MRHS Newsletter No. 52a

Mini Night of Nights Update

Dedicated to True Believers Worldwide
11 November 2015

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> Report from the Department of Coding Errors


> Clarification of Operating Hours

> Where to Send Those Reception Reports

> Report from the Department of Coding Errors

Well, this is a little embarrassing.  More than a little, actually.  In Newsletter No. 52 we made a plea for holiday and year end support of the MRHS.  Just one little problem.  There was an error in the code that was supposed to lead you to the donation site.  We know from reports that many True Believers tried to make donations and for this we offer thanks and our apologies.  Please try again using the new yellow button below.

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Before we get into the meat of Newsletter 52a we must remind all True Believers of some things they already know:

1. We're an all volunteer organization

2. Keeping two major radio facilities functioning is amazingly expensive

3. The holidays and the new year are on the way

None of what you see in this Newsletter and in past Newsletters would be possible without the vision, trust and faith of True Believers around the world.  If your can consider a holiday gift to the MRHS it would be tremendously appreciated.  And remember, we're a 501(c)3 non-profit organization so your year end donation is completely tax deductible.  And it's easy!  Just click on the yellow button.

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We have just received word that SS RED OAK VICTORY/KYVM will be on the air for the mini Night of Nights!  There's more to this than may immediately meet the eye.  The RO at KYVM is Steve Hawes, our transmitter supervisor.  Here's what OM Hawes is prepared to do to provide listening thrills to all.


He'll depart his home at around 0730pst for the 1+ hour trip to Bolinas where he will start press and weather service at 1000pst, then turn the station over to manual control from Point Reyes.  He'll remain until about 1500pst when he will board his vehicle for the 1+ hour trip to SS RED OAK VICTORY where he has received special permission to be aboard in the evening.  There he will bring the WWII vintage equipment of KTVM on the air on 500kc and his working channel of 425kc.  He will steadfastly remain at the key until as late as 2300pst, then head home to bed.  That, my friends, is dedication to The Cause.

So warm up those MF receivers and listen out for both KSM and KYVM on mini Night of Nights!

> Clarification of Operating Hours

A fed TBs have written asking for clarification of exactly what hours we will be operating for mNoN.  We're sorry this was not made clear.  Here's the scoop: operating hours will be the same as for a normal Saturday except that operations will extend well into the evening hours.  Here's the list of relevant times:

0900pst, 1700gmt - Services of the Church of the Continuous Wave, Bolinas site
1000pst, 1800gmt - KSM CW press, 426kc/HF
1100pst, 1900gmt - KSM RTTY press, HF
1200pst, 2000gmt - KSM and K6KPH manual operations begin from Point Reyes
1300pst, 2100gmt - KSM CW traffic list, 426kc/HF
1330pst, 2130gmt - KSM CW Pacific high seas weather 426kc/HF

We usually close operations at around 0000gmt.  But that's when mNoN will begin.  We'll continue on all frequencies with press, weather, communications with ships and of course signal reports via K6KPH.  See Newsletter No. 52 for complete frequency information.

You're invited to join us.  All you have to do is show up at the receive site, 17400 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Point Reyes National Seashore.  See the location on this... 


The station telephone number is +1 415-669-9646 (answered only when the station is staffed).

Got a commercial radiotelegraph ticket? Sit the circuit at KSM and get your license endorsed as a coast station operator with our special endorsement stamp. Want to sit the circuit at K6KPH? No problem, no license required, just a working knowledge of Morse. If you have an amateur license bring that along and we'll endorse it for operation at K6KPH.

If you've read this far here's your reward: visit us and whisper the words "True Believer" to be granted access to our special equipment storage area. We call it the Treasure Room. 

> Where to Send Those Reception Reports
Another thing we didn't mention is where to send your reception reports.  As always, send 'em to:

Maritime Radio Historical Society
PO Box 392
Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

Our verification card is particularly attractive if we do say so ourselvees so send in your report to get yours.  We ask only that you have patience as it can sometimes take a while to get out the cards for all who request them.  Oh, and a SASE would be deeply appreciated.  

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Thanks for reading this this latest update of what we're up to at the MRHS.  We very much look forward to hearing you on the air or seeing you in person during the mini-Night of Nights.  Until then we wish you the best of luck and fair winds & following seas.