Essence

Sophie Medium Trot 

Sophie canter 

2000 16 hh Chestnut Oldenburg Mare


Lovely amateur friendly mare with VERY comfortable fluid gaits, easy changes and great lateral work. She is training Prix St George - a must see!


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 Sassa Bella Equine Products

Sassa Bella, LLC.


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The Legend of the Great Horse Trilogy
by John Royce
Trilogy books
Author and horseman John Royce recently completed his award-winning journey through history on horseback, The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy ... he writes about interesting ideas and information about the horse/human relationship discovered while researching for the books.

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Laura Cornsentino
on her 
WINS at Region 2 Finals!
Read Laura's article in our
 upcoming Newsletter

 Laura Head Shot  
    To improve the quality and jump in the canter, an excellent exercise is to leg-yield in canter from the ¼ line to the rail. Make sure the horse's neck remains straight, the body remains parallel to the rail, and that the tempo does not increase.
Tom Poulin and Karin Glassman
Lessons Available on our Mechanical Schoolmaster

The 4Harmony  Schoolmaster™ provides an incredibly realistic simulated riding experience. Riders can focus upon developing kinesthetic awareness, flexibility, body control, and coordination, without the distracting variables posed by a live horse. Yet, they are able to acquire true feel for proper position, balance, and use of the aids. Without exception, every student with whom I have worked on "Harmony" has enthusiastically reported that they achieved perceptible improvement in their riding and horse's way of going, even after just one lesson. Under the guidance of a qualified instructor, the 4HF Schoolmaster, especially when combined with complementary unmounted exercises in Pine Knoll Farm's studio, provides a unique and powerful instrument to a rider's toolbox.

 ~Karin Glassman


The RBBS program has been very helpful to improve body awareness.  The class helped me to see how my  my body alignment effects my horse.  Harmony immediately when on the forehand when my alignment  from my core was not correct. The feedback has improved my riding by encouraging core strength and proper alignment.  I was crooked left to right and back to front.  Karin gently encouraged me by moving the body parts into the correct postion and providing many visual aids to help at home.  My horse is much more responsive to the aids.

 ~Sharon Jones

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"Pine Knoll Farm is a wonderful 'therapy' for horse and human. The stress of life will melt away here so you can concentrate on the riding and learn more in your time here. Tom Poulin is a master!! Gillian is so hospitable and I always feel at home here. They are my family!!"


Kathy Ridenour - Tennessee


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