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Newsletter Fall 2015 
Volume 3, Issue 1
In This Issue
Shining Night
Shining Night
A K-BACH Benefit Concert

Join us for this special one-time collaborative multidisciplinary concert featuring composer Morten Lauridsen on Sunday, September 20 at 4pm.  Tickets are available by clicking the link below or at the door.

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It's Time To Enjoy The Arts Scene 
Jon Town
Jon Town
Believe it or not summer is coming to a close. Sunrise is later by a couple of minutes each day and sunset is coming a bit earlier. The other way to tell is the arts scene is coming back after a summer hiatus.

Theater, which is in limited supply in the valley during the summer months, is coming back with new productions from Arizona Theatre Company, Phoenix Theatre, Stray Cat Theatre, Nearly Naked Theatre, and most other major companies. This means our theater critic, Chris Curcio, will be back from his summer vacation to review the new productions. Listen for his reviews Monday's at 6pm.

Ballet Arizona, Arizona Opera and Phoenix Chorale have all announced there seasons too. We invite you to join K-BACH Sunday, September 20 at 4pm for the choral music of Morten Lauridsen at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. Check our website, for details.  Buy tickets online at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts - click here.

Be sure to listen for Randy Kinkel's 'This Week in Classical Music' Tuesdays at 6pm and the 'Heart Of The Arts' feature Wednesday's at 6pm with interviews of local and visiting artists and performers by Sterling Beeaff and Jane Hilton. And join me, Jon Town, each afternoon for the Homeward Bound Hour 5-6 pm, music to help you wind down after a stressful day at work. Request music for Homeward Bound too on the website - click here.

Yes, all signs that summer is gradually fading away. Thanks for listening and for your continued support of classical music on K-BACH.


Jon Town
Your Afternoon Host
Heart of the Arts
Sky Harbor's Impressive Art Collection
By Sterling Beeaff, Director Community Engagement and Senior Announcer
Did you know that Sky Harbor is home to one of the biggest airport art collections in the country? Sterling Beeaff recently interviewed the man behind the scenes, Curator Gary Martelli.

Photo: Phoenix Airport Museum's Creature Feature art exhibition on display at Terminal 4, level 3 Gallery. Photo Courtesy of Phoenix Airport Museum.

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Book Notes
Life In Motion - an unlikely ballerina
By Randy Kinkel, Announcer and Producer
It's been a busy summer for Misty Danielle Copeland. In July, She became the first African American woman ever to be promoted to principal dancer in the 75 year history of the American Ballet Theater. Time magazine also named her one of the top 100 most influential people in a recent issue; and her best-selling memoir, "Life in Motion- an unlikely ballerina" is just out in paperback and is the KBACH/ Changing Hands Bookstore Book Notes selection for August 2015. 

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Leadership Society
Daniel Martineau Says K-BACH Is Indispensable
Mr. Daniel Martineau K-BACH Leadership Society Member
"K-BACH is indispensable to me. Why? Because in this crazy loud cacophonous world of ours, classical music is one of the too few sources of peace and calm, order, harmony, and joy both physical and spiritual. As I write this, Schubert's "Unfinished Symphony" is streaming from K-BACH out of my computer, and through it I know that despite what you read in the newspapers - Life is Beautiful and All's Right with the World!"
- Daniel Martineau, Leadership Society Member
Sustaining Members
Gail Bliss Encourages You To Become A Sustaining Member
Gail Bliss K-BACH Sustaining Member
"I feel supporting K-BACH public radio is worthwhile because it's a win-win situation; the station receives support and I get high quality classical music.

I encourage you to become a K-BACH sustaining member - you'll like it! It's nice to know that you're contributing to an important service you can't get anywhere else."
 - Gail Bliss, Sustaining Member

Member News
K-BACH Studio Tours With Morrie
Morrie Puzzi
Please join me for a tour of the K-BACH studio. During your 40 minute tour, you'll get a peek behind the scenes of a working radio station. You may also have an opportunity to meet your favorite on-air personalities.

Call Morrie Puzzi at 480-774-8470 or email to schedule your personally guided tour with K-BACH's Morrie Puzzi.

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Legacy Society
Join Us For Planned Giving Events In October
K-BACH is collaborating with community organizations during national estate planning month in October to bring you information that you and your family need.  Watch you email for more details and to register.

Financial Planning Day - Open house presented by Financial Planning Association of Greater Phoenix, Oct. 17, 2015, 9am-3pm.
Planned Giving Webinar - A webinar presented by Central Arizona Estate Planning Council, Oct. 22, 2015, 6-7pm.
Medicare and YOU - A class presented by The Area Agency on Aging on Wednesday, Oct., 28, 2015, 2-4pm.
Community Sponsors
BeachFleischman Celebrating 25 Years
BFC BeachFleischman
K-BACH thanks BeachFleischman for supporting K-BACH's arts and cultural community in the 2015-2016 Arts Season Preview.

BeachFleischman is a certified public accounting firm in Phoenix and Tucson dedicated to continued community support and collaboration and is celebrating 25 years of serving not-for-profit organizations and private enterprises in the US and Mexico.

Learn more about BeachFleischman
Volunteer Update
New Volunteer Online Application
K-BACH Volunteer Jaclyn Holden.jpg
Volunteer Jaclyn Holden
K-BACH listeners interested in volunteering for K-BACH's December member drive or other fundraising events throughout the year are welcome to submit their interest on our new online application form.  There are many other volunteer opportunities across the Division of Public Service.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

Please contact Carol Maffuccio at 480-774-8305, email for questions.

Become a K-BACH volunteer today
Vehicle Donation
K-BACH Sustaining Member Donates Third Vehicle
2002 Nissan Xterra
It is never easy to say goodbye to an important part of your life like your car. But for the third time, when it came time for Joy in Phoenix to get rid of her car, she turned her vehicle into classical music she loves by donating it to her favorite station, K-BACH.

Over the last several years, Joy has donated three separate vehicles to support K-BACH. She has donated a Toyota Supra, a Mercedes and most recently her 2002 Nissan Xterra.  Joy's donation will allow K-BACH to spend more time delivering classical music and less time fundraising on-air and Joy will receive the deduction on her income taxes.

Donate your vehicle to K-BACH
Friends of Public Radio Arizona
Historic Ceremony To Mark The Establishment Of The Mexico Desk
By Luis Ramirez, FPRAZ Director
Historic Ceremony To Mark The Establishment Of The Mexico Desk
From left: Dr. Julio Ernesto Rubio Barrios, Governor Doug Ducey, Dr. Chris Bustamante, Deputy Chief of Mission William H. Duncan.
In June of this year, Governor Doug Ducey lead a high level delegation from Arizona to Mexico City in order to promote the Arizona-Mexico relationship with particular focus on business-to-business relationships. 

The Governor held meetings with Mexico's most important and significant business groups and leaders including Carlos Slim of Grupo Carso, Xavier Garcia de Quebedo of Grupo Mexico and Jaime Lomelin CEO of Peņoles. 

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September 20, 2015: Shining Night - The Music of Morten Lauridsen.  A benefit concert for K-BACH on Sunday, September 20 at 4pm. Buy tickets here.

October 17, 2015: Financial Planning Day, Open house presented by Financial Planning Association of Greater Phoenix 9am - 3pm.  Watch your email for details and to register.

October 22, 2015: Planned Giving Webinar, A webinar presented by Central Arizona Estate Planning Council 6-7pm.  Watch your email for details and to register.

October 22, 2015: Medicare and YOU, A class presented by The Area Agency on Aging 2-4pm.  Watch your email for details and to register.