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March - April  2014
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Is Your Organization Ready?
Medication Use
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This e-newsletter provides information to improve your business operations and CARF accreditation readiness.
Is Your Organization Ready?        

The 2014 BH/CYS/OTP Standards Manuals require changes to standards that will be effective on July 1, 2014.  Will your organization be ready to implement the changes?   


This issue of our e-newsletter provides information about standards that will pertain to all CARF-accredited organizations.  The following topics were discussed by CARF managers at a CARF 101 training held in Tucson in March 2014.   

Medication Use  -  2.E

Training Requirements - 2.E.2.  In previous  editions of the BH/CYS Standards Manuals, standard 2.E.2 only pertained to organizations that prescribe, dispense, control, or administer medications in accredited programs and they were required to consider applying the standard. 

New to the 2014 Standards Manuals is a change in wording so that all organizations must apply 2.E.2 whether or not medications are used in the programsRead more ...

Corporate Compliance  -  1.A   


Corporate Compliance - 1.A.7.  This standard
has several new requirements for BH/CYS/OTP.  Perhaps most significant is that now all CARF-accredited organizations are required to implement a policy on corporate compliance.  The standard states:  "An organization in the United States receiving federal funding demonstrates corporate compliance through . . ." 

Due to implementation of the  Affordable Care Act, the standard pertains to all CARF- accredited organizations in the United States.  The only organizations that are exempt
from applying this standard are ones that only accept private pay for services provided.  


There are other new elements to this standard, to include training of all personnel "on the role of the compliance officer [and] the  organization's ongoing procedures for allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, and other wrongdoing."   


Another new part of the standard is for implementation of internal auditing activities.  According to conversations with CARF managers, this is "more than a billing audit."

Nonviolent Practices  -  2.F  
Training Requirements - 2.F.2.  In previous editions 

of the BH/CYS/OTP Standards Manuals, standard 2.F.2 only pertained to organizations that use seclusion and/or restraint in its programs.  It was also stated that "all organizations must consider" applying the standard.  However, new to the 2014 Standards Manuals is a change in wording so that all organizations must apply 2.F.2 whether or not seclusion and/or restraint are used in the programs. 


Standard 2.F.2 now requires that all direct service or front-line personnel receive documented initial and ongoing competency-based training on 8 topics.  NOTE:  If there is documentation of training for some, but not all relevant personnel, this would be partial conformance and a recommendation would be given during an on-site survey. 

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