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Acadian Comprehensive Therapy Services
Physical and Occupational Therapy
Serving Lafayette, Broussard and Delcambre
September 2013
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Featured Staff Member
Brai Vinet joined our team in July 2012. She received her certification for PT Tech in 2011. Brai assists our therapists in our Broussard office focusing on patient care and treatment plan implementation.
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Helpful Tip - Ankle Sprains
The ligaments along the outside of the ankle are fairly small and are susceptible to injury.  When an ankle rolls in, the ligaments and muscles are over stretched, or possibly torn.  The most important part of recovering from an ankle injury is early management of the swelling, restoring normal ankle flexibility (range of motion), and balance.  Receptors in your ankle are vital to your balance and coordination and must be retrained after an injury.


Jason M. Guidry, LOTR, Owner

Rene LeBlanc, PT

Beneth Arceneaux, PT

Heath Schneider, PT

Renee Oubre, PT

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209 Rue Louis XIV, Suite A, Lafayette, LA  70508
805 Albertsons Pkwy, Suite A, Broussard, 70518
508 W. Hwy 14, Delcambre, 70528

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