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JULY 2012



This evening we will host our first PRECEPTORS OF THE YEAR CE program. This will be a night to honor one preceptor from community pharmacy and one preceptor from institutional pharmacy. Also two hours of CE will be provided at no charge to our preceptors as well. More info to follow.

As you can see from above, we are now the University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy. 

The University of Saint Joseph has a wealth of coeducational graduate programs. After the successful launch of its first doctoral program (Pharm.D.) through the School of Pharmacy, the University is planning a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and investigating other doctoral options. Its range of master's degrees - including education degrees that are offered at locations throughout Connecticut, and a number of online graduate programs - continue to evolve to meet societal needs, with the most recent addition being the master's degree in Autism and Behavior Studies.

The University offers undergraduate students more than 22 majors and six pre-professional programs within its five schools, each of which reflects the University's mission to provide a liberal arts and professional education. There are options for undergraduate women as well as coeducational undergraduate programs for adult students through the Program for Adult Learners.

Administrative Assistants
Administrative Staff enjoying our first dress down day. Joanne, Alice and Kayla
Class of 2014 enjoying lunch on dress down day





The University of Saint Joseph announced today that its School of Pharmacy has been granted Candidate status by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). 

ACPE is the national agency for the accreditation of professional degree programs in pharmacy and providers of continuing pharmacy education. They conduct in-depth evaluations of pharmacy programs using 30 specific educational standards. Students in programs that are at Candidate status have the same rights and privileges of those attending a fully-accredited program. The University will be able to apply for full accreditation when the first class graduates in 2014. 

The University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy opened in August 2011 with an inaugural class of 67, (23 faculty and 7 staff), and now occupies more than 50,000 square feet at Hartford 21 on Trumbull Street. It offers a unique three-calendar year, co-educational doctoral degree in Pharmacy (Pharm.D.). 

"The University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy continues to make great strides as it enters its second year. Our rigorous program is taught by a dedicated staff of pharmacy educators and administrators, who have created an innovative curriculum that prepares students to be integral members of the health care team," said Pamela Trotman Reid, Ph.D., president of the University of Saint Joseph. 

"With ACPE's Candidate status, we continue to build a program of national significance that is addressing the growing health care need for accomplished pharmacists," said Joseph R. Ofosu, Pharm.D., R.Ph., founding dean of the University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy. 

In August 2012, the School of Pharmacy will welcome its second class of 80 students.






The Office is continually looking for new sites for our students so if you are interested and have not hosted students before or would like to suggest a new site, please contact the office. or 860-231-5874 or at 860-231-6889.






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If you haven't completed these courses yet, save your spot now in the upcoming Preceptor Development Live CE webinars, open to all pharmacists at no charge:




"Preventing and Managing Difficult Learning Situations"

on Tuesday, July 31st, at 12PM Eastern/11AM Central/10AM Mountain/9AM Pacific




CE CREDIT: 1 hour Preceptor Live CE credit (Please note this is an encore presentation of a course with an initial release date in January 2011. You can only receive CE credit for this program once.)


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Difficult learning situations in clinical teaching may arise from academic dishonesty, attitude issues, communication mishaps with patients, conflict over grades or final evaluation, and many other causes. Although these types of situations occur infrequently, it is important for preceptors to be prepared in the event they do occur. Preceptors can benefit from a clearly outlined strategy for detecting problems, managing issues early, and preventing a negative outcome from an existing conflict. This course reviews steps for preventing and managing difficult learning situations and provides practical tips for providing feedback and managing conflict in a difficult situation.




"Developing Clinical Skills of Students and Residents"

on Thursday, August 16th, at 12PM Eastern/11AM Central/10AM Mountain/9AM Pacific




CE CREDIT: 1 hour Preceptor Live CE credit (Please note this is an encore presentation of a course with an initial release date in April 2012. You can only receive CE credit for this program once.)


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Student pharmacists and pharmacy residents gain a vast amount of didactic knowledge during their formal pharmacy education, but may not appreciate how to apply this information in practice. Preceptors play a crucial role in teaching students and residents how to utilize this knowledge appropriately when faced with clinical problems. This activity will review the preceptor's role in cultivating the clinical problem solving skills of student pharmacists and pharmacy residents based on the needs of the learner, and will describe methods for preceptors to effectively integrate the development of these skills into daily practice.




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PL Journal Club is a library of case-based, interdisciplinary reviews of current pharmacy and medical literature for dynamic journal club discussions in the classroom or on rotations. The presentations cover therapeutic teaching points and basic statistical concepts for the practicing pharmacist. Faculty can download the Instructor Key with questions and answers to help you easily guide the discussion, and students can get the Student Handout (questions only) to complete prior to the discussion.


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Topic #1:  The emerging epidemic of type 2 diabetes in kids and teens...Covers metformin use, combination therapy, and treatment failure in pediatric patients.


Topic #2:  Using probiotics to prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhea...Covers study selection and inclusion in a meta-analysis, variability of studies, and diagnosis and treatment of gastroenteritis.




Access practical, case-based tools for teaching first- or second-year students from Pharmacy 101



Pharmacy 101 is a library of case-based teaching tools, presenting practical, real-world situations with helpful teaching points. Geared towards early experience students, topics cover common pharmacy practice issues and basic therapeutic concepts.


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Bowel Preps...Covers dispensing bowel preps to ensure optimal use. Reviews differences between bowel preps, including tolerability and safety. Uses a prescription for GoLytely to demonstrate dispensing considerations including labeling, processing OTC products as prescriptions, generic substitution, potential for look-alike/sound-alike errors, and MedGuide requirements. An approach to patient counseling is illustrated, wherein common patient concerns are addressed and dosing instructions are reviewed. Tips for improving tolerability and dealing with adverse effects are provided.




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You can take home-study CE courses on the PL Preceptor Training & Resource Network and get even more practical tips and strategies to help you create the best precepting experience possible. This month's highlighted course is:


"Precepting Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences" (1 hour)


This 1-hour home-based CE monograph will help pharmacists develop a better knowledge of the educational needs of an introductory pharmacy practice experience (IPPE). The course covers:  appropriate student activities in introductory and advanced practice experiences; preparation needed to serve as an IPPE preceptor; the role and importance of communication, evaluation, and feedback in precepting an IPPE student; strategies to promote professionalism in IPPE students; and resources for developing a comprehensive introductory pharmacy practice experience.


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