The International Christian Community of Provence [iccp] Mission Trip!
"I gather your family undertook the challenge of working at the ICCP camp this summer - a fantastic idea. No one else but your community could recreate such a special moment in the life of all participating. I sincerely think it is the single event in my life where I have seen people experiencing the most joy." ~ Note from a French friend whose child attends camp


Me and Kelsey at [iccp]'sVacation Bible School.


Hi!  So, as most of y'all probably know, my family and I are going back to France this summer.  We will be working at [iccp]'s summer camp, and I'm really excited.  It will be so fun to serve at the camp i used to go to when I was young!  I will be helping to lead worship and I am so happy to have the opportunity to do that. It's really cool to teach the kids the songs and talk about the drama with them, because so many of them have NEVER heard about Jesus before.

This is our (mine and Lexi's) first trip home since we moved, and I am really looking forward to seeing our old friends and being a part of our community again. Boys!

Your prayers would be appreciated as well as financial support if you are able.  Our goal is to raise $2500 per person to cover the expenses of the trip.  THANK YOU!!!


Me at Aixpedition Atlantis!!


Hi!  So you might already know this, but I am going to France with my family to work at ICCP's summer camp for two weeks! This is my first short term mission trip, so even though I am going home, I am really going to be working :)

ICCP has been hosting this camp since 2006, and I have only missed 2 summers.  I am really excited to serve as a jr. counselor and work with kids, because this camp was a great part of every summer for me for 5 years. There are always so many fun things to do at camp-zip line, swimming, trampoline and archery-and the kids love it. One of my favorite parts is the drama and the singing we do all week. It's fun to show kids that "church" isn't boring!!

Getting to France is expensive.  It would mean so much to me if you could pray for my family about this trip, and support me financially if possible!  We are each trying to raise $2500. So far my mom is winning.

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