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Yorkie Times                                                                  December, 2012
Put a Yorkie In Your Heart
    Newsletter for Yorkie Rescue

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful."  ~Norman Vincent Peale 

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Happy Endings
Mary-Margaret O'Brien
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Neeko's Joke
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Happy Holidays!


Snow and chilly temperatures have arrived in Central New York, and my house has blankets draped in virtually every room so that wherever and whenever the boys want to relax, they can feel warm and cozy.


On behalf of Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue, I would like to wish you and your family a peaceful, joyful, and safe holiday season.

There is lots of content in this issue, and I am confident you will enjoy!




Best Wishes for a

Wonderful Holiday Season

from your YTNR Board of Directors




Best Christmas Songs Playlist
Happy listening :o)




Yorkie Times Spotlight ~ Tina Ann Byers

1. Tell us about yourself. Where do you live? Interests? Hobbies? Family?


My name is Tina Ann Byers.  I was born and currently live in my hometown of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, although I have lived in NYC, Washington DC and Philadelphia at various times in my life.  I am a former federal prosecutor, and have been engaged in the private practice of law for the last ten years as a trial attorney specializing in litigation at the state and federal level.  I have my B.A. (magna cum laude) from New York University, my J.D. (cum laude) from New York Law School and my LL.M. (with highest honors) in Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution from George Washington University National Law Center.

I am pro bono legal counsel to YTNR and additionally serve as advisory pro bono counsel for numerous other no-kill and rescue organizations across the country.  I also negotiate with puppy mills in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Tennessee for the voluntary surrender to Rescue of Yorkies who are no longer being used as breeders.

Prior to my career in law, I founded and operated  for seven years my own lighting design firm in NYC which specialized in lighting and projection for theatre, television and large-scale rock and roll.

In addition to my love of Yorkies, I enjoy gardening at my 1894 Victorian Queen Anne home, which is known as "Highspire".  The history of Highspire and my photographs of "Highspire Gardens" can be found at

It took me 1 ˝ years to build the website from scratch --  including writing the copy and creating the photography and videos.  Each Spring, Highspire is a featured stop on the local Garden Tour.  Highspire also hosts visitors at our "Open Garden Days" series which is held on select Sunday afternoons from Mother's Day weekend to the end of June each year.

My twin brother, Todd, is an athletic event coordinator and a barefoot marathon runner who plans to run his 300th marathon in January 2013. 


2. How did you become interested in Yorkies?


I met my first Yorkie, "Chancery Collette Byers" (or "C.C." to her friends) in early 1995 when I lived in NYC.  C.C. was "the doggie in the window".  All of her littermates were crowded up against the neighborhood pet shop window begging for attention, but 12 week old C.C. was sitting elegantly in the back of the display -- completely upstaging every other dog.  I did not know the facts about pet stores or puppy mills at that time, but I did know that my heart was now hers - so C.C. came home with me that day and stayed for the next 13 ˝ years as my beloved friend and companion.


3. How and when did you get involved in Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue?


In November 2005, I found the YTNR website through Google.  It was the first time I heard of "Yorkie Rescue"!  It never occurred to me that these little gems could ever be abused or abandoned or unloved.   I was looking for a companion for "C.C." as she was entering her senior years.  I saw "Brandie's" photo on the YTNR website - and it was Love!  Brandie was a YTNR senior special needs Yorkie with congestive heart failure.  I spent the next two hours nervously filling out my application for Brandie and practically hyperventilated when I pressed "Send".  It was thrilling when Stephanie Luken (Brandie's Foster Mom) agreed to bring Brandie for a home visit - and Brandie's adoption to me was Approved!!  I loved Brandie deeply for her remaining ten months of life - and knew from that moment on that senior special needs Yorkies are terrific!


4. Tell us about your Yorkies. What are their ages, names, hobbies?


I adopt mostly senior special needs (age 16 and up) and end-of-life Yorkies.  However since the recent passing of my 17 year old, "Sadie", all of my current "Yorkies of Highspire" are relatively young.  I always keep my eyes open for "Super Special Seniors" who need a new home and lots of Love!

Today, I have seven Yorkies at Highspire.  In 2007, "Tashia" moved into Highspire.  She was a member of the first group of surrendered Yorkies that I negotiated away from an Arkansas puppy mill.  There were 13 Yorkies in that group, and I fell in love with Tashia at first sight!  Tashia is shy and enjoys quiet naps.  She is prone to multiple hernias from repeated backyard c-section deliveries during her first 4 years of life when she was a puppy mill momma.  She is 9 years old and 10 pounds.

"Liah" is a 4 year old, 2.3 pound Rescue Biewer Yorkshire terrier who has lived at Highspire since 2009.  She attended both the Yorkie Ball in Nashville in 2011 and the Rochester gathering earlier this year.  Liah is the "nursemaid" of my group and grooms my Yorkies who are no longer able to take care of themselves.  She likes to sit on my shoulders while I clean the house.  Liah enjoys visiting nursing homes and cuddles for hours in bed beside the residents.

"Lucy" is a 4 year old Rescue multiple-special needs Yorkshire terrier who uses a wheelchair.  Lucy is 2.2 pounds of spunk and fun and is the darling of every children's center we have ever visited!  Lucy moved to Highspire in 2010 and attended the 2011 Yorkie Ball and the Rochester gathering.  She has multiple birth defects, but today none of them slow her down one bit!  Lucy wears a cervical collar to support her neck and does regular hydrotherapy, physical therapy and acupuncture to keep her body limber and strong.  Lucy is the "alpha" dog at Highspire and serves as "official greeter" at my law office.  She has her own local fan club members who stop by regularly to visit with her.  Every client arrival at my office is announced by Lucy in her surprisingly rich (and loud) mezzo-soprano voice. 

"Maxwell" is a 3 year old, 5 pound Rescue Morkie (Yorkshire / Maltese mix) who hails from Tennessee.  He came from a neglect situation, so Maxwell moved to Highspire in 2012 to share the Love he has saved up for so long.  He is a "sneaky kisser" and likes to steal shoes.  Maxwell has a light-golden, medium-curly coat that feels like sheep's wool!  Maxwell's turn-ons are belly rubs, being adored by his Public and long walks in the Park.  His turn-offs are mean people, cold winters and being chained to a tree.

"Bayleigh" is a 1 ˝ year old, 5 pound Rescue retired Biewer Yorkshire terrier Puppy Mill momma from Alabama.  Bayleigh was bred too young and was not able to properly care for her puppies.  She is prone to seizures when she feels stressed.  Bayleigh was surrendered to Rescue in 2012 and today enjoys sleeping upside down in front of the heater at Highspire and inspecting bugs in the garden.

"Gypsie" - (foster) is a 5 year old, 5 pound Rescue Chorkie (Yorkie / Chihuahua mix) owner-surrender from West Virginia.  Gypsie was surrendered to Rescue in 2012 when her family lost their home and was living in a car.  She has an all-Yorkie build and features (including amazing ears!) and black coat with silver highlights.  Gypsie loves cats and follows me everywhere making friends with my inside and outside kitties.  Her favorite place to sleep is in my bed with her long elegant nose shoved in my ear.  Gypsie is recovering her good health with a nutritious diet and looks forward to having a small mammary tumor removed during her spay next month.

"Rooney" - (foster) is a 2 year old, 4.5 pound Rescue retired Biewer Yorkshire terrier Puppy Mill father from Alabama.   Now in 2012, he is free and is getting used to the Good Life in a real home.  He loves to cuddle and melts like butter in my lap.  Rooney enjoys sleeping in the laundry basket, wearing doggie sweaters and watching QVC.


5. What do you love about Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue?


YTNR is special in the membership's genuine love and promotion of the Yorkshire Terrier breed.  The geographic diversity of its members allows it to spread the message of Rescue nationwide.  Last, YTNR has built a warm and welcoming environment among its members for the exchange of information and advice to make our Yorkies' lives as wonderful as they can possibly be.


6. What else would you like us to know?


There is Love in the heart of every Yorkie - no matter their age or state of health.  Give a Super Special Senior Yorkie a chance to change your life forever.

My work with Rescue is in Loving Memory of my Yorkies who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge since 2006:  Brandie, Victor, Teensy, Toto, Arnold, Chancery Collette ("C.C." - my 1st Yorkie), Dudley, Skooter, Roody, Daisey Mae, Gizmoe, Miss Paras, Gabby, Dylan, Muffin, Gillespie, Eddy, J.J., Zeke, Mikey and Sadie


Special Thanks to this month's Donors 

 Thank You to the Many Wonderful Generous November Contributors
General Fund - Unrestricted
Kathleen Anderson
Bill Wynn
Kylene Law
Alan and Karin Nakashima
Brenda Jasper
MaryElizabeth Dugmore
Kathleen Raine
Darlene Kanuch
Vicki Gilfix
Rosemarie Cunningham
Pam Mindt
General Fund - for Kimmy's Medical Care
Paula Fonseca
General Fund - for Daisy's Dental Care
Patti Kushnir
Alka Bhatia
Kathryn Schuller
Helen Tompkins
Carlyn Clement
Elaine Leshnower
Amalia Spaulding
Betsy Vandenberg
Barbara Buechele
Patricia Blackmon
Voni Kone
Pam Mindt
Pieter Vermeulen
Ann Sousa
Antoinette Lowery
Alan and Karin Nakashima
Jackie Barone
Nancy Ann Nicoulin
Pricilla Byars
Corrine Ellison
General Fund - for Daisy's Dental Care in Honor of Loree Macias
Francesca Simons
General Fund - for Daisy's Dental Care and Other Yorkies
Peggy Munke
We couldn't do it without you...

This is Brodie, a nine month old who has a liver shunt.  His owner a young girl in Washington State bought him as a pet and when he started having seizures and walking in circles her parents encouraged her to surrender him to our rescue.  She is flying with him to Knoxville where our volunteer Melanie will meet her and will take him to The University of Tennessee for have his surgery. 

Your donations will help us continue to be able to help these little dogs. 

The Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Inc. is run solely on private donations and fund raising efforts made by people like you who love this Breed. We appreciate your support


We are a 501 (c) (3) organization, your donation is 100% tax deductible.

A Happy Ending for Princess and DeeDee
Princess and Dee Dee were adopted by a lovely couple named Adrianne & Phil Barnett in TN.  
The minute they saw the girls' pictures they fell in love. When we met, the they could not wait to get the girls in their arms. They are thrilled they were able to adopt the girls.

Thank you for opening your hearts and home to a rescue dog.  
Mary-Margaret O'Brien ~ Dear Diary....
Happy Holidays, Everyone!!  I just LOVE the holiday season.  This will be my eighth one and it's still just as exciting as my first.  It's a time for getting together with family and friends, and remembering old times while making NEW memories.    

I've been "blogging" since I was 3 months old.  My blog is at
Mary-Margaret's Diary.    My mom says that the older we get the faster time flies by so she depends on me to help her remember stuff.   She often refers to my blog to figure out when something important happened.  
One of my everly most favorite Christmases is from 2008 when my Uncle Rudy was still alive.  We would put on our Christmas sweaters and go see Santa and tell him what we wanted for Christmas.  We both always said "World Peace!"

Personally I think every pup should have a blog.  It's really important for your humans to understand the world through the eyes of their pup.  We focus on the really important aspects of living.

If humans would follow our example and get rid of all the silly superfluous nonsense, maybe someday we really will have "World Peace"!  Wouldn't that make for a real holiday Celebration?

As one pup put it:  "Live every day as if someone left the gate open!"

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Lt. Chaplain - Yorkie Brigade Chapel
"Yorkie prayers are Angel's wishes!"
"Pups for PPL"
"A dog has lots of friends because he wags his tail and not his tongue." Anonymous




Tellington Touch - Penny Case























The holidays are here again. Twinkling lights. Sparkling decorations. Rich food. Family gatherings. Songs around the fire. And major stress.

The animals who share our lives are sponges, soaking up all our anxiety, our unease, our frustration, our anger.   They feel our pain.... literally! We get so caught up in preparations, expectations, machinations, we sometimes forget to notice what's going on with our furry friends.


They don't understand the cause of our anxiety, but they mirror it perfectly. Watch for these signs of stress in your beloved companions:


Any change in behavior:


Avoiding contact.

Becoming clingy.

Excess barking.

Unusual whining.

Eating more.

Eating less.



Unexpected aggression.

Being 'naughty'.


Sweaty paws.

Any different or unusual behaviors.




Rescue Remedy flower essence blend. Use liberally, for all family members.

Tellington TTouch. 1) gently work the ears... your own, and your pet's for details in past columns, found in the archives of this newsletter.

Noah's March---Place one hand on your animal for gentle support                


Trivia  told by supermodel Athena Maria  

December (originally the 10th month in the Roman calendar) The period of January and February didn't really count as months, and the Roman calendar was based on a 304 day year, based on the approximate lunar month of 29 1/2 days. 

The inventor of the 304 day calendar was Romulus, twin brother of Remus - the same Romulus and Remus who founded Rome around 800 B.C. 


Birthstones: turquoise, blue topaz, tanzanite, zircon, lapis, onyx, ruby, and chrysoprase
Flower: Paper White Narcissus or Holly
Astrological Signs: Sagittarius: December 22 - December 21
Capricorn: December 22 - January 19
Spanish: diciembre
Italian: Dicembre
French: décembre
German: Dezember
Polish: Grudnia
Latin: December

Team Illinois "on the road"...

Team Illinois/Indiana,
We have exceeded our goal of $5,000 for fund raising for YTNR this year.  I think we are at $5,671,13 and we have one more day at Carson's plus the money Carson's will split with all of the not for profits at the end of Community days sales.  WAY TO GO!!!  I am so proud of our efforts and everyone who has worked together to make this happen. It has been so exciting to be a part of such a great team of people who continue to enrich my life.
Jackie Wolfe  







Shelter Challenge
  There are only a few more days left in this contest.  Please vote daily and ask your family and friends to help us win one of these prizes.  The money will help us continue to help dogs in need.  
Please click on the image above to be directed to the Vote for a Shelter @ 
The Animal Rescue Site and type in Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue in TN

You can vote once a day and if you ask your friends to vote too they can help us win one of the weekly prizes of $1000.00 This money will help us pay for medical expenses on the more needy rescues that YTNR Helps.
Thank you for supporting this effort.

  Special item... Cutest Yorkie Cookie Jar ever!  




Neiman Marcus exclusive on Sale for $30 plus shipping.

If you wish to purchase this beautiful item please click on the image above to be directed to our Angel Yorkie Boutique 

We only have 8 of them left. 











Neeko Red
Neeko's Joke ;o)


~ It was the day after Christmas at a church in San Francisco. Pastor Mike was looking at the nativity scene outside when he noticed the baby Jesus was missing from the figures. 

Immediately, Pastor Mike turned towards the church to call the police. But as he was about to do so, he saw little Jimmy with a red wagon, and in the wagon was the figure of the little infant, Jesus. 

Pastor Mike walked up to Jimmy and said, "Well, Jimmy, where did you get the little infant?"Jimmy replied, "I got him from the church." 

"And why did you take him?" 

With a sheepish smile, Jimmy said, "Well, about a week before Christmas I prayed to little Lord Jesus. I told him if he would bring me a red wagon for Christmas, I would give him a ride around the block in it." ~

Love to all, 

Neeko :o)                                                                                         BackToTop
Many Thanks to Lifeline4Paws