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In This Issue
A Legacy of Faith
(Releasing in October 2013)

Not Alone 

Trusting God
to Raise Godly Kids
in Your Spiritually
Mismatched Marriage



Winning Him

Without Words

10 Keys to Thriving

in Your Spiritually

Mismatched Marriage







The Soul Saver

Lexie is fighting a supernatural battle to save her marriage
and her husband's soul.
Will she unmask the evil
before it's too late? 


Written to compliment our Winning Him Without Words book, The Soul Saver tells the story of God's presence in our mismatched marriages
and that He is greater
than anything we face.


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We look a little different, don't we?


Lynn and I have some exciting changes to share with you! Yep, we are now Mismatched & Thriving Ministries. With our new book, Not Alone, coming out October 7th, we wanted to create a site that would hold all our resources and videos, our books, a calendar of our speaking events and retreats, plus a lot more new stuff for you to check out. 


You'll find new resources to help you with your marriage, your parenting, and (drum roll please) a community forum to hang out and talk to other SUMites! And in addition to our Spiritually Unequal Marriage blog, we will have a weekly blog at Mismatched & Thriving to share even more resources, information and insights on parenting, marriage, family and faith.


So go take a look, check out all the menus in the navigation bar and enjoy the content at your leisure. You know where to find us.


Honored to be on this journey with you, dear friend!



Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk Broadcast

On Thursday please tune in and find a radio station that carries Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk broadcasts. On Thursday AND Friday, August 29 & 30, 2013, Dineen and I will be guests with Dr. Dobson and his son, Ryan Dobson. We had an absolutely divine and anointed time with these two men. And our broadcast discussions are filled with some of our zany and God-sized personal stories about God's faithfulness, love, and how we live and thrive in our marriages. And what turned out to be just fantastic is that Dr. Dobson was so excited about our new book, we spent an hour talking about that. So, you will hear some stories we share in the book. And I also remember Dineen discussing a sticky subject of a controlling spouse. 


We are humbled that God opened this door and especially for me personally. I will share more about my story and Dr. Dobson on Thursday, August 29th on Spiritually Unequal Marraige. It's gooooood!!! I promise. 






My friends,


I know so many of us sacrifice for our marriages and our children. And often what we give and sacrifice goes unnoticed. But today I want to tell you something about sacrifice. 


If you have felt your life is inviable and the efforts you pour into your family are met with little, then this word is for you. 




As we launch our new website and prepare for the release of our new book, Not Alone, I am filled with fire my friends. And this fire that burns in my stomach also is burning in yours. How do I know this?


Because you sacrifice!


Read the entire post Fire and be encouraged. Rise up and KNOW everything you do is .... worth it!


Hugs, Lynn & Dineen