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Norwalk 2013 recap part #1  
September 28, 2013
Dear ,
As I mentioned in the last newsletter, we had a great sponsorship weekend at Norwalk.  Unlike many years, the weather was VERY nice - actually cool at times.  Perfect racing conditions.  A nice reprieve from the standard hazy, hot, and humid conditions we usually have to contend with.  It made for a very enjoyable weekend.

The response to our new TIP team t-shirt was awesome!  We also put this design on some women's tank tops as well (see below) - They have been very popular!   


We had the same 3 cars in the pit area that we had at the 2011 event which we feel represents the broad scope of our engine building.   Wally Becker's 1970 Judge which sports a pump gas 511 cid engine was running in the 11's,  Mike Williams 1966 GTO was running a fresh 457 cid race engine making over 700 horse and running high 9's (look for an article on the build up in an upcoming newsletter) and then we had the Tin Indian Performance Digger running the same Warp 6 headed 535 MR-1A combo that we won the 2012 KRE Quick 16 with.  We were very please to be the #1 qualifier again this year with the best ET at 6.90 and the best mile per hour at 193.10! 

The Thursday move in for the 2013 event seemed to go very well.  It certainly alleviated some of the issues associated with Linders lot and getting into the track quickly on Friday so the racing could start ASAP.


Our FREE ice cream coupons were a huge hit again this year!  We passed out close to 200 coupons over the course of the weekend.  Hopefully you got to enjoy some of the great Norwalk ice cream on us!          


young TIP fan sitting in TIP digger
Young TIP fan got to sit in the TIP Digger 


Thanks to all of our customers and friends for stopping by over the course of the weekend.  It was great to see everyone and catch up.    Special thanks to my crew - Mike Williams, Craig Dienes, Matt Dalton and my family for all of their help during the event.  A lot of work goes into preparing for the event as well as racing in it.  I could not do it without everyone's help.  


Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.

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Rick Humes wins TIP Best of Show
TIP Billet-TEK winner
NEW TIP Tank Tops
Fastest Pontiacs Update
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2nd Annual TIP Best of Show Award
Rick Humes' 1969 GTO
Craig Dienes and Rick Humes
Team member, Craig Dienes had the daunting task of picking this years event winner for our annual TIP Best of Show award again.  Craig definitely has an eye for sharp cars and he settled in pretty quick on this car and we immediately saw why.... 

Rick Humes' 1969 GTO was crowned the winner of the 2013 Tin Indian Performance Best of Show award.

Ricks car has been restored to show room condition and he did it himself in his own garage - Very cool!
Rick Humes interior

Congratulations Rick!

Congratulations to Mark Billings of Akron, Ohio.  Mark won our 2013 Norwalk ticket raffle and scored himself weekend tickets to the event. 

Way to go Mark!
TIP Billet-TEK valve cover raffle winner
TIP Logo valve cover
We had a great turnout for our annual Billet-TEK valve cover drawing again this year at Norwalk.  We would like to thank all of those who participated this year. 


And now for the moment you all have been waiting for.........  


TIP tank front These our are new Tin Indian Performance Women's Team Tank Tops.  We brought these out with our new TIP Team shirts at the event.  These are women's tank tops and are available in sizes small, medium, and large and are a lightweight 60% cotton 40% blend. 

Both the tank tops and the T shirts can be purchased off of our apparel web page @ 

$20.00 ea + shipping

TIP Tank back
I wanted to thank everyone again who purchased Archbishop Hoban "Thrive and Drive" raffle ticket this year.  We have been a part of the annual fund raiser for 3 years and we appreciate your continued  support with this great fundraiser.

Buy Now
Fastest Pontiacs Updates

In August 2013, the maintenance of the fastest Pontiacs ever list was handed over to a group of like minded Pontiac enthusiasts, Hard Core Pontiac Promotions, LTD., who have a lot of great ideas to take the list to the NEXT level.  We have enjoyed maintaining the list and watching it grow in popularity, while the elapsed times have steadily dropped over the years.  Maintaining the list was exciting and a sure fire way to stay "in tune" with the fastest Pontiacs on the planet!  But let's face it, with building engines and running CNC machines, there are only so many hours in the day.  Despite the fact that the Pontiac Motor Division is no longer around, there is still plenty of EXCITEMENT in the Pontiac hobby.  The guys at Hard Core Pontiac Promotions definitely know and appreciate FAST Pontiacs and we certainly feel they will maintain the lists integrity and objectivity moving forward while creating even more excitement in the Pontiac community.  Tin Indian Performance, intends to support their efforts and we wish them success with their business adventures.  Hard Core Pontiac Promotions can be found at   


To view the fastest . Pontiacs . ever listing go to


Oh, by the way.... I just heard that Vince Mayeda ran a 6.357 @ 213.33 the other day.  I think that just moved him to #3 on the list.......... yep!  I will be watching the list!!!
Water Pump Seal
TIP  Water Pump Sleeves

These Pontiac water pump seals are placed in the timing cover holes for use with a stock style water pump on 1969 and up Pontiac timing covers.  These sleeves are essential to efficient water pump operation.  This is a frequently overlooked part  in your Pontiac's cooling system.  If your replacing your water pump you should inspect and replace these sleeves if necessary.   These replace GM part # 9796347



List Price: $20.00 
S & H: $4.00
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Norwalk 2013 staging
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