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Warming up finally!    
April 30, 2013
Dear ,

It seems our spring has "stalled" a bit here in NE Ohio.  While we have had a few nice days it has remained relatively cold.  The nasty weather hasn't slowed us down in the shop at all that is for sure........


This month we are introducing our new Late Firebird logo breathers, new thin valve cover gaskets, and our new Billet-TEK valve cover coatings.  We have a stack of new projects / products that we will be unveiling over the next few newsletters.


Race cars?  We are currently in the process of taking the motor out of the TIP Digger to make some mods.  Our goal is to best our 6.81 record this year.  For those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter you know that KRE has had their GXP on the dyno this spring as the Kauffman boys were on the never ending search for MORE POWER!  I can't wait to see KRE's GXP go down the track this year!  


I hope that all of your projects are coming along like you planned and that you are ready for the 2013 season.  Let us know if we can help! 


Talk soon...........  



Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.

KRE WARP 6 engine on the dyno
Warp 6 Headed Engine on the Dyno! 
Nice launch from norwalk 2012
A nice launch from Norwalk 2012 

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Swap Meet Parts
New Valve Cover Coatings
New Valve Cover Breathers
New Thin Valve Cover Gaskets
Pontiac Nationals Pics
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TIP Swap Meet Parts    
We have recently added a few items to our Swap Meet Parts page.  One of the items is our limited edition powder coated Billtet-TEK valve covers.  Currently we only have 3 pair of these in stock (blanks).  These covers are coated with very durable black wrinkle finish.  When you get these covers engraved they really pop!  We also have breathers available for these black wrinkle finish covers  covers as well.  Any standard logo is available and you can add any holes to them that you would like as well.  These covers are $400.00 and they include black oxide bolts to match.    The matching black wrinkle finish breathers are $42 each.  

We are also selling a set of polished covers on that page as well as a roller cam.  Check it out!


NEW Valve Cover Options
These are our new Hydro Print Billet-TEK valve covers.   For the guy who wants to take "custom" to another level, these covers are for you!   Engraving can be done to the covers before they are coated and as you can see in the light carbon fiber
Light Carbon Engraved top
Light Carbon Fiber Engraved
pair that the engraving is still visible on the cover.

What is Hydro Printing?  Water Transfer Printing (also known as water immersion printing, hydrograhpic printing, hydro dipping, hydro imaging and fluid imaging) is a 3D decorating process where elaborate graphics are applied to a product surface.  The Water Transfer Printing process is extensively used to decorate items that range from entire all-terrain vehicles and car dashboards to small items like bike helmets or other automotive trim. Films can be applied to all types of substrates Light Carbon Engraved side including plastic, fiberglass, wood, ceramics, and metal. For the most part, if the item can be dipped in water, the hydro-graphic process can be used.  That means we can do air cleaners as well!   


The process utilizes a water-soluble film that contains the printed patterns. The film dissolves in the water and leaves the ink on the surface. In the typical process, the item to be printed is first coated with a primer or an adhesion promoter. After this dries, a base-coat paint is applied which controls the hue of the pattern. So, for instance, wood grain prints often utilize a brown base-coat and many camouflage patterns use a neutral base.  Carbon fiber films can use a base coat color to match the car...... After the base-coat is applied, the item is ready for coating. The film is activated. The item is then dipped into the water and the ink wraps around it. It is then washed and painted with a clear topcoat.


Dark Carbon Plain
Dark Carbon Fiber Plain
We have not decided on a complete list of coatings that we will stock.  If you have something special in mind, give us a shout to discuss what you are looking for.  

For now, we are currently offering these two types of coatings, light and dark carbon fiber.   The coating process adds $125.00 to the cost of a pair of Billet-TEK covers.  Look for an introductory special on these covers thru Facebook and Twitter very soon!



NEW Valve Cover Breathers
Late Fbird logo centered
Late Firebird Logo Centered
We have 2 new breather engraving options available.  Both are the "late" Firebird logo with some slight variation.  First we have the Late Firebird centered logo pictured to the left. Here we tried to center the logo up on the breather as best we could.
Later Bird logo bold
Late Firebird Logo

The other option we are calling the Late Firebird bold logo pictured to the right.  This logo takes up a tad more of the breather area.  These breathers are now available and are $38.00 each plus shipping.

Either of these breathers can be used with our Billet-TEK valve covers or any valve cover with a push-in style breather hole.  Like the rest of our breathers they have a 2-piece design with a positive O-ring seal that provides easy access to their washable filter.  Please note that the photos shown appear to have a gold tint to them however these breathers are polished aluminum.  The gold tint was caused by the lighting used when photographed.  


Buy Now
$38.00 ea
Thin Valve Cover Gaskets
These are our new thin valve covers gaskets.  They are available in our normal oil pan material which is approximately .090 thick and they are also available in cork which is approximately .125 thick.  These gaskets are perfect in applications that can not run a very thick gasket or if the valve cover rail is not very rigid.  These gaskets offer the same great fitment as our steel-core reinforced .3125 gaskets (VC-3125)

VC-3125 thin -RN
Pontiac Nationals Info
Pontiac Nats logo
Pictures have finally been uploaded to the Pontiac Nationals website.  If you are interested you can check them out at  
Those who have been on the site and have inquired as to why there are no pictures of the Q-16 or the Frantic 4 winners in the drag racing results, we don't know why but we have located pictures of those class winners on the site under each respective race description.

Keep a look out for our race package give away for this year.  We will also be offering our contingency program, show car trophy and Billet-TEK valve cover give away as well.  Stay tuned....
Looking to build an engine?  Power Hungry?  We can help!  Give us a call to discuss your performance goals.   Anything from a restored stock engine to an all out race engine - we are your source for reliable PONTIAC POWER!
Check out our Killer Pump Gas Engine Combos here.   We are always updating this area of our website to show you running combos  that you can see AND hear on the dyno!
Spring will be here before you know it!  Get started on that rebuild NOW and check out new lower prices on our complete rotating assemblies.
Kevin Swaney Tin Indian Performance, LTD.