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June 30, 2015

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IRS Releases Draft 2015 Versions of Form 1094/1095 Information Returns        
The IRS has released draft versions of the 2015 employer/plan reporting forms (Forms 1094 and 1095) to be filed in 2016. Find more information here, along with links to draft forms....
Argus Advantage Series:  
Argus Claim Review – a division of Cypress Benefit Administrators – guards against costly healthcare billing errors, issues with medical claims processing and other claim system deficiencies. Learn more about how this industry-leading system works via this series of occasional articles. 
Out-of-Network Deductible/Co-Insurance Waivers Inflate Costs         
It's no longer disputable that health insurance premiums continue to rise because health care costs continue to rise – and out-of-network (OON) claims play a substantial role in that if they're not carefully monitored and addressed. Argus Claim Review has identified an increase in OON providers waiving patient responsibility fees, thereby funneling services to them and artificially inflating claims costs. Argus has cracked down on this practice and put methods into place that help eliminate this practice and reduce plan costs – and in the examples shared in this article, that translates to an average savings of over $20,000 per claim. Learn more...
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