November 6, 2014

OMERS infrastructure program writes new page in investing

Sustainable Infrastructure


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Infrastructure Strategies in Canada

OMERS infrastructure program writes new page in investing

When OMERS executives closed a $12.5 billion-plus infrastructure co-investment program in June, they raised money not only from large institutional investors, but also from money managers looking to expand their businesses into infrastructure.



Sustainable Infrastructure:  The Proposal for a Canadian Impact Infrastructure Exchange
By Tessa Hebb, Director
Carleton Center for Community Innovation


Today's investors are applying environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their investment decision-making. They are integrating these factors into their public equity and fixed income portfolios. But with increased amounts of alternative assets in institutional investors' portfolios, fund managers are seeking ways to further integrate ESG into asset classes such as real estate and infrastructure. Sustainable infrastructure investment is key to long term risk reduction and potential life cycle savings over the course of these projects. On November 18th we will bring together a small group of institutional investors, government officials, and key industry representatives in a preliminary discussion on sustainable infrastructure practices and to discuss ways to integrate ESG into infrastructure investment decisions. 


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