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After being nominated by San Diego Gas and Electric (SDGE), Jill McManigal and Danielle Gram are proud to be the recipients of the prestigious ABC Leadership Award. We are grateful to our friends at SDGE and LEAD San Diego for recognizing the important work of our children.

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New Chapters 
Kids for Peace continues to grow and grow!  Below is a list of our newest Kids for Peace chapters.
  • Serra Mesa Kids for Peace (Serra Mesa, San Diego)
  • Rancho Bernardo/Penesquitos Kids for Peace (Rancho Bernardo, San Diego)
  • Innovations Center Kids for Peace (Encinitas, CA)
  • North Florida Kids for Peace(Fleming Island, FL)
  • Kids for Peace in Ithaca, NY
  • Kids4Peace Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan Kids for Peace (Perrysburg, OH) 
  • Fort Yukon Kids for Peace (Fort Yukon, Alaska) 
  • North Park Kids for Peace (San Diego, CA)
  • Kids for Peace SE Wisconsin(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
  • Kids for Peace Arkansas (Rogers, Arkansas)
  • San Diego Center for Children's Kids for Peace (San Diego, CA)
  • Village Gate Kids for Peace (Encinitas, CA) 

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This fall, our kids are focusing on the second line of our Peace Pledge, "I pledge to help others as I go throughout my day." It is very inspiring to see our youth in action as they demonstrate their love to be of service.  Whether it be sending Peace Packs and relief items to victims of Super Storm Sandy, reaching out to Malala and her peers in Pakistan, collecting books and backpacks for children in shelters, providing uniforms and school supplies to our school in Kenya or feeding the homeless locally, our kids are busy making a real difference.

This newsletter is called "Good News" because that is what we provide-a reminder that Kids for Peace is supporting the next generation of trailblazing change-makers who are bright, kind, compassionate and visionary.  When times are dark, Kids for Peace is here to be the light.  Our kids are changing the world.  Our kids prove that PEACE IS POSSIBLE!!  That, indeed, is GOOD NEWS!!

With Peace and Appreciation,  
Jill McManigal
Cofounder and Executive Director

Kids for Peace International

~Danielle's Story~ 

Danielle and Palestinian girls enthusiastically cheer for peace. 
From summer 2011- 2012, Kids for Peace's co-founder, Danielle Gram
traveled the world on a Harvard fellowship exploring the resources available to children affected by conflict and adapting the Kids for Peace curriculum to help children become agents of peace.

Danielle worked with former child soldiers in Northern Uganda, children with parents incarcerated for genocide in Rwanda, and children on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She was deeply inspired by what she saw, and had this to share with us:


"More than anything, I saw that all children want to be good and do good. I met youth who had been forced to carry guns-even kill their own family members-but when offered a different path, chose to become leaders in positive change and peacemakers in their communities.


One of the most challenging places I worked was in a refugee camp in the West Bank. There, I met children who had lived through war, some with family members accused of terrorism. In addition to teaching conflict resolution techniques, I worked with the children to bring kindness and peace to the chaotic refugee camp environment. One of my greatest joys was planning The Great Kindness Challenge-Refugee Camp Edition with the kids, where we blanketed the camp with acts of kindness.


You can read more about the work I have been doing with Kids for Peace abroad, and the challenges I faced along the way, on my blog: Danielle's Blog."


We are delighted to have so many powerful new peacemakers in our global community!

A Palestinian refugee camp was blanketed with dozens of
English and Arabic KINDNESS MATTERS signs.

Peace Packs for Pakistan &
Support for Malala 
Special guest Rubina Bhatti speaks to children about life in Pakistan.
The world was riveted by the Taliban shooting of Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani hero who advocated for girls' rights to education.  When our American children learned of this violent event, they wanted to reach out to Malala and to all the children of Pakistan to send wishes of peace, support and solidarity. 

On October 22nd, the Jefferson Elementary Kids for Peace chapter in Carlsbad, CA hosted students from 4th and 5th grade for a special presentation by their peers and guest, Rubina Feroze Bhatti. Rubina is a human rights activist from Pakistan and the General Secretary of Taangh Wasaib Organization, a non-profit dedicated to gender, peace, and development.  The students learned about life in Pakistan and then created 250 Peace Packs (knapsacks filled with school supplies, toiletries and a note of friendship) to send to a girls' school in Pakistan.  School
supplies were generously donated by Starbucks and Starbucks employees were on-hand to assist with the Peace Pack making.  The children also assembled to create a giant heart to symbolize their love and good wishes for Malala.  CBS NEWS was there to capture the joy as Kids for Peace once again "uplifted the world with love and action."


 Watch the Inspiring CBS News Story  

We send love to Malala and the children of Pakistan.
Kids for Peace Featured on
The Good Food Factory TV Show 
We were delighted when Amanda Curry of the Good Food Factory asked Kids for Peace to star in an episode of her delightful TV series highlighting healthy food and positive living for kids.   Get ready to be inspired as the kids cook up some PEACE-Za and lots of smiles!!

Kids Korner   

~In Their Own Words~ 

Seth Vaswani
Glendale, Arizona 

Age: 8

Chapter: KfP Glendale, AZ  

Years In Kids for Peace: 3

What is your favorite part of Kids for Peace?
My favorite part of Kids for Peace is doing work for other people because it makes me feel good about myself and my chapter. We have done some great thing to help others like going to the senior center and serving food and keeping them company. We've done some things to help kids too, like collecting food for kids in Arizona and even making food packs to send to kids in Africa. We also collected books, stuffed animals and blankets for kids at a big homeless shelter in Phoenix. 

What have you learned in Kids for Peace?
I've learned about all different cultures and how some people are struggling to survive. I've also learned that I can make a big difference to people in need.

Why is Kids for Peace important
Kids for Peace is important because it helps some people who might not be so great at first become better people.

What is your wish for the world?
My wish for the world is for world peace. World peace is important. If there was peace, there wouldn't be wars. And wars, in my opinion, are terrible.
Seth and his Kids for Peace friends collect Peace Pack items. 
Kids for Peace Creates
Operation Clean Water
Public Service Announcement