MRHS Operations Resume Saturday 19 October
Newsletter No. 42 
Dedicated to True Believers World Wide
17 October 2013

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> Headlines

o MRHS Operations Resume After Shutdown

o KSM and K6KPH Station Particulars

o Fair Warning: MP Has A Blue Racer

> MRHS Operations Resume After Government Shutdown


As most True Believers know, MRHS on the air operations were impacted by the partial shutdown of the US government.  Since both the transmit and receive sites are on National Park Service land we were denied access for the duration.

But we have just received word that the park will resume operations later today and will be in full operation by tomorrow.  That means that we'll be able to resume our normal Saturday schedule on 19 October.

That means we'll gather at the transmit site in Bolinas at 0900 for Services of the Church of the Continuous Wave where sacraments of pastry from the Bovine Bakery will be served along with coffee (decaf we're afraid).  As always, you're invited to join us.  Just write to if you're coming so adequate pastry can be laid on and we can supply directions if needed.

The Transmitter Department has been alerted to the resumption of operation.  Even though the transmitters have been off the air for only a relatively short time you never know what they might have been up to alone in the dark.  We hope that the famous KPH expression "It was working when I turned it off!" does not come into play.  But even if it does, the crack Transmitter Department casualty mitigation team will be standing ready to leap into the breach and return the transmitter to revenue service.

Meanwhile the Operations staff has been similarly alerted.  It appears that we will have three ops on duty at the receive site and maybe more. 

Maybe one of them could be you.  If you have any reasonable proficiency in Morse why not join us to ply the key at K6KPH?  And of course if you have a commercial radiotelegraph ticket you can sit the circuit at KSM and have your license endorsed for MF and HF operations.  Just drop a line to if you plan to visit so we can have an operating position set up for you.  Of course if you want to visit but not operate, that's fine too.  We look forward to seeing you.

Extra Added Attraction: We've just received a shipment of MRHS hats, mugs and T shirts, all available at the receive site.  Make one yours and support the MRHS.  Or order on line (see below).

> Station Particulars

Since it's been a while we thought it prudent to review the particulars of KSM and K6KPH.  This information can be found on our Website by clicking on the links above but it's listed here for convenience.

Station phone number: 415-669-9646 - This rings in at the Morse operations room at the receive site.  Give us a bell if you want to pass on a signal report, set up a schedule or if you get lost on the way to the station.

KSM Frequencies (in kc)













CW press service begins at 1000 Pacific time,  1700Z

RTTY press service begins at 1100 Pacific time, 1800Z 

Manned operations begin at 1200 Pacific time, 1900Z




KSM will accept traffic from any ship for onward delivery via email at no cost. 


 K6KPH Frequencies (in kc)








K6KPH operations usually begin at the end of KSM press service at 1200 Pacific time, 1900Z. 




 K6KPH is always ready to accept traffic for local delivery or for onward relay through the National Traffic System.




After using Chief Operator Dillman's vintage Vibroplex Blue Racer, Mike Payne (MP) has recently purchased one of his own.  As you doubtless know the Blue Racer is a high speed key, not for the faint of heart.  So you may encounter MP buzzing along at a great rate of knots with his new key.  But no worries.  K6KPH adheres to the commercial practice of always answering at the speed of the calling station.  So Mike (and all of the rest of us) will be perfectly happy cruise along at whatever speed you find comfortable.


Sr. Morse Operator Mike Payne takes RD's Blue Racer for a spin 




> Support the MRHS 


Just before the shutdown we were about 3/4 of the way through a major antenna repair project at the transmitter site.  We had to give the contractor we work with the wave-off for the last part of the job when the shutdown took place.  Now we're ready to reschedule that work - with the hope that the delay doesn't put us in the middle of the first rains.

In the crane bucket at the top of the pole, a worker tries to thread the hard drawn copper antenna wire through an insulator 


We fund much of the repair and maintenance work required to keep the station on the air out of our own pockets.  But the cost for the crane and crew necessary for this type of antenna work is significant and must come from MRHS funds.  And of course the only reason we have those funds to draw upon is because True Believers like you think enough of our project to support it financially.  

If you find yourself with a spare few dollars and would like to help us carry on with the many repairs and restorations that are a way of life at the MRHS just click on the yellow button.



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> MRHS Merchandise

Support the MRHS and look cool at the same time. Such a deal!  We've got hats, mugs, T shirts, belt buckles and bumper stickers, all with variations of the MRHS logo.  Get a hat and mug for yourself and a put yourself in solid with the XYL by getting her a MRHS hoodie.








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