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November - December  2013
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CARF Technology Plan
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Veteran-Owned Small Business
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Continuous quality improvement is the result of teamwork between governance, leadership, staff, clients, and consultants.

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This newsletter provides information to improve your business operations and CARF accreditation readiness.
CARF Technology Plan         

Section 1.J of the 2013 BH/CYS/OTP Standards Manuals   states that accredited organizations should implement a technology and systems plan that includes eight areas:  hardware; software; security; confidentiality; backup policies; assistive technology; disaster recovery preparedness; and virus protection.

An effective Technology Plan will include specific description of the organization's current technology.  The Plan should also be a working document that includes identification of unmet and projected technology needs and a timeline with possible vendors, estimated or actual cost, person responsible, target date, and completion date for each of the eight areas.  Read more . . .
Satisfaction Surveys
Section 1.D of the CARF 2013 BH/CYS/OTP Standards Manuals focuses on obtaining input from clients, personnel, and other stakeholders.  The input then needs to be analyzed and used for strategic planning and performance improvement.  
Section 1.M. states that the organization should demonstrate how its data collection system addresses reliability, validity, completeness, and accuracy.  The data should allow for comparative analysis and be used to set objectives, performance indicators, and performance targets.   

Does your organization analyze the data obtained from the satisfaction surveys?  Are performance targets based on industry benchmarks or the organization's performance history?

One of the services that we provide is survey design, administration, and analysis.  Once the survey is completed, the organization is provided a written report that includes information that can readily be incorporated into your administrative plans.   Contact a CARF Consultant at (402) 486-1101 to learn more or to obtain examples of an on-line survey and report.  

Veteran-Owned Small Business 


Behavioral Health Resources, LLC  is proud to announce that in October 2013, we obtained status as a verified Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB).  This means that our company is eligible to participate in Veterans First Contracting Program opportunities with the Veteran's Administration (VA).  Read more . . .  

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