For starters, we wanted to thank you for all the wonderful responses regarding my brother Brett's successful battle with brain cancer.  There were so many replies it is easier to say thank you to everyone all at once, and I did read every reply.  For those who did not read or know the original story, click here  for the whole story.

As for an update.  Brett recently had a PET scan done in Annapolis with Dr. Yu about 3 weeks ago.  It too came up completely clear, which was astonishing.  We all expected to see something in the PET scan, even though the MRI  did not show anything in July.  PET scans are done by injecting the patient with glucose which lights up cancer activity...we know cancer loves sugar.  So this a more defined way of looking for cancer vs an MRI.  You can only imagine our surprise and relief!  It is amazing that his cancer is currently not detected in less than 4 months from diagnosis!

As I mentioned in the previous article, Brett planned to continue with the six month chemo protocol after the 6 weeks chemo and radiation.  This protocol involves 1 week of chemo (5 days),  3 weeks off, repeated 6 times.  He just finished the second round in which they increased the dosage.  He mentioned his stomach being a bit upset and not hungry, however at the same time he decided to cut down some trees in his yard to make more room for the kids to play. A friend helped him, then they rented a wood chipper and he was was out working on that for 3 days in the heat while on the chemo.  He never ceases to amaze us!!!  After much research between he and his wife, Brett is considering not continuing with the chemo.  He will decide after his next MRI in 3 weeks.

It is interesting how when dealing with cancer and many other illnesses, our diet is the most important part. But in today's world, diet seems to come last, or have no recognition. We have approached cancer by removing carbs/starches and sugars, and increasing our good fat intake significantly while utilizing a more alkaline plant based protein diet, with small amounts of animal protein.  The "Ketogenic Diet", which we are currently using a modified version of, was originally developed for epilepsy in children in the 1920's.  It was pushed under the carpet when anti-convulsive medications were developed, but the diet is making a comeback.  And it seems to work on so many health levels. Blood sugar imbalances for 1.  It can eliminates bacterial infections quickly too in most cases, in which anti-biotics most likely will not be needed (we want to save our anti-biotics for life threatening situations).  Bacteria feed on sugar, and they seem to starve quickly, just like cancer cells, when sugar is removed and good fats are increased.  It is almost as if they are being a suffocated and starved.  Think about this next time you get sick.  Eliminate all sugars, carbs and starches, and increase your good fats, plant protein and sea salts, take some immune support supplements and PRO-biotics, and see what happens... If this approach seems to make an inoperable stage 4 brain tumor disappear in less than 4 months, imagine what else it can resolve.  The problem is when people feel ill, that gravitate toward starchy foods, therefore feeding the bacteria, or cancer.  Then we look to a pill to fix our problems since we don't want to, or often cannot be disciplined enough, to change our diet.

Making this a sustainable diet/lifestyle long term, to keep illness at bay, is what we are currently working on, because in some cases such as cancer, this may have to be a long term lifestyle.  The original Ketogenic diet is high in animal protein which is acidic and we know we need to keep the diet more alkaline plant based for diseases. We are working to come up with creative ways to do this. Removing carbs and sugars if tough, but if we can do it most of the time, enjoying on a night out on a random occasion will not be so detrimental:)  It is all about balance.

Remember, "What we eat either feeds disease or fights disease."


Sprouting and Classes  

  Per MANY requests, I am holding 2 Sprouting classes this month.  Sprouts are becoming more well known for not only their nutritional benefits, but their medicinal benefits too.  They are loaded with highly digestible protein, nutrients and living enzymes:) They are still living and growing as we eat them...imaging how that can benefit our health.  This menu follows our modified "plant based ketogenic" diet.

 Sprouting : Mung beans, lentils, alfalfa, broccoli sprouts, fenugreek, etc...
You will learn to make all different types of sprouts and then we will make sprout salads with a raw dressing:-)

Sprouted raw crackers:  Learn how to make your low carb crackers

Sprouted Dip: Learn how to make dips from sprouted nuts and seeds to have with your sprouted crackers;-)

Raw dessert:  Something chocolaty and sugar free;-)

This is a demo, plus you will receive recipes and get to sample everything.
Come, learn and enjoy!

September 16th 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
September 21st 6:30-8:30 p.m.
107 Mt Carmel Rd, Suite 106, Parkton, MD 21120
Cost $39
Limited seating.  You must pre-register and pay to attend.

Choose a date

For questions contact Kendell 410-240-4348.  

If you cannot make any of the classes, no worries!  The raw prep video I have been working on since Dec is done and will be available for purchase soon at 
It includes 9 recipe/demos and 1hr and 45min of footage
Very in-depth and informative:)

For Nutritional Counseling and more information Click Here

Stay tuned for upcoming raw prep classes in October, keep checking upcoming event at www.naturalvibranthealth.net

Don't forget we have Yoga every Tuesday a.m. @ 9:15-10:30 w/Dagmar

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