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March 25, 2016

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Cypress Clients Seeing over 60% Savings with Emerging Referenced Based Pricing Model                 
Insurance companies, consultants and health plan sponsors are beginning to reevaluate the effectiveness of PPO discounts as a solution for controlling the escalating cost of healthcare. For years, plan sponsors have thought they were getting a great deal with the illusion of discounts – only to discover their discounted rate is still much higher than another's rate. As costs and pricing discrepancies continue to rise, employers are reconsidering their strategies. An emerging solution is the use of Reference Based Pricing for determining reimbursement rates. Read more...
Third Party Recovery Plan Language Changes Advised Re: Supreme Court's Recent Montanile Case Ruling                
The recent Supreme Court ruling in the Montanile case made Health and Welfare Plan recovery nearly impossible in situations where a participant has spent disbursed settlement funds. Cypress has followed this case closely and has developed recommended language for updating Plan documents to help you (our client-employers) protect your assets. Read more...
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