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Kids for Peace Receives SDG&E's
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Recognized for the bold and innovative  contributions we make through our trailblazing programs, we are honored with a $2500 "Community Leadership" award.  We are delighted to partner with SDG&E to make San Diego a great place to live for ALL. 


New Chapters
Our Kids for Peace family continues to grow and grow. We are overjoyed to welcome the following new chapters:

*Plano Kids for Peace (Plano, TX, USA)
*Niagara Kids for Peace (Ontario, Canada)
*St.Vincent and the Grenadines Kids For Peace (Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
*Saint Thomas the Apostle Kids for Peace
(Norwalk, CT, USA)
New Programs Director
Asia Moore

Please welcome Asia Moore, our new volunteer Programs Director who is overseeing all chapter leader support as well as program implementation. With Asia's big heart, expansive talent, and commitment to making our world a better place for all, she is already making a HUGE  impact.   

Asia's Bio 
(Pronounced "Asha") 


Asia moved to the US in the summer of 2012 and she fell in love with Carlsbad California, where she lives with her husband, JD.

Asia was raised in Poland and was always drawn to different cultures and languages. After high school she moved to Austria where she completed coursework in Trans-cultural Comms. at the University of Vienna. She studied European Union framework and policies and got a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management from the University of Wales. Before moving to the US, Asia lived in England, where she got her Master's degree in Sustainability and Management from the Royal Holloway, University of London. After graduating she worked in the events industry as a Project Leader organizing massive international conferences and events for major global clients.

With Asia's passion for sustainability she will also be our resident Sustainability Adviser with a main goal of advancing our organization's accountability and transparency and incorporating sustainable solutions into our programs and operations.


In her free time Asia enjoys the iconic SoCal walks on the beach, traveling a few miles of the beaten path, yoga, watching medical dramas, cooking (without recipes) and giving new life to old furniture. Also being a mountain girl at heart she loves the snow and snowboarding.  

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Good News                  
March 2013

Kindness is EVERYWHERE!!!!  With the HUGE success of our Great Kindness Challenge-School Edition, Kids Helping Kids in Kenya, and inspiring activities of our chapters, we are blanketing the world with peace, love and happiness. We hope you enjoy reading about this inspiring work.  Thank you for supporting our kids as they prove that KINDNESS MATTERS!!

With Peace and Appreciation,
Jill McManigal
Cofounder and Executive Director
5 Million Acts of Kindness Created During the Great Kindness Challenge!

The 2nd annual Great Kindness Challenge-School Edition ( was wildly successful as 111,844 students in 257 schools in 45 states performed over 5 million acts of kindness.  The week-long anti-bullying project included kick-off rallies, kindness-themed spirit days, recess "Kindness Stations," chains of kindness, essay "contests," and celebrations honoring the students' good work. Learn More 
Watch Fox 5 News Story

In San Diego County, a celebration was held at The New Children's Museum where student representatives received "Kindness Certified School" certificates for their campus.  The event was emceed by Raoul Martinez of Fox 5 News and entertainment was provided by teen sensation Cody Lovaas. San Diego Mayor Bob Filner and several district superintendents congratulated each participating student.  Celebration Pictures
Students proudly pose with their "Kindness Certified School" certificates presented by San Diego Mayor Bob Filner and esteemed district superintendents. 
We are very grateful to our 2013 sponsors: 
Southwest Airlines, NRG, Starbucks, Code Crew and The New Children's Museum
Interested in sponsoring our 2014 Great Kindness Challenge and reaching thousands of families?
Chapter Spotlight
Kids for Peace and Kindness
San Diego, California
The Kids for Peace & Kindness chapter in Rancho Bernardo, CA, began in August of 2011 by co-chapter leaders Aryana (then, age 6) and her mommy, Hollan McBride (age ?). There are 20 kid members with loving support of their parents. The meetings welcome participation from all ages and roles are divied up to ensure even the youngest members feel empowered. Meeting activities vary every month: brainstorming; service projects; field trips; fun; learning; and building friendships locally and globally.

The KIDS FOR PEACE AND KINDNESS CHAPTER is doing so much to make the world a better place!

Local Contribution:
  • Decorated bags, filled with lunch items and hand-delivered meals to the homeless in downtown San Diego.
  • Delivered Peace Packs to local homeless children.
  • Planned a beach clean up in Carlbad to help the environment
  • Raised $90 in "Fresh Lemonade and Warm Cookie Stand" fundraiser for Kids for Peace Global.
  • Donated a dog and cat food for ANIMEALS program and toured local animal shelters.
  • Supported local dance troupe by inviting their Irish Dance Team to perform at our St. Patty's Day meeting.
  • Visited firestation and brought handmade heart cards to thank the firemen and women for their service.
  • Learned yoga on the beach for more peace and tranquility.
Kids lovingly deliver lunch sacks to the homeless.

World Impact:
  • Sent 38 peace packs to Negril Children's Reading Group in Jamaica last year. This year, India was chosen.
  • Contributed $100 to Red Cross for victims of Hurricane Sandy.
  • Donated two microloans through to a fair-trade certified business in Mexico and a women's sewing group in Iraq.
  • Sent special handmade origami gifts and sentimental cards to senior citizens and preschoolers who lost families and homes in the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.
  • Sponsored 3 Kenyan children, Daniel, Regan and Jane, for an entire year (including breakfast, lunch, uniform and school fees) at THE SHINER (bright shining faces) GE (general education) "KIDS FOR PEACE" SCHOOL.
A boy in Jamaica is very happy to receive a Peace Pack and a sweet note from his new friend in America.

Kids for Peace Global Support
  • Start each meeting with the Peace Pledge!
  • Joined the DC Peace Pledge Tour.
  • Supported TEDxLa Jolla Talk.
  • Participated in "I PLEDGE" Documentary.
  • Joined the crew for filming of Peace-za television show.
  • Presented Peace Pledge to Carlsbad City Council.
  • Enjoyed The Great Kindness Challenge.
  • End the meetings with "Let there be peace ... yeah."
We would also like to publicly thank Chris Ward and the International Soroptimists of Rancho Bernardo for planning their British Buffet Fundraiser that raised $635 for our chapter. Without this generous donation, we would not have been able to have as much impact on our community and our world!

There are many more highlights, pictures and ongoing inspiration on the Kids for Peace and Kindness Facebook page. Please view and LIKE at
Kids Korner
~In Their Own Words~

Chloe Jane Anderson
Harrisville, Rhode Island

Age: 12
Chapter: Kids for Peace Rhode Island
Years In Kids for Peace: 2

What's your favorite part of Kids for Peace?
I like the meetings because it's fun to think of new ideas for fundraisers and stuff. It's fun to get together.

What have you learned in Kids for Peace?
That you should respect people, because it's peaceful and nice. It's also important because you want people to treat you with the same respect.

Why is Kids for Peace important?

KfP is important because it makes me feel good to do nice things for other people. Everyone who can help those who have less than them should. We can spread peace everywhere. I see stuff on the news that is upsetting, like lots of killings; we can help people know that KINDNESS MATTERS.   

What is your wish for the world?

My wish for the world is for everyone to have a warm and happy home.

Chloe made Peace Packs for kids in a local shelter and represented Kids for Peace at our DC Peace Pledge Tour.

Kids Helping Kids in Kenya


Kids for Peace and Shoebacca ( teamed up for our first annual Kids Helping Kids event to support our Kids for Peace School of Kenya.  Thanks to the generosity of Shoebacca, 200 kids in the Mikai Village of Kenya will receive new shoes with personalized notes of friendship tied on each pair of shoes.  See details of this great event and UT San Diego article HERE!  



Thank you SHOEBACCA!!!