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From His Word
Please Pray with Us
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Three Things...
Inside CA

From His Word

Isaiah 7:4

Be Careful, Calm, Confident and Courageous.

(my mom's translation) 


Please Pray with Us
...that God will lead us well, in our discernment process, as we help Christ followers decide if God is calling them to church planting.
...for God's leading in our summer plans this year.
...for many friends who are sick or looking for work.
...for God's grace and mercy, in allowing Megan and I to be involved in His work through CA for eight years now.
...that God will connect us with more Christ Followers who want to deepen their walk with Christ through being involved, financially and/or physically, in transforming lives through establishing churches who follow Jesus. 

Please let us know how we can pray for you too.  We trust and believe that MUCH can be accomplished through praying people.  God loves hearing from us in prayer!



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This is a link to our old Furlough Video that Jeff Fountain put together for us.  He did an amazing job.  Enjoy! 

Hi  Hey, I wanted to send you this month's Inside CA, because it highlights three things I have the privilege of working on right now...

I am headed to Christian Associates' Leadership Summit Conference this coming week. In terms of recruiting, this event is the most productive thing I do all year; being able to directly interact with all of our church plant leaders from around the world, at the same time and in the same place, is invaluable. In addition, Summit is a great time of teaching and training that I both get to be a part of and pour into by helping lead the "Fundraising and the Missionary's Heart" workshop, as well as being a part of our operations presentations.
The Theme of this year's Summit is The Heart of the MissionaryFor the past three years at Summit, we've talked about CA's Church Planting progression - teaching and training on specifics of how we plant churches. This year, we will spotlight the reality that... 
"there is no way to execute good church planting strategy 
without a healthy, maturing spirituality."

The missionary who hopes to incarnate the gospel message is the missionary who is living in the grace and love of God. We give "living water" to others from the overflow of our own lives. In communion, we take in the "bread of life" and then we pass on the bread to the next hungry seeker. Character and effectiveness as a missionary are inseparably linked. The heart of the missionary matters - in their interior world, as a family, as a team, and the community of Christian Associates. So, we will explore, what it looks like to pursue health and maturity in these areas!



Halfway down the Inside CA newsletter is a note about our upcoming Engage Assessment Event in Austin. My job is to Shepherd God's people toward their Calling. Tangibly, this looks like recruiting and coaching Christ Followers through CA's application process, which culminates in spending five days together at our Engage Church Planter Assessment Event. Thanks to Jesus, this Engage is filled to full capacity; a very strong group of Christ Followers is coming to Austin in March to go to Verge (http://2014.vergenetwork.org) and then go through Engage to be assessed for starting churches world-wide w/ CA. Candidates pay around $1000 for this assessment - it's a terrific process, that gives both the candidates and CA a good feel for God's direction on their calling. Please pray with us that Jesus will guide us well in this discernment process.



At the bottom of the Inside CA newsletter is a recruiting article I wrote promoting a referral incentive that I do at Summit - Summit Referral Bucks (SRB's)!  I believe referral incentives need to be Significant, Tangible and Desirable.  As I thought about this, I realized that is just what your support has been...

  1. Your prayer and financial support is making a Significant impact on peoples lives - both in the here-and-now and the yet to come.
  2. Your support allows me to be the Tangible conduit to connect your hand to hands of others to serve God all over this world.
  3. Your prayer and financial support is providing Desirable returns; again, in both the realms of now and not yet.


It's beautiful to watch your efforts multiplied throughout the earth.  Thanks so much for being with us in this mission to serve over 240 Christian Associates' front-line missionaries. You are making a Global difference as CA's 67 churches, with over 5,000 believers, impact the world with the Gospel. We so appreciate you! - Teal 


 Christian Associates International 

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February 2014

The mission of CA is to establish churches who follow Jesus in transforming their world.   

Staff Care Update  By Al Dyck
Director of Staff Care and Development (SCD)

SCD Team:
Al Dyck                         Elizabeth Dyck
Daphne Fisher             Michael Unruh*            
Ashlie Unruh*              Kathy Johnson* 
(* consulting roles)

I believe that the most valuable resource for the work God does through CA is the very people He has brought into the organization.  Our holistic health and development are necessary to the fulfillment of our mission as an organization.  Effective staff care helps individuals and teams deal with their concerns, facing together the various issues that often blur our focus on living missionally and sharing the gospel. 
Here are some ways SCD is active today:

  • The Adsideo Team members, who are CA staff, come alongside other CA staff to provide grassroots care through listening, praying, and encouraging.  There are currently seven CA staff serving on this team!
  • We are establishing partnerships with organizations and individuals to come alongside our staff.  We want to link you with resources for input, renewal, and refreshment.
  • Team Building intensives, overseen by Troy Cady, Barbara Macnish, and me, help CA teams learn to work well together and sharpen their interpersonal skills.
  • Soul Care Retreats, overseen by Christine Osgood, provide space and tools for rejuvenation and reflection to help staff nurture their souls for endurance and thriving.
  • Professional counselors will be at the Leadership Summit and at Connect to serve you.
  • We help staff members shape personal growth plans and prepare for sabbaticals, including follow-up processing.

If you would like to know about or get connected to any Staff Care resources, please email me.   

Who's Who in Operations?
Do you sometimes find yourself wondering about who to talk to about support plans... insurance...visas.....website profiles....or " fill in the blank" ?   In the past year there have been a lot of changes to our operations and HR teams!  Click here to see an updated run down of these teams including contact information for the various members.   You will want to download this pdf and save it for future reference!   

 Engage"Full"y Engaged in 2014! 
Thanks to hard work by Teal Rapp, and many good referrals from you, our staff  - we now have a full Engage scheduled for March 28 - April 1 in Austin TX.  We are currently taking registration for Engage Brussels (April) and Engage Portland (June).  Check out the sidebar for more information. 

Tax Time 
Yes its that time of year again and no matter where you serve you will need to get your papers in order for tax returns.    For American staff, W-2's were sent by email last week.  If you did not receive yours please let Bob Gerken know right away.    

Logos - A New Missional Initiative in Gothenburg Sweden  By Douglas Molgaard
Logos is a new CA missional Initiative that we hope will become a new faith community in Gothenburg Sweden. Our focus it to reintroduce Jesus to a post-Christian, secular culture. We are using a Facebook group called Logos as our interactive forum for communication and information and conversation. We have invited the friends and relationships we have been making over the past few years into a conversation about Jesus. This includes Atheists, New Agers, burnt out Christians and anyone interested.  We felt the time was right after building a trust and confidence in our friends. Most of these people are closed towards church, Christianity, or religion in general. They know we have a faith in God but are still hardened to the idea of God in their lives. A trust in a church institution that has held a grip over this nation for over 500 years is not appealing to them.  They associate Jesus with this institution and so Jesus is not appealing to them. But they also are people who are broken, struggling with life issues and relationship problems. Life here and now is hell for many of them. So our mission to a Post- Christian culture is to reintroduce Jesus as the one who can save them from this hell they live in here and now.

From the Facebook group we are inviting our friends to a conversation group twice a month that meets in a pub or café. There everyone is open to ask questions, explore and discuss about the life, teachings and wisdom of Christ.  Every Sunday morning on our Facebook group I post a short Sunday Meditation that each one can read on their own and can meditate on its meaning for their own life. Everyone is free to make a comment and ask questions about the meditation, and the conversation is continued at our pub gatherings. 

Not everyone comes to the group so we continue to have pub nights where we strengthen our relationship, have personal conversations, build new relationships and have a lot of fun dancing. Most importantly we share our lives daily with our network of friends. Our hope is to create an authentic community that is enjoying life and being taught of the way of Jesus, making disciples that one day will join in the Missio Dei.
We are looking for creative, open minded people who would like to be a part of a team to do mission in a post-Christian, post-modern secular culture. Contact Douglas Molgaard if you have referrals.    

Rest: Living Sabbath Every Day    

Congratulations to Shannon Deal for the release of her book last month!  Shannon serves on the leadership team of The Well in Brussels.  She also leads  Culture Intensives for CA's training team.

The Amazon listing states:  "Rest. Everyone needs it. No one gets enough of it. We don't have time for it. It seems like a luxury in our fast-paced lives. But what if rest is not an optional extra but a Biblical necessity for the follower of Jesus?

Please get your copy through AmazonSmile today!  We are blessed to have Shannon's insights and wisdom and shepherding heart on this topic.      

ReferralsSummit Referral Bucks are back!  By Teal Rapp 
That's right, this year in Lisbon, the CA Recruiting Department will once again be bringing you Summit Referral Bucks!  SRB's are a way to say Thank You for referring candidates to CA this past year!  We will give a 50EUR Snack Shop credit to anyone who gave CA a referral that hit the field since last Summit. AND THESE ARE TRANSFERRABLE to Team Leaders, so make your Team Leader take you out to dinner, cuz (s)he's spending your 50EUR at Summit!
As I keep saying, you already know our best candidates.  70% of our 600+ candidates have come from you - Staff Referrals.  Who else can you talk to?  Who is in your current community or your financial and/or prayer support circles that may be willing to sit in on a 90 minute "Intro to CA" Webinar?  Don't try to figure out who may go plant a church - THINK SMALL!  Who may be willing to jump on an Intro? The bulk of people begin serving because someone else saw it in them before they saw it in themselves. 
Do your friends a favor, and breathe some life into their Christ Following.  Call out their God given potential by simply asking them to listen in on an Intro.  Refer them to Teal and we'll take it from there.  I'd love to help your friends explore what God may be saying to them through you - and I promise to treat your friends with care.
So, if you and/or your team haven't referred someone this past year, refer them now to get your Summit Referral Bucks!  You truly are CA's best recruiters!   

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More News & Dates      


Leadership Summit 2014
13-17 February 2014
Ericeira, Portugal


Engage Austin

28 Mar - 1 April 2014

Engage Austin Invitation

Contact Teal for more info


Engage Brussels

27-30 April 2014

Engage Brussels Invitation

Contact Teal for more info


Engage Portland

18-22 June 2014

Engage Portland Invitation

Contact Teal for more info


2014 Soul Care Retreat

June 26-29, 2014

Minneapolis, MN

Invitation and information


Europe Connect 2014

31 July - 4 August

Location: TBD


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