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January  2013
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Interviews w/ CARF Surveyors
CARF Surveyor Code of Conduct
What a CARF Surveyor Really Wants to Tell You

CARF Accreditation

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Continuous quality improvement is the result of teamwork between governance, leadership, staff, clients, and consultants.

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This newsletter provides information to improve your business operations and CARF accreditation readiness.
Interviews w/ CARF Surveyors InterviewsCARFConsultants
Benefits of Internal and External Consultants 


This feature article includes interviews with CARF surveyors who were asked about their experiences as internal consultants in their organizations: 

Click here to read about the benefits of internal and external consultants.  (The March newsletter will discuss how organizations can identify and train an internal consultant who is not a CARF surveyor.)

CARF Surveyor Code of Conduct
EthicsOrganizations can benefit from  contracting with a  consultant who is also an active CARF surveyor.  With this dual role, it is important to adhere to professional ethics. 
Click here to review the CARF Surveyor Code of Conduct.  This document is available on the CARF website and includes the following elements:  Confidentiality; Conflict of Interest; and Cooperative Relationships.
What a CARF Surveyor Really Wants to Tell You 

Click here to read the 1-page document (also available on the   CARF website).  Important excerpts from the article are:

  • "We have a great deal of material to cover in a short time."
  • "Your documentation should be current and well organized.  In other words, we surveyors should not have to dig deep to see that you conform to the standards."
  • "Most important, your organization needs to 'live' the standards.  Do not shelve the standards manuals to gather dust, even if your organization is not being resurveyed in the coming months."

Be sure to read the feature article (interviews with CARF surveyors) to learn more about how internal and external consultants can benefit your organization.

In the Next Newsletters . . .


Continuation of  interviews w/ CARF surveyors:

  • February 2013 --  Motivation to become a CARF surveyor 
  • March 2013 -- Identifying and training an internal consultant who is not a CARF surveyor

If there are topics you'd like to see in future newsletters, contact us at or (402) 486-1101.