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  Preceptors of the Year 2012


 On October 9th, the School of Pharmacy sponsored an event to recognize and honor the 2012 Preceptors of the Year. As experiential education professionals, pharmacist preceptors teach students practice-related skills necessary to provide quality pharmacist care. In addition to serving as teachers, pharmacist preceptors mentor student pharmacists, promoting personal and professional growth.


Leslie Hosking Sexton, R.Ph., Pharm.D., of Price Chopper Pharmacy, Windsor, Conn. was honored as Community Pharmacy Preceptor of the Year. The Institutional Pharmacy Preceptor of the Year award winner was Ted Gorham, R.Ph., M.B.A., of Windham Hospital, Willimantic, Conn.


Both of these pharmacists exemplify the very best that the profession of pharmacy offers. The students who studied with the winners gave rave reviews of their time spent. Each rotation period, these pharmacists were quick to offer their services to multiple students and that commitment was also recognized.


After a wonderful reception of dinner and beverages, the evening concluded with two continuing education programs. Dr. Richard Alper spoke on medical marijuana and Director John Parisi spoke on precepting the difficult student.


Our Office would like to thank each preceptor who has worked with our students this past year. Although USJ can only formally recognize two preceptors per year, we appreciate what each one of our preceptors does.  



Upcoming Events:


The first Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) rotations begin in June of 2013. Although that is a few months in the future, our Office is currently organizing the rotations. Our students have four required rotations: Advanced Community Pharmacy, Advanced Acute Adult Pharmacy, Advanced Ambulatory Care Pharmacy, and Advanced Institutional Pharmacy. The students are also required to complete two elective rotations. At this time, we have students traveling to Alaska, California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Indiana, Washington, DC; just to name a few. Each rotation is six weeks in length to ensure adequate time to master the material on the rotation. Specific academic requirements have been determined by the practice faculty and the Office of Experiential Education to ensure the students meet minimum requirements by the time they complete their six rotations. This also gives the preceptors some direction in hosting the students.


If you have a desire to host APPE students for the rotations, please contact John Parisi R.Ph., University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy Office of Experiential Education, at 860-231-5874 or




BRAND NEW! Handling Difficult Learning Situations with Students and Residents Wednesday, January 9th, at 12PM Eastern/11AM Central/10AM Mountain/9AM Pacific


CE credit: 1 hour Preceptor Live CE credit


Course description: Precepting students and residents is usually a positive experience for both the learner and the preceptor, but difficult learning situations can occasionally occur. A number of learner or preceptor factors can contribute to these situations, including academic dishonesty, unprofessional behavior, personality clashes, disagreement over grades or final evaluation, and many other causes. Although these types of situations are uncommon, it is important for preceptors to prepare for and be equipped to handle potential problems. This course reviews strategies for preceptors to prevent and recognize difficult learning situations with students and residents, and describes steps that preceptors can take to manage conflicts and provide constructive feedback as part of clinical teaching.




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Get expert interpretation of recent studies from Pharmacist's Letter Journal Club



PL Journal Club is a library of case-based, interdisciplinary reviews of current pharmacy and medical literature for dynamic journal club discussions in the classroom or on rotations. The presentations cover therapeutic teaching points and basic statistical concepts for the practicing pharmacist. Faculty can download the Instructor Key with questions and answers to help you easily guide the discussion, and students can get the Student Handout (questions only) to complete prior to the discussion.


Log in now to get the Instructor Key (Leader Notes) for this month's PL Journal Club topics. You can also download the Student Handout (Participant Notes) to give to your students.


Topic #1: Using inhaled corticosteroids PRN for some asthma patients...Covers assessing asthma control and adjusting inhaled corticosteroid dose.


Topic #2: Many patients with strep throat get an antibiotic dosed more frequently than necessary...Covers practice guidelines, including development, recommendations, and application.




Access practical, case-based tools for teaching first- or second-year students from Pharmacy 101



Pharmacy 101 is a library of case-based teaching tools, presenting practical, real-world situations with helpful teaching points. Geared towards early experience students, topics cover common pharmacy practice issues and basic therapeutic concepts.


Log in now to get the Preceptor Key for the latest Pharmacy 101 topics, like the recent topic below. You can also download the Student Case to give to your students.


Preventing Medication Errors...Covers strategies used in preventing medication errors. A sample Topamax prescription is used in a case to explain ways to prevent errors, identify dangerous abbreviations and high-alert meds, and provide tips on look-alike, sound-alike drugs. This case provides an opportunity for students to develop patient safety, patient communication, and drug information skills.




Take home-study Preceptor Training CE courses at



Develop your precepting skills and get Preceptor CE credit online at your convenience. The PL Preceptor Training & Resource Network has home-study Preceptor CE courses for both introductory practice and advanced practice experiences. Courses include:



Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) Preceptor Training



----- Precepting Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences

----- Evaluating Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences Using a Standardized Assessment Tool: Ensuring Effective Evaluation and Feedback Part 1

----- Evaluating Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences Using a Standardized Assessment Tool: Student Motivation and Professionalism

----- Evaluating Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences Using a Standardized Assessment Tool: Handling Difficult Learning Situations



Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) Preceptor Training



Community Practice:


----- The Community Pharmacist Preceptor Education Program

----- Precepting in the Community Part 1: Teaching Advanced Practice Experience Students

----- Precepting in the Community Part 2: Developing Challenging Student Activities and Assignments

----- Precepting in the Community Part 3: Incorporating Students into the Development and Implementation of Pharmacy Services


Hospital Practice:


----- Precepting in the Hospital Part 1: Teaching Advanced Practice Experience Students in the Hospital

----- Precepting in the Hospital Part 2: Developing Challenging Student Activities and Assignments

----- Precepting in the Hospital Part 3: Incorporating Students into the Development and Implementation of Pharmacy Services


Core Rotations:


----- Precepting a Drug Information Experience

----- Precepting the Acute Care Experience

----- Precepting an Ambulatory Care Experience



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Create or update your profile in the National Preceptor Database



Please take a moment now to update or create your Preceptor Profile in the National Preceptor Database. You'll help your college/school to better serve your needs and place students with you.


The National Preceptor Database is the only resource of its kind, providing preceptors:


----- A home to document your CE training and specialties, and to build your teaching portfolio

----- Assurance that your completed training will be reported to the colleges/schools of your choice

----- A way for colleges/schools to contact you with preceptor opportunities

----- Contact information, materials, and specific requirements for individual colleges/schools of pharmacy




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Tell your students they can get their student gift subscription at


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Discuss issues and get advice from your colleagues in Preceptors Interact



Preceptors Interact is an online forum where you can discuss teaching issues and get advice and feedback from other preceptors.


Need help developing challenging project ideas for your student? Have a great strategy for assessing patient counseling skills? Post your teaching questions on Preceptors Interact to get feedback and information from other pharmacy preceptors...or provide an answer or two to help out your colleagues.


Go to Preceptors Interact to join in the discussions or start a discussion of your own.


If you'd like to submit a document, tool, summary of a best practice, etc., for inclusion in the Preceptor Toolbox, please email Ashley Rowe at ( Thanks for sharing with your fellow preceptors.






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