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April  2013
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Assessment of Competency
Eviidenced-Based Practices
Value-Based Fees & High ROI

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Continuous quality improvement is the result of teamwork between governance, leadership, staff, clients, and consultants.

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This newsletter provides information to improve your business operations and CARF accreditation readiness.
Assessment of Competency 
CARF standard 2.A.19 states that for personnel  providing direct services, the organization should include the following in its assessment of competency:


    a.  areas that reflect the specific needs of clients


    b.  clinical skills that are appropriate to the position


    c.  person-centered plan development


    d.  interviewing skills


    e.  program-related research-based treatment  



The intent of this standard is to ensure the necessary competencies are established and demonstrated. 


How is competency assessed in your organization?  Do you have a formal, objective process?


To learn about one organization's method to assess competency and information from CARF regarding competency-based training, click here.

Evidence-Based PracticesInterviewsCARFConsultants  


A component of CARF standard 2.A.6 relates to evidence-based practices used in the accredited programs.   This information is often documented in the Program Plan.  For a list of evidence-based practices approved by SAMHSA, click here.   


NREPP is a searchable online registry of more than 280 interventions supporting mental health promotion, substance abuse prevention, and mental health and substance abuse treatment.


Value-Based Fees & High ROI
   When our company was founded in 2011, we based our fee schedule on hourly fees, just like other CARF consultants.  However, we quickly determined that this was not the best approach. 
After researching various fee schedules, Behavioral Health Resources determined that the most effective fee arrangement for customers is the value-based fee structure (versus hourly or daily rates). The concept of value-based fees means that the fee is established collaboratively with the customer and is a mutually beneficial business arrangement. 
Value-based fees remove the uncertainty about cost and create incentives to increase productivity and reduce inefficiency.  The emphasis of value-based fees is a significant shift away from "How much time?" to "What is the value and outcome?" 
Do you want to pay for the consultant's time,
or for guaranteed results?
Read more about value-based fees and how your organization can benefit.