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Yarn Spotlight
This yarn is hard to resist....it seems to have an appeal because the sheen attracts people like "moths to light!"  It is described as having a shimmer that adds dimension to the slubby texture of the yarn.  It comes in bold and neutral colors.  It works up as a worsted with 5 stitches to the inch on a size 7 needle.  It has 103 yards and drapes beautifully!


Pattern of the Week
This week's pattern is a "go to' whenever someone requests a knit, short sleeve sweater.  It's written for 7 different gauges so if you found a yarn that you love, we can make it work with the Perfect Tee!  You have the option to elongate the sleeve and body, make it a cap sleeve and perhaps even a cropped length shirt!  The possibilities really are endless!
Gadget of the Week
We have them back in stock!  What is so popular you may ask?  Well, we think that it's the most invaluable tool EVER!  The Silvalume Handi tool is a miniature crochet hook on one end and the other is a point similar to a darning needle.  It is incredibly helpful to pick up dropped stitches, weaving in ends, or just catching an OOPS!  This week's Gadget of the week!

WOW!  So many people, new faces, new knitters and crocheters and lots of love for yarn!  We have had so much fun showing off our goods and our purple walls! Thank you so much for including Knit-a-Bit on your crawl route! Our shelves are a little less full but we are thrilled with all of the new projects out there!  And we have WINNERS!!!

Maureen A.,  You won our Sock basket!
Patrice M., You won our ArtYarns Shawl Kit!
Gaye G., You won our KnitScene Humbuldt Raglan basket!
Kathy V., You won our Nanuk basket!
 and the grand prize Garden State Yarn Crawl basket winner is, drumroll please,  Leslie F
Congrats to all of you and we look forward to seeing everyone!

We have a project of our own that we would like to show off!  Our Cable Crawl Cowl is available for free with yarn purchase.  Cheryl worked it up for us in Charly with just two skeins!  Here's the end result! 

Kids love to KNIT!

We have had so much fun listening to the Kid's Knitting class....the group is quite enthusiastic and love to discuss their projects with one another!  And guess what?  They all started out as beginners! We will be holding another Kids Knitting class on Thursdays at 4:30 - 6:00- $60.00 for four weeks!  Why not create a new knitter in your family! Give us a call to register.  By the way, this is Sylvia showing off her beanbag, bunny and scarf all of which she did in class!
There's still time....

We are gearing up for a great class on Saturday, April 27th at 11:00....The Mistakes Happen Class is a great way to learn how to correct those "oops" occurrences while knitting and crocheting!  We all have those moments and it can be frustrating when you aren't really sure how to rectify the problem.  This class is the ideal solution because you will learn the skills to correct those "oops" and you can avoid panicking!!  Give us a call to sign up!  The cost is $45.00 and it really is worth every penny!
F.O.'s Gallery

Janet should be very proud! She set a goal for herself to learn how to knit socks and by golly, she did it!  These are the Red Dwarf socks and Janet used Cascade 220 Worsted!  Way to go!  

Sue did this adorable Blossom Baby Sweater using two skeins of Pluscious and she had enough left over for a hat!  What a lucky baby!
Great job Sue!

Book of the Week (not really....)

So, we're not featuring any particular book this week but we did want to brag about one particular collection.....Berroco booklets have some fabulous pattern designs!  The Karma and Maya yarns are new this season and the corresponding booklets are great!  This week any booklet from Berroco is 25% off because we just love them that much!


Phew.....such a great week!  A crazy one, but a good one...at least here!  I personally want to thank everyone that asked about my family and friends in Boston....all is well despite a few frantic days.  I am a proud Bostonian and know that they will, 

Pam WILL be knitting this Monday night from 8:00 - 10:00 and you never have to call ahead!  Come, sit, knit, visit.  Keep in mind, you are always welcome to come sit and knit or crochet any time!  We love having you!

Susan and Harriet
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