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Issue No. 37
November 2013
I am special because: I like to help the environment and I will help people when they get hurt.

Faith, 8
OUSD CARES - Linda Vista
Orange, CA
Greetings BOOSTers 

WHAT are you thankful for? WHY are you thankful for those things that came to mind? If you are thankful for people in your life, do they know this? While we celebrate Thanksgiving this month, keep in mind that gratitude extends all year long and it is important to share this with those around you.


We want to share with you how thankful we are to be here to support you in your mission and vision and how much we appreciate all that you do to support children, youth, families, and communities that you serve.  

Thank you,




Tia Quinn

Executive Director

BOOST Collaborative



Newsletter Sponsor of the Month


Adventures in Wisdom

Do you want to use stories to help kids learn how to develop resilience, create happiness, build confidence, and create success in life?

As an out-of-school professional, you have a unique opportunity to help kids develop powerful life skills that they probably aren't learning anywhere else - and it's as simple as sharing a story.   

With The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum, you can use fun and engaging short stories and activities to teach kids ages 6-12 how to thrive in life, even when faced with obstacles and challenges.  Through our program, kids learn how to handle the ups and downs of growing up, to develop strong self-esteem and self-confidence, to make good decisions and stand up to peer pressure, and to set and achieve their goals - think of it as "personal development for kids".


Visit for a free story and to hear a 40-minute overview about how you can become a certified WISDOM Coach™ for Kids. 


Questions about Adventures in Wisdom?
Renaye Thornborrow




Join Our Twitter Chat on November 21st

6pm PT/9pm ET!



The #BOOSTChat is an opportunity for out-of-school and youth development educators to discuss hot topics in the field, network, and receive resources to better their work.

We will be discussing the benefits of unstructured time and alternative methods of education on student learning and how educators can model these methods in their own lives. 

You can ask questions and follow the chat by using #BOOSTChat.


Panelists include Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD in Cognitive Psychology and author of Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined, Deb Sugerman, Senior National Trainer at Playworks, and Rebecca McMillan, Director of Online Education for the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum.  


Please visit

 for more information. Together we can make a difference!


BOOST Welcomes Kristie Dalesandro, 
Event Coordinator!

Kristie Dalesandro

Kristie Dalesandro is a Southern California native, growing up in sunny Orange County, CA. She graduated in 2012 with degree in communications from UC San Diego. Kristie is eager to join the BOOST Collaborative team and explore her passion for creating strong educational opportunities for underserved communities while also serving professionals in the space. After college, Kristie moved to Washington, DC to work for the NAACP Economic Department. While there, Kristie communicated with units across the country to address their needs and facilitated financial education workshops. She also managed economic resources such as toolkits, reports, and strategies to provide comprehensive financial education measures to leaders, units, and individuals... Read more


Program Highlight
Digital Harbor Foundation
Baltimore, MD


Forty years ago, Baltimore City had more than 150 Rec Centers. Two years ago, the Mayor slated half of the city's remaining 50 Rec Centers to close down. The Digital Harbor Foundation has a vision and a solution to this precipitous drop of funding support. Andrew Coy, the Executive Director of DHF and former high school educator, highlighted in a recenter conversation with Boot Collaborative, "Rec Centers filled an important economic imperative in an industrial economy -- they provided extended day care for factory workers on second shift and promoted physical fitness which in turn aided factories looking for able-bodied workers. The problem in Baltimore is that we don't have the factories we used to have. The City's Rec Centers therefore simply became a line-item to be cut."

By transforming a Rec Center into a Tech Center, however, the Digital Harbor Foundation has created an engine of future economic growth for the region's tech economy. Youth in the after-school and summer-time programs run by DHF learn 21st-Century skills such as web programming, app development, digital design, 3D printing, and much more! As part of the inaugural year of the Maker Education Initiative, DHF ran a series of "MakerCamps" this summer for youth. More than 80% of the 90+ youth who logged 5,600+ hours of "making" were on full or partial scholarship.

The Digital Harbor Foundation is looking to increase that and just launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise scholarship money for youth. In their first week they have raised more than $4,000 but still have a ways to go to reach their goal of $20,250! Learn more about their work and help out Baltimore City youth as they become the next generation digital workers, entrepreneurs, and makers! Visit


Submitted by:  

Andrew Coy

Executive Director

Digital Harbor Foundation

Baltimore, MD


Staff Highlight


 Annette Santana

Onsite Coordinator

Organized Parents Make a Difference, Inc. 

Hartford, CT


In 2005, after college, Annette was hired by OPMAD as a part-time program instructor. Even though her major was in Criminal Justice her real love was always the arts, specifically music and dance.  Her supervisor quickly realized what a unique gem she is. Annette shared her passion for the arts in creative ways with all different age groups of students.  Her ability to organize, connect with the students and parents made her the obvious choice when the Site Coordinator position became available. She has been the Site Coordinator at that same school for 7 years.


Annette is a hands-on supervisor. She is very involved in all aspects of her program as well as managing and supporting 9 part-time employees 5 days a week.  But, her passion doesn't end at 6:00 p.m.  She just wrapped up her 7th annual family Haunted House. It takes many volunteers, in most cases entire families, to offer this goulash activity for her students and the community. She offers parent discussions, adult Zumba, family science nights, family literacy nights, plus activities in partnership with our State's Mystic aquarium. She has made it her mission to offer the kids and their families activities that will help them grow, succeed, and excel.


Annette's life doesn't begin and end with her OPMAD activities.  She has twin two year olds at home and her 8 year old daughter attends a Montessori School where Annette is a very active parent. She serves on the school's PTA and School Governance Council. Her energy level puts us all to shame! 


Annette is a fine example of OPMAD's mission.  OPMAD is an organization founded by parents of children in Hartford needing a safe enriching environment during after-school hours.  


To learn more about Organized Parents Make a Difference, Inc., please click here.   




Submitted by:  

Sharon Tripp

Executive Director

Organized Parents Make a Difference, Inc.

Hartford, CT


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 Young People in Afterschool Programs Leading Efforts to Improve School Attendance

Blog written by:

Hedy Chang, Attendance Works

San Francisco, CA

Ellie Mitchell, Maryland Out-of-School Time Network

Baltimore, MD



Playing in the Leaves

Blog written by:

ElizaBeth Phillips

Program Development Director

Child Development, Inc.

Sacramento, CA



Valuing Children's Artwork

Blog written by:

Anna Reyner

Director of Training & So. California Account Manager

Discount School Supply

Los Angeles, CA


Steve Amick  


Blog written by:

Steve Amick

Director of Policy and Partnerships

THINK Together


We're always looking for new bloggers. Please contact Kristin at  
for more information on how to join this amazing group of bloggers today!


To view other Breakfast Club Blogs click here.  

Youth Activity

When S is More than Just an S



At MindWorks Resources, we know how kids learn...and it's through fun!

Our subscription-based curriculum supports learning in reading, language, math, art, social studies, and science. This is an experiment modified from our latest unit, Sticky Situations! 


Prep time:  5 minutes or less     


Activity time: 15 minutes


Grade Level:  All levels       


Group Size: Large group (10 or more)

Environment:  Indoors or Outdoors   

Objective: Students will understand that water has dissolving powers! Water molecules insert themselves between sugar molecules. Eventually, all the sugar molecules are separated by water molecules, and the sugared candy dissolves...or does it?


Materials Needed: 8 small to medium size cups, water, large bag of M&M candies, large bag of regular (not sour) Skittles candies




Divide students into four groups.

Give each group the following materials:

  • 2 cups with cool or room temperature water in each
  • Several M&M candies
  • Several Skittles candies

Provide students with the following instructions for conducting the experiment:

  • Drop the M&M candies into a cup of water, logo side up.
  • Do not stir the water or shake the cup.
  • Observe the candy. What happens to the M&Ms in the water?

(The candy coating eventually dissolves. The water turns colors.)

  • Drop the Skittles candies into the second cup of water, logo side up.
  • Do not stir the water or shake the cup.
  • Ask students, "What do you think will happen?"

(Students will probably say the Skittles will dissolve and the water will turn colors, like the M&Ms did.)

  • Observe what happens to the Skittles.

(While the candy dissolves, the S, made from an edible ink that does not dissolve in water, floats to the top.)

  • When the "ooohs" and "aaaahs" subside, explain to students the chemical reaction: Dissolving is a chemical reaction that takes place when a solid - like sugar - is mixed with a liquid. Do you think the 'S' on the Skittles is made of sugar? Why or why not? (No, because if the 's' was made of sugar, it would have dissolved.)
  • Tell students: The white letters on Skittles are printed with an edible ink that does not dissolve in water. When the rest of the candy shell begins to dissolve in the water, the letters peel off and float to the top.
  • Students sparked by this experiment may ask, "What about ­­(another type of candy)?" Be ready for many dissolving experiments that help students understand that water dissolves - or breaks apart - sugar molecules!

Resources:  Find hundreds of tried and true resources and tools at


Submitted by:  

Terri Marini
Director of Product Development

MindWorks Resources

Coppell, TX 


To learn more about MindWorks, click here.


Do you have a youth activity that is fun, engaging, and easy to implement? Let us know about it and we may feature it here! 


Funding Opportunities
Deadline: January 31, 2014
The Find Your Balance Challenge is open to elementary school classrooms in grades K-5 and rewards student teams for taking steps toward achieving Energy Balance in your own school communities. Winning schools have a chance to win a $30,000 Grand Prize Grant. One Second Place winning class will receive a $10,000 grant. One Third Place school will receive a $5,000 grant. Applications will be accepted from August 27, 2013 until January 31, 2014. 
Deadline: February 28, 2014
With support from the National PTA, schools and communities across the nation have the opportunity to apply for a number of grants and other prizes to help them implement a health initiative at their school. Overall, the Smart from the Start program will award a total of $500,000 in grants, training and awards to eligible schools. The winning preschool will be awarded $20,000 and ten runners-up will each receive $2,500. Early childhood education centers and schools with a Pre-K program are eligible to apply. 


Childhood Obesity Rapid Response Fund  

Deadline: Rolling


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the American Heart Association, and a team of experts from across the childhood obesity movement have teamed up through the Childhood Obesity Rapid Response Fund. The mission of the fund is to make effective strategic investments in ongoing state, local, and tribal public policy campaigns in order to increase public policy impact on healthy weight and living among children. This funding is mostly targeted at passage of new public policy, however proposals for defense of existing critical policy as well as addressing policy implementation deficiencies are also eligible. Grants will be made only to non-profit organizations. A phone consultation prior to submitting a step-one application is required.


PeyBack Foundation Grant

 Deadline: February 3, 2014  

The PeyBack Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to assist programs that provide leadership and growth opportunities for at-risk children. Emphasis is placed on programs that have a direct benefit to children through relationships and activities, specifically programs intended to enrich the lives of disadvantaged youth through activities conducted outside the typical school day. Activities include healthy living, mentoring, and leadership skills. Multiple grants averaging $10,000 will be awarded to selected applicants. Nonprofit organizations serving economically disadvantaged youth between ages 6 and 18 in Indiana, Louisiana, Tennessee, and the Denver metro area are eligible to apply.

To see more funding opportunities, click here.
OST News 


 Click here to read more news! 

OST Research

CSBA Summer Learning and Wellness Resource Guide


The complete 124-series in an interactive graphic format. The CSBA Summer Learning and Wellness Resource Guide provides information on the effects of summer learning loss, successful characteristics of summer programs, case studies and much more. The guide also details how boards can provide leadership and funding for summer programs.


To read this guide, click here.


2013 CASEL Guide: Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs-Preschool and Elementary Edition
The 2013 CASEL Guide: Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs-Preschool and Elementary Editionprovides a systematic framework for evaluating the quality of classroom-based SEL programs. It uses this framework to rate and identify well-designed, evidence-based SEL programs with potential for broad dissemination to schools across the United States. The primary goal of the Guide is to give educators information for selecting and implementing SEL programs in their districts and schools. It also documents the significant advances the SEL field has made in the past decade, establishes new and more rigorous standards for SEL program adoption, and provides suggestions for next steps for SEL research and practice. 
Leveling the Playing Field: Community Schools Confront Poverty to Improve Student Success


This report explores an approach to combating the achievement gap between poor children and higher-income peers using the community schools model. Community schools confront poverty and education together by partnering with the community to provide critical resources for students and families. From after school to health clinics to parent education programs, community schools level the playing field and empower youth to take the first steps toward a brighter future.

To read more about this research, click here.

The First Eight Years Policy Report

This report by The Annie E. Casey Foundation, released in partnership with Children Now, shows lifetime trajectory shaped in the earliest years, so the state should invest more in early childhood development.

Highlighting nearly half (49%) of California's 0- to 8-year olds now live in low-income households, the report found large numbers of at-risk young children also are not receiving critical supports and preventive services they need to succeed in school and beyond.

To read more about this research, click here.
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Geography Awareness week is November 17-23!

How many high school students do you think are proficient in geography?


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 National Homeless Youth Awareness Month
November is National Homeless Youth Awareness Month. As educators, we play a significant role in supporting this positive movement. Click here for more resources and ways you can get involved.  


Free Webinar:  

Building Better Writers (without picking up a pen)


Available Now To Watch!
Presenter: Beth Rogowsky, Ed.D.

Length: 45 minutes

Learning to write is one of the most cognitively demanding academic activities a student must perform. It is not surprising that many students struggle to perfect and improve their writing abilities throughout their academic years. Nearly 3/4 of both 12th and 8th grade students are not proficient writers (NAEP, 2011). In this webinar, learn from teacher-turned-researcher, Dr. Rogowsky, about a randomized control field trial that found that computer-based instruction intended to improve cognitive skills transferred to improvement in sixth grade students' writing skills.

  Listen to the webinar here! 

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Derrick Price
Faculty, Institute of Motion, Trainer, Technogym
Personal Trainer at Function First
Photo Taken: Function First, San Diego, CA, November 2013

 Eddie Garcia
District Afterschool Coordinator, Lennox School District
Photo Taken: Millennium Park, Chicago, IL, October 2013


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Words, Words, Words

Words, words, words are what you need for effective communication. Start right from the beginning and master them all! The 2000+ words become more difficult with each passing quiz. Audio is included to help with pronunciation. Mix things up with the unscramble game!

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Career Corner

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After School Program Assistant

Prospect Hill Academy Charter School
Somerville, Massachusetts


Associate Community Outreach Coordinator


Washington, DC


Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Bay City, TX



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Vendor Fair Highlight 

Positive Adventures Logo  
Positive Adventures
 Camps, Team Building
San Diego, CA


View their profile here.
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Speakers Corner Highlight
Alex Kajitani
California Teacher of the Year
Kajitani Education
Carlsbad, CA

View his profile here.
Stop! Get Your Geometry On!
Stop! Get your Geometry On!
Inspired by the Rappin' Mathematician, Alex Kajitani, at the 2013 BOOST Conference, Mike Ashcraft from Children's Choice Child Care Services, Inc  and his team created Stop! Get Your Geometry On!
Take a Look! 

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There are 1.7 million homeless youth in the United States.

For more resources on Homeless and Runaway Youth, visit the BOOST Resource Center here.

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