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March  2013
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CARF Definition of a "Plan"
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Correction to 2013 BH Standards Manual
Did you receive the notice about the change to page 96 in the 2013 BH Standards Manual?   To obtain the CARF memo, click here.

This newsletter provides information to improve your business operations and CARF accreditation readiness.
CARF Definition of a "Plan" 
As an outcome of CARF surveys, many organizations receive recommendations for Admin Plans (e.g., Accessibility Plan) because the plan does not include all required elements. 
A plan is more than stating goals and objectives.
According to CARF, a plan is "written direction that is action oriented and related to a specific project or defined goal....[and] may include the steps to be taken to achieve stated goals, a time line, priorities, the resources needed.... and the positions or persons responsible for implementing the identified steps."   (2013 BH Standards Manual, p. 410)
Conversations with CARF staff and surveyors indicate that a plan is similar to a  client's treatment plan.   The Admin Plans need to be reviewed at least annually and be developed with input from persons served, personnel, and other stakeholders.
Contact us to learn more about how a Behavioral Health Resources consultant help you to develop action-oriented plans that demonstrate conformance to CARF standards.
Our Most Popular Services
When preparing for a CARF survey, the most popular options selected by our customers are: 

 Option 1 - Policy & Procedure Review


 Option 2 - Admin and Program Plan Review 


Option 3 - Orientation, Screening, Assessment, Treatment Plans, Transition/Discharge Plans


Each option is contracted as a separate project.  At the end of the project, the organzation is provided a typed report that is similar in format to the CARF Accreditation Survey Report.  
When a recommendation or consultation is given for a standard, the standard number is referenced and suggestions are provided for improvement.  Templates and other examples are provided (e.g., Program Plan; Cultural Comptency & Diversity Plan; Accessibility Plan; Transition Plan; Screening form).
Combining two or more options in one contract results in 5% or more savings in overall cost.   Contact us for more information.

Identifying & Training an Internal CARF Consultant
Interviews with CARF Surveyors 


Part 3 of a 3-Part series.  This feature article focuses on  how an organization can identify and train an employee to be an internal CARF consultant when the organization does not have a CARF surveyor on staff. 


Three CARF surveyors were interviewed about their opinions:   



Click here  to read the feature article.