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2013  Norwalk recap  part 2 - The Race   
October 31, 2013
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The 22nd annual Ames Performance Tri Power Pontiac Nationals was blessed with incredible weather this year.  Racing conditions were excellent and for the first time in 3 years we did not have rain on Saturday or Sunday of the event!

The car show count was 568 car this year and the race car count was 404 participants.  For the first time since the 1A Auto "Chief of the Pontiacs" has been awarded a repeat winner was crowned.  Congratulations to Rick Cole Jr. from Lagrange , Ohio.

There were 179 swap meet vendors setup on 334 space and another 31 companies on display in the manufacturer midaway.  11, 442 spectators attended the event over the course of the weekend as well.


If you have never been to the Pontiac Nationals at Norwalk, you just don't know what you are missing.  It is by far the BEST Pontiac event in the WORLD!  The dates for the 2014 event are August 1, 2 & 3.   Make your plans to attend now !


We are in the process of posting A LOT of pictures up on our facebook page from the event.  Check us out on Facebook at  
Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.

Bill Mellott's 65 Pro Mod GTO 

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Butler Frantic 4 recap
KRE Q16 recap
MR-1 Heads up recap
TIP Street class winners
Fastest Pontiacs update
Other class winners 2013
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2013 Pontiac Nationals Frantic 4   

Frank G launch 2013
Frank Gostilla with his '02 Grand Am

The Frantic 4 race class at the Pontiac Nationals showcases some of the fastest Pontiacs in the world!  This special race costs $25.00 for Car & Driver.  The rules for this class are pretty simple and are as follows: 

Traditional Pontiac V-8 Only  
Pontiac Door Slammers  
1 Power adder ONLY  
Heads up, Pro tree  
Win $1,000,  Runner-up $500, 1st rnd $150,  Low qualifyer $100 


There is 1 qualifying round on Friday and 2 qualifying rounds on Saturday   
Eliminations are run on Saturday as well. 
Rodney Butler 2013
Rodney Butler with his '63 Tempest

This years 4 qualifiers were:


#1  Rodney Butler with his '63 Tempest ran a 6.620 @ 215.24 mph

#2  Bill Mellott in his Pro Mod '65 GTO ran a 6.914 @ 179.21 mph  

#3  Mark Kauffman with his '09 GXP ran a 7.026 @ 195.11 mph 

#4  Frank Gostilla with his '02 Grand Am ran a 7.614 @ 179.92 mph

The Butlers were the #1 qualifier for this event for the 2nd year in a row.  Steve Dale was the fastest car on the property but could not participate in the Frantic 4 on account of the fact that his car is not a door car.   

Bill Mellott backing up 2013
Bill Mellott in his Pro Mod '65 GTO

Everyone was looking forward to the KRE vs Butler show down in the finials of the  Frantic 4; however, the Butlers could not make the call for the finals.  Mark Kauffman got the bye win in the finals against Butler and ended up blasting the GPX down the track with a 7.101 pass @ 194.88 mph.     

Mark K tropy presentation 2013
2013 Frantic 4 Champion - Mark Kauffman
2013 Pontiac Nationals KRE -Quick 16

The KRE Quick 16 race class is sponsored by Kauffman Racing Equipment at the Pontiac Nationals and is the premier event for traditional Pontiac engines.  

The rules for the KRE Quick 16 are pretty simple and are as follows:

Traditional Pontiac V-8 Only 
Super Pro rules apply 
Everything else goes 
Blower - NOS - Turbos - Nitro

Win $1,000,   Runner-up $500,  Semi  $200,  Qtr  $100,  1st rnd $50   
         All 16 places are paid

There are 2 qualifying rounds on Saturday and the 3rd qualifying round is approximately at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday.  The field is made up of the quickest 8 door cars and then the quickest 8 open body cars.  If the open body field does not fill with open body cars, the field is then filled with door cars.  

On our 1st qualifying pass we set the mark by qualifying #1 with a 6.942 @ 191.46 on Saturday.  We ended up with a 6.906 @ 193.10 on our Sunday qualifying pass.  This was the second year in a row that we took the #1 qualifying position!  We would put a 6.89 on the car for the first round of eliminations..... 
TIP Digger 6.90 at 193 Norwalk 2013
TIP Digger qualifies #1 for the 2nd year in a row in the KRE Quick 16
For those interested you can see the qualifying sheets for both the door car side and the open side by clicking the links below:

The TIP Digger was very consistent again this year; however, the driver was NOT very consistent which makes for a short day of eliminations on Sunday.  Unfortunately, this was the first time we had the TIP digger out.  Being extremely busy in the shop sure does take away from racing and driver consistency.

We faced John Hill in the first round of eliminations.  John was obviously on his game as he ran a 8.27 on an 8.23 dial and cut a good light to boot.  The TIP Digger ran a 6.891 on a 6.89 dial but John had us covered pretty good at the stripe!  See the pass below.
Tin Indian Performance Dragster 689 at 193 2013 KRE Quick 16 at Norwalk
Tin Indian Performance Dragster goes 6.891 0n a 6.89 dial in the 2013 KRE Quick 16 at Norwalk

The only solace that we could take from the first round loss to John was that he went on to WIN the KRE Quick 16!  

TIP Digger wheels way up Norwalk 2013
TIP Digger with the wheels WAY UP!

Congratulations John Hill!
John Hill 59 pontiac 2013 Norwalk
Norwalk 2013 KRE Quick 16 Champion John Hill
** please note:  If it appears that there are 2 missing pictures, those are actually youtube video links that are not supported by your current email program.

2013 Pontiac Nationals MR-1 Heads-UP Race

The MR-1 Heads up race features some of the highest horsepower per cubic inch Pontiacs.  The traditional Pontiac engine Heads Up Class is sponsored by K & M Performance Parts & Tom Schlauch. 

MR-1 Heads-up Class Rules are as follows: 
Pontiac Body 
6.50 lbs per cid 
Naturally aspirated 
Gasoline or Alcohol 
Any tire 
Any suspension 
CV-1 canted valve heads permitted 
Ram Air V heads permitted 
All entries weigh after qualifying and elimination rounds 
Winner & Runner-up MUST P & G after final round

The 8 car field has a guaranteed Cash Purse pay-out as follows! 
 Win $1500, RU $500, Semi $100, Low ET / Top MPH $100 each 
Qualifying round 1 is on Friday and their are 2 rounds on Saturday.  Eliminations are held Saturday afternoon.  All runs are done on a Heads up  4/10ths pro tree Sportsman Ladder.
E Pickett burnout Norwalk 2013
#1 qualifier Elliott Pickett warming up the tires in his '63 Tempest wagon

This years qualifiers were:

#1  Elliott Pickett  63 Tempest  428 cid  8.483  @  159.91  MPH
#2  Shawn Dixon  62 Tempest  481 cid  8.502  @  160.06  MPH
#3  Glenn Sedig  69 Grand Prix  473 cid  8.596  @  157.39 MPH
#4  Jim Pickett  63 Tempest  445 cid  8.613 @  156.81  MPH
#5  Felton Thompson  66 GTO  544 cid  8.968 @ 149.85  MPH
#6  Jack Pumphrey 70 GTO Judge 535 cid 9.156 @ 146.91 MPH
#7  Sean Pickett  61 Tempest  492 cid  9.291 @ 143.05 MPH
#8  Mike Kasparian 71 LeMans Sport  505 cid  9.295 @  143.89  MPH

That's no typo above!  There are 3 Pickett family members racing in this class! Despite the heavy Pickett presence, Shawn Dixon ended up running an 8.668 @ 157.05 mph to beat Glenn Sedig in the finals who ran a 8.901 @ 150.01 mph. 
This class features some real heavy hitters in Pontiac racing community!  The ET and MPH of these cars are VERY impressive.

Congratulation Shawn Dixon!
Shawn Dixon launch 2013
Wheels up launch after wheels up launch for Shawn Dixon

2013 TIP Street Winners  
The Street Class is the race class that Tin Indian Performance sponsors at the event.  The class is run on both Saturday and Sunday. 

Win $500, Runner Up $250, Semi $100, Qtr $50

On Saturday Michael McCarty was crowned winner of the Tin Indian Performance Street Class in his '63 LeMans & Carole Barhurst was the runner-up in her '74 GTO.

On Sunday, Joe Childs took home the win and Joe Laster was the runner up in his '69 Firebird.

Wally Becker's Judge ready to make a pass 2013
Wally Becker's Judge ready to make a pass in the Tin Indian Performance street class

Fastest Pontiacs Updates
Mark Kauffman launch Norwalk 2013
Mark Kauffman continued to chip away at his naturally aspirated door car record by running an impressive  7.027 @ 197.16!  Just a little bit closer to that elusive 6 second pass!  That is some impressive MPH!!!

Congratulations KRE! 

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Class Winners from the event
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For a complete listing of the class winners from the 2013 event go to the 
Pontiac Nationals Drag Race Results page

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