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Prayer Requests

Please pray for our fundraising efforts. Along with all Christian Associates staff, we are still fundraised missionaries, and our Rapp Family finances are quite low.


Megan is looking for part time work.


Pray that our new CA missionaries would be able to quickly raise their needed funds and successfully land in the field.


Pray for our transition into America and into Austin.


Please pray that we will follow Jesus closely.

From His Word


Romans 8:8  

"Focusing on the self is the opposite of focusing on God. Anyone completely absorbed in self ignores God, ends up thinking more about self than God. That person ignores who God is and what he is doing."



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Furlough Video


Here is a link to our last Furlough Video that Jeff Fountain put together for us.  He did an amazing job.  Enjoy!

It may take a couple of minutes to download.


From Megan 

Home sweet home, Home is where the Heart is, There's no place like home.

We all know these phrases, but for me they have taken on a deeper meaning this past year.  After 5 years in France, and 10 months in Colorado, I am finally "home".  Or am I?  My heart, the better part of it anyway, is still in France.  I'm not sure why.  

But I'm thankful to be in Austin. So thankful.  For old friendships that have picked up like no time has passed.  For new relationships that are being forged.  For the opportunity to be here for my parents as my mom has faced major surgery and rehabilitation this month.  I am thankful for good schools, that although overwhelming in size, will offer my kids the challenges they need.  

My prayer is that our hearts and minds will start to feel at home here soon.  That the US will no longer feel foreign to us.  But that we will be ready, if called, to return to France.



From Olivia

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you a quick review on my mission trip to Arizona with The Ember Cast. http://tonytsheng.blogspot.com


I had so much fun, and it was such a great experience for me.  I loved getting to help out at the church we were with, Amadeo, and serve at a vacation Bible school we put on for neighborhood kids. I met a lot of new people from lots of different places, and I really enjoyed getting to know them and working with them.


One of the best parts of the trip for me was leading worship at youth group.  I also got to sing a song at the coffee shop at the church, so that was super exciting! It's something I've really been wanting to do, so I was really happy to have that opportunity.


Thank you all so much for supporting me! I couldn't have done this without you!!  Olivia:)

Friends Football 
 Cooking Lexi & Daddy Dancing 



Join The Movement
Join The Movement


Teal L. Rapp

Director, Recruiting
Shepherding God's people toward their Calling



As I type, we are running our Minneapolis Engage Assessment week, and like all the others this year, it is MAXED out! 43 Christ Followers have been through this process of assessing their Calling with Christian Associates this year. Of these, we hope to add 28 new missionaries to our staff. They will need to fundraise, be trained and work through the location-placement decision with CA, and will hopefully be on the field in 6-18 months. 


I love Shepherding God's people toward their Calling! While Recruiting continues to go very well, our Rapp family finances are hurting. The truth is, in addition to bringing Kingdom workers into the fields to reap His Harvest, part of what God has called me to is bringing Kingdom partners alongside us to invest in this Kingdom work.


As humbling and hard as that is sometimes, I "consider it pure joy" to get to issue the invite! The rest is between you and God. We so appreciate God's goodness to us though His people! CA's Mission is to establish Churches who follow Jesus in transforming their world and because of God's goodness and partners like you, this is happening. So, thank you!  As Olivia said, we could not do this without you!



Thank you for your steadfast prayers, love and support.  We appreciate your friendship and partnership with us as God brings His kingdom here on earth.

Grace and Peace,
Teal, Megan, Olivia & Lexi


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