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Knit a Bit LLC NewsletterSunday, November 18, 2012

We cannot believe that Thanksgiving is this week!  The storm really confused our calendars in our minds.  If that's the case, the holidays are around the corner....literally!  Hanukkah starts on December 8th and Christmas is not far behind!  Hopefully, everyone got some knitting and crocheting done during the storm...perhaps some of you have even wrapped the gifts and hid them away.  If you haven't, don't despair, we can help you.  Come in, select the yarn and a simple pattern and we will do our best to assist you in the gift completion process!  Consider us the hand knit and crochet elves! 

In the meantime, enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and we want to let you know that we are thankful for all of you; our Knit-a-Bit family and friends. 
We are 10 years old!!!!

We hope by now you have seen the "birthday invitation" that was sent earlier in the week.  We have quite the line up coming to celebrate this milestone.  Annie Modesitt will be teaching a color work class, Nikky Epstein will be signing books and Stacy Charles of TahkiStacyCharles,  Julie Weisenberger of CoCo Knits and Norah Gaughan from Berroco will all be presenting trunk shows LIVE!  Check out our website for specific dates and time.
So excited....

We met with the Berroco rep this week to make sure that we were well prepared for the upcoming appearance of Norah Gaughan.....needless to say, we are very excited to have Norah visit Knit-a-Bit!  She will be here Sunday, December 9th.  

She will be bringing an assortment of garments from her Volume 11 pattern book and some sneak peaks of the upcoming Spring collection and Volume 12!  We loved what we saw and we are pretty sure that you will too!  This is an event not to be missed!  
A common question....

We are often asked how we keep track of the rows that we have worked; everyone has different techniques and methods from hash tags on a slip of paper to bracelets, but what if you loose the paper or forget where you are on the bracelet?  For the sake of sanity, everyone should get used to using a row counter. 
There are a number of types and ironically, we carry a majority of them!  From KachaKacha's to counters on the needle, come simplify your knitting and crocheting and treat yourself to a little accessory purchase!

Hidden Gems!

Shopping always has hidden gems and while restocking, I came across some within Knit-a-Bit!  The corner in the backroom has some of the best yarns for cowls, scarves and hats for what is predicted to be a chilly winter!  Tucked away back there is Eco Duo, Freedom Wool, Eco Cloud, Astrakan to name a few.  Don't let the corner keep you away from these fabulous gems!! 

A gift suggestion.....

Those that don't knit, can't appreciate the solitude that it brings us....when you are interrupted, it isn't always  good reaction....use this mug to appropriately or inappropriately tell them exactly how you feel....they are already boxed and ready and just need to be wrapped!  These F**K OFF mugs sell out quickly!  Don't be unprepared!  Get them while we have them! 
On our needles... 
Feel a little like Mr. Rogers referring to the reading corner.....Harriet just picked out a beautiful shade of Litoral Sparkle and is working up a quick scarf. 

and I'm about to create a cowl using Abuelita Thick and Thin combined with Ringo...not sure what the result will be, but stay tuned for the finished project!    
(please pardon the picture...it was a "selfie")
Thank you....

How lucky can one person be celebrating 70 years (its really the new 50) and being with Susan at Knit-a-Bit for 10 years. Amazing!  Thanks to everyone that came in, sent wishes, baked awesome desserts, sent flowers, a yummy fruit basket and lots of hugs.  You have not only made my day but also my very special year. It has really meant a lot to me. The balloons were a nice touch too. Susan hates balloons so thank you. Tee Hee and the celebration continues!

Book of the Week!



After much anticipation, we finally have our copies of Juju's Loops, which is our featured book this week. This Book  is a beautiful collection of 14 charming knitting patterns designed by Juju Vail in collaboration with Susan Cropper of Loop, London UK.

Patterns include lace shawls and wraps, fingerless gloves, scarves, shrugs, cowls, a baby sweater, toy, blanket, women's hat and swing sweater. These patterns are a joy to knit and make delightful gifts. The book includes beautifully shot photographs of each project along with spot on directions and charts where needed.

The patterns use a variety of yarns including Berroco, Madelinetosh, Handmaiden, Malabrigo, Koigu, Quince, The Fibre Company, Wollmeise, Jamiesons, Misti Alpacas, Old Maiden Aunt, DyeForYarn, Juno and Viola. The book offers very clear and helpful information for substituting yarns.

Stop in this week and pick up your copy of Juju's Loops at 30% off the cover price, and while you are in the studio you can grab some of our wonderful fall and winter yarns which will be perfect for  many of the patterns in Juju's Loops. Happy Knitting!



We are thrilled to announce that we have collected 92 bears!  With a little bit more than a week to go, please help us achieve this monumental goal!!

Pam WILL be knitting this Monday from 8:00 - 10:00 p.m. and she is very excited to see a lot of familiar faces!  No reservations are required!

We will be open throughout the holiday weekend and we look forward to seeing a lot of you with extended family in tow!  

Susan and Harriet
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