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A new molecule discovered that is Starving Cancer cells to death

"Starving Cancer Cells to Death" means manipulating of the bioenergetic metabolism of cancer cells and depriving it of its fuel for growth without harming the host being.


A new molecule, call 3 Bromo Pyruvate, has been discovered, which is helping the body in this process of starving the cancer because it is blocking the uptake of sugar into the cancer cell, therefore "starving the cancer cell to death".  This is considered a metabolic approach to cancer... the manipulation of the bioenergetic metabolism of cancer cells and depriving them of their fuel for growth without harming the host being. This molecule, along with a "calorie restriction diet" (nutrient dense low calorie foods) is the ultimate key to the success of fighting and beating cancer.  


One thing that we do know about cancer cells is that they feed on sugar and carbohydrates.  So as a holistic practitioner, our most successful approach to fighting cancer is by putting people on a "green" diet and removing ALL sugars.  We focus on greens, non-starchy veggies, wheat grass, sprouts...basically an alkaline, living foods diet. The idea is that cancer cannot live in a sugar free, alkaline environment in the body.  The living foods and high concentration of nutrients, without the high amount of calories requiring digestive energy, allows the body the energy needed to fight and heal.  This approach has been working extremely well and has much success and credibility at places such as  Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida for well over 50 years.    


Background info on research and the team


Two years ago, I met Dr George Yu when I had Brian Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute come and speak at a health event that I hosted in Sept 2012 at the Colonnade in Baltimore.  Since then Dr. Yu and I have been working closely. Dr Yu has been in academic and private medicine through Aegis Medical and George Washington University Medical Center for over thirty five years as a urological cancer surgeon. He was an auditor for the NIH/CAM "Best Case Series" in 2002 on nutritional intervention for people with terminal cancer diseases.  He was so impressed by the results, that he has made a commitment to promote and spread the importance of "low calorie high nutrition foods" to increase longevity and prevent chronic diseases such as cancer. About 1/3of these individuals do very well and some cured but 2/3 of these individuals do well in the beginning and then fail as the cancer finds new ways to feed itself- that is why we need more tools to fight these cancers which can develop "Plastic" change in bioenergetics.


Dr Yu has been working with Stephen Spindler and Joseph Dhahbi of University of California, Tom Seyfried of Boston College, Peter Pedersen of Johns Hopkins, and Young Ko of University of Maryland, on how CRON- Calorie Research Optimal Nutrition, protects the body from diseases along with molecules to block cancer energy. This core group has been studying the seventy year old concept of low calorie, high nutrition, diets, and how it seems to arrest cancer. This concept was first described by Clyde McCay at Cornell University in 1937.  With modern technology, we now know that the cancer cells fuels their needs mostly from sugars and carbohydrates like yeast in fermentation(glycolysis), unlike our own body cells which use a more efficient way by using oxygen (glycolysis plus oxidative phosphorylation with oxygen). Seyfried wrote a composite understanding of this phenomenon, first described by Otto Warburg in Germany, and added the past fifty years of research to it. Now Pedersen and Ko found a new molecule called 3 Bromo Pyruvate, that attacks cancer cells only, and is innocuous to the host being.


Now we understand why low calorie foods work, and we have new discoveries that can address any cancers a showing positive PET scan result, which means it takes up sugars! There is prevention and intervention through food and usage of these new molecules (3 Bromo Pyruvate). It is the first time that holistic practitioners, scientists and medical doctors have a unified common denominator in the understanding of cancer bioenergetic metabolism- Starve Cancer Cells to Death!  These new molecules, along with a "calorie restriction diet", is one of the most obvious and essential ways of fighting and beating cancer.   


 Dr Yu's patients, Morgan Wayson and Joanne and Ken Gill, founded the "George Yu Foundation for Health and Nutrition" in 2006 which promotes "Public Awareness and Resource Center".  It is becoming a resource for information for the public. Additionally, the foundation supports "bridge funding" for both basic science and clinical science, which support scientific validations of nutrition and health. Despite a long history of credibility and legitimacy from practice and the scientific research of nutrition and caner, the public is has been unaware of theses benefits. Plus the medical industry may not welcome this "Shift in Paradigm" from a purely "genetic" approach to cancer, to a "bio-energetic and metabolic" approach to cancer. Therefore, what we need in this situation, is a consortium of supporters from all groups of people, young and old- the common people, who have the most to gain from these advances. We need support from a broad base...general public, journalists, authors, social media, the corporate industry, religious groups, etc. in addition to the science.


The George Yu Foundation is trying to raise money so that 3 Bromo pyruvate and other new molecules can be further studied and go into clinical trials. It has already been approved as IND by FDA for certain cancers only but we need money and time to bring it to you and I! ASAP.  Public awareness is the main approach to this funding since it will also help to educate people on how nutrition plays a huge role in the fight against cancer.  For more information and to make a tax deductible donation, goto http://yufoundation.org/ 


The George Yu Foundation  

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