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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!    
May 31, 2013
Dear ,

It never seems to fail..... as soon as the weather breaks, time seems to fly by even faster than it was flying by before.  I can't believe we are already past Memorial Day weekend.  Hopefully you are already enjoying your Pontiac this summer.  


The converter is out of the Digger and being sent off for some mods.  Looking forward to getting it back and heading to the track for some testing.  I can't wait to get back down in that car! 


This month we have come out with our new Super Duty oil pump plates, .125" thick cork valve cover gaskets, and our new machining process, SV1 mod, to KRE Northwind 4150 style intakes.  Glad to finally get these products tested and available on the website.  


Hopefully I can get some free time so I can work on my own Pontiacs soon.  


Take care and talk to you soon...........  



Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.
KRE Digger - 2008
KRE Digger at the 2008 Pontiac Nationals 
Launch from Norwalk 2008
'66 GTO launching at Norwalk 2008 

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New SD Oil Pump Plates
SV-1 Intake Mods
New Thin Valve Cover Gaskets
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TIP Super Duty Oil Pump Plates    
These are our new "Super Duty" oil pump plate kits.  They are approximately .250" thick and are machined with
TIP SD oil pump plate
NEW TIP SD Oil Plate 
anti-cavitation  / anti-gall grooves.   These plates are nearly twice as thick as the stock plates (.125") which means they will not flex like the stockers. That  helps your engine maintain steady, consistent oil pressure under sever loads.  The plates are precision ground to be flat with the pump housing as well.  A MAJOR improvement over the plates that come with most Pontiac oil pumps. 
This part is a must use part for ALL applications!  The kit comes with the TIP SD Oil Plate and 4 new bolts which are a tad longer to accommodate for the extra thickness of the new plate.
stock plate galled
Have you ever seen this?  Stock plate removed after 1 season! 
Stay tuned for more oil pump related offerings.  We hope to come out with our new blue printed Pontiac oil pumps very soon. 
$25.00 + shipping

TIP Tech TIP - Rear Main Seal & Crank Serrations
TIP Rear Main Seal - TIP-RM300
TIP RM-300 Viton rear main seal

I have received many emails and calls lately on customers buying our TIP-RM300 and TIP-RM325 Viton ® rear main seals and then asking about the crank serrations on the sealing surface of their cranks.  For those not familiar, the crank serrations are located in the sealing surface area of the crankshaft between the flinger ring and the end hub that your flywheel attaches to.  These small grooves were put on the stock cranks to help lubricate the original rope type seals from the factory.  Without sufficient lubrication, the rope seal can burn and shrink from excessive friction / heat.


All stock cranks will have these serrations.  When we look at stock type cranks we typically see this area as being very worn down due to years of the stock crank rubbing against a rope type seal.  Most aftermarket cranks have these serrations as well but not all of them.   


So the question is "Will these serrations shred / chew up a Tin Indian Performance Viton  rear main seal?"   


Stock 428 crank
Stock 428 crank serrations
Stock Cranks?  As stated earlier, we normally find that all stock cranks are worn down to be very smooth in the sealing surface area.  If you take your fingernail and have a hard time getting it to snag on the grooves, you should be ok to install your seal without any further work.  If by chance you do feel that the serrations are too aggressive, you can have the sealing surface of your crank polished when you send your rotating assembly out to be balanced during your build.   



SCAT forged crank
SCAT forged crank serrations
Aftermarket Cranks?  Some aftermarket cranks don't even have the serrations.  This will be just fine if you are using a TIP Viton  seal.  If your aftermarket crank does have serrations, then you need to use the same fingernail test as we use on the stock cranks.  Same process / principals apply.  The only time we have seen the serrations be too aggressive on aftermarket cranks is when Eagle first came out with their aftermarket cranks which was quite a few years ago.   


Eagle cast crank
Eagle cast crank serrations


Keep in mind that if you feel that the serrations are too aggressive for your TIP Viton  seal, then they are going to be too aggressive for your rope seal too!  Aggressive sealing surface serrations will tear up / damage a TIP Viton  seal just the same as it will a rope seal.   Please note that you should only have the area polished by your crank grinder / balancing shop as polishing removes very little material.  Removing too much material from the seaingl surface of the crankshaft will change the amount of crush the seal lip has and will ultimately have a negative affect on sealing.


~ Kevin Swaney - Tin Indian Performance 


Pro Systems SV-1 Intake Modifications 
KRE Northwind modification close up
We are now offering our new SV1 intake modification for the KRE Northwind intakes as well as Edelbrock intakes with 4150 style bases.   SV1s  are a single venturi design carb by Pro Systems. This modification not only helps with flow, it will also match up with your current SV-1 spacer / blade.  This modification also increases the plenum volume of your current intake.   Our new SV1 Northwind opening can be up to 2.6 square inches bigger than current 4150 intake openings.

Pro Systems SV1 carbs come with the following blade sizes for certain CFM levels:

95 mm blades for 4150 intakes to support 920 to 1100 cfm
110 mm blades for 1180 to 1400 cfm
115 mm blades for 1360 to 2200 cfm
KRE Northwind with SV1 modification 1
You can order your intake to match any of the 3 SV1 openings you like.   The SV1 mods are done in house on one of our 2 Milltronics CNC machines.  We also offer some additional plenum work that can be done after this modification is performed for an additional charge.  Please email for details.

SV1 CNC Modification - $100.00
MORE Thin Valve Cover Gaskets
These are our new thin CORK valve covers gaskets.  These cork gaskets are  approximately .125 thick.  Like our thin felt gaskets, these gaskets are perfect in applications that can not run a very thick gasket or if the valve cover rail is not very rigid.  These gaskets offer the same great fitment as our steel-core reinforced .3125 gaskets (VC-3125)

TIP-VC2125-cork gaskets

Looking to build an engine?  Power Hungry?  We can help!  Give us a call to discuss your performance goals.   Anything from a restored stock engine to an all out race engine - we are your source for reliable PONTIAC POWER!
Check out our Killer Pump Gas Engine Combos here.   We are always updating this area of our website to show you running combos  that you can see AND hear on the dyno!
Spring will be here before you know it!  Get started on that rebuild NOW and check out new lower prices on our complete rotating assemblies.
Kevin Swaney Tin Indian Performance, LTD.