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            October 2013 Newsletter


Issue No. 36
October 2013
"What excites you about learning? Reading interesting books (math), fun problems, and (science) cool stuff."

Emma, 9
Orange, CA

Greetings BOOSTers 

Happy Autumn BOOSTers!

We hope you are enjoying the change in seasons and are getting the most out of our monthly newsletters.  We have many new projects and resources in the works and will be announcing them soon!  Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages to be the first to hear the latest news.





Thank you for all the work you do to support
children, youth, families, and communities. 



Tia Quinn

Executive Director

BOOST Collaborative



OST Highlight
Lights On Afterschool
Oct. 17, 2013 

Celebrate the
14th Annual Lights On Afterschool
hosted by the Afterschool Alliance!


Each October, 1 million Americans and thousands of communities nationwide celebrate Lights On Afterschool to shine a light on the afterschool programs that keep kids safe, inspire them to learn and help working families.  


To kick off the planning season, the Afterschool Alliance has completely redone their Lights On Afterschool website, complete with easier navigation, updated resources, new event ideas, and planning tips from both seasoned veterans and first-timers. 


Click here to get your Lights on Afterschool celebration started!



Happy Anniversary!

The BOOST Conference  was founded 6 years ago, and we are continuing to grow our services to support you better! 

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Happy Anniversary on our Facebook page!


Welcome Our New
BOOST Ambassador!

Julie Cakir

Julie has lived in multiple cities in Turkey, USA and Canada and has recently arrived to sunny San Diego (she refuses to buy sun glasses). With her passion towards cultures, human behavior and science she aims to reach out, inspire and connect with people. She has recently received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from University of British Columbia (UBC). Julie has spent over year and a half volunteering at the Crisis Center, assisting in youth, adults and seniors under crisis. She strongly believes in the power of human connection and collaboration... Read more  


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Staff Highlight


 Cynthia Clement


CD Fulkes Middle School 

Round Rock, TX


Teachers like Cynthia Clement, a 7th grade Language Arts teacher at CD Fulkes Middle School in Round Rock, Texas, provide invaluable support and skills developing the students through the ASPIRE program. After the school day ends, Mrs. Clement tutors and continues to support the academic success of the students enrolled in ASPIRE.  


One afternoon a week, Cynthia dedicates herself to a group of emerging young ladies as they learn the art of sewing, knitting, and embroidery. Lacking the machines needed to provide her girls a personalized experience, Clement researched available resources and secured additional sewing machines to allow the girls an authentic, meaningful learning enrichment.  


Cynthia's dedication to the program extends beyond the school day and even the school building. Always planning a way to enhance the program, she uses her personal time to search countless fabric and crafting stores to find affordable supplies to maximize the programs funds. Mrs. Clement has led fresh, relevant projects for these girls, making purses, personalized pillow cases, and cell phone carriers.  


Our school, our community and certainly the students in Mrs. Clement's program are all abundantly enhanced having such a program as ASPIRE to meet the needs of today's kids and tomorrow's leaders.



To learn more about Round Rock ISD, please click here.   


Submitted by:  

Sherry Sadighi   

ASPIRE Coordinator

CD Fulkes Middle School

Round Rock, TX


BOOST Breakfast Club

Breakfast Clubc Blog Logo

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Ride the Wave!
Blog written by Carola Secada
Executive Director 
YMCA of Greater Long Beach
Long Beach, CA   



Vive La Digital Revolution
Blog written by Shawn C. Petty
Technical Assistance Manager
Edvance Research
San Antonio, TX  



Back to School For All
Blog written by Jane Sharp
Private Consultant
ConsultantSharp Ideas LLC
Allentown, NJ  


We're always looking for new bloggers. Please contact Kristin at  
for more information on how to join this amazing group of bloggers today!


To view other Breakfast Club Blogs click here.  

Youth Activity



At Playworks, we love Shipwreck. Not only does it teach listening skills and awareness, this is a great grouping game. With some favorite commands, you can get players into groups of 2, 3, 4, or 5 in a snap!  

Moving from Shipwreck to your next game or learning activity will help you group kids together in a fast and easy way, with no sore feelings. Ensuring kids to work and play with others outside of their peer group is key to developing positive and inclusive social skills


Prep time:  5 minutes or less     


Activity time: 10 minutes


Grade Level:  Grades K-5        


Group Size: Large group (10 or more)

Environment:  Indoors or Outdoors   

Objective: Follow the captain's commands as quickly as possible and have fun!     


Materials Needed: None

Preparation:  Have the players line up on a clearly marked line in the middle of the playing area.




How To Play: 

  • The leader explains that she/he is the captain of the boat/ship and is going give commands to the players/crew to perform a specific movement or sound.
  • Explain that the crew is sailing treacherous seas and need to work together and follow the captain's commands to survive.   
  • If crewmember does not follow the commands correctly or is the last to follow the command they must go to the "brig" or break-room.
  • Explain the playing area and designate which end is the "bow" of the ship and which end is the "stern."     
  • Commands:
  1. Roll Call: The crew must line up at the midline of the playing area, feet together, toes on the line, salute and say "aye-aye captain!" The crew may not lower their salute until the captain salutes and says "at ease."    
  2. Swab the Deck: Players act like they're mopping the deck.   
  3. Shark Attack: The captain becomes a shark and tries to tag the crew. Those tagged go to the "brig" to dance or perform an designated exercise.    
  4. Break Time: Active crewmembers can run to the "brig" and tag as many people as possible. Those that are tagged can come back in and play again. Make sure everyone gets let out of the "brig" during break time.  
  5. Lighthouse: Crew forms groups of two. Player puts their hands above their head and palms together with their partner. Hands adjoined, players walk clockwise while saying, "Booop, Booop, Booop" like a lighthouse.    
  6. Sailor Overboard: Three crewmembers group together. Two members hold hands. The third member stands in between the space (the boat) and using their spyglass, look for the sailor in the water.    
  7. Row to Shore: Crew gets in lines of four; players act as if they are rowing to safety, while singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"    
  8. Chow Time:  Crew gets into groups of five, huddles together and furiously scoops porridge into their mouths while saying, "Nom, Nom, Nom."

Resources:  Find hundreds of tried and true games at 


Submitted by:  

Alexandra Pratt
Marketing Manager 


Oakland, CA   




To learn more about Playworks, click here.


Do you have a youth activity that is fun, engaging, and easy to implement? Let us know about it and we may feature it here! 


Funding Opportunities
October 11, 2013

United Way is seeking applicants for its Impact Fund grants.
October 15, 2013 
National grant opportunity for organizations and agencies supporting early childhood education and development.

November 15, 2013

Westinghouse Electric Company is accepting applications from schools in the United States working to provide creative hands-on projects related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Through its N-Visioning a Brighter Future program, Westinghouse will award $1,000 grants to three schools for any project with a STEM-based focus. An additional $2,000 grant will be awarded to each school's science department for general needs.

Apply today to fund your project with aim to bring communities in your area together. Awesome ideas "spark an instant of joy and delight and inspire a long-term hope for a more awesome future." Submissions are reviewed and grants of $1000 are awarded monthly.


Best Buy Teach 15 Award

The Teach@15 Award program helps schools serving any grades 7-12 meet their technology needs. Teens (age 13-18) who are registered members on ("Members") can nominate their schools (depending on eligibility) to win a Teach@15 Award. Teen members can vote once a day for 15 days for one nomination. Every 15 days, Best Buy will award 3 schools with Best Buy Gift Cards based on member votes. The school with the most votes will win $1,500, second most votes wins $1,000 and third most votes wins $500.

To see more funding opportunities, click here.
OST News 


 Click here to read more news! 

OST Research

Children Benefit from Positive Peer Influence in Afterschool Programs 
Children in afterschool programs who have a sense of connectedness with their peers are less likely to report emotional problems, according to Penn State researchers. Children exhibited fewer behavior problems if they perceived their peers were willing to encourage them to behave well.


To read more about this study, click here.

The American Educational Research Association (AERA) issued a report earlier this year titled Prevention of Bullying in Schools, Colleges, and Universities: Research Report and Recommendations. The report results from the work of a blue-ribbon AERA task force mandated to prepare and present practical short-term and long-term recommendations to address bullying of children and youth.


To read more about this research, click here.
This compendium is a compilation of four issue briefs examining critical issues facing middle school youth and the vital role afterschool programs play in addressing these issues. This series explores afterschool and: arts enrichment, parent engagement, school improvement efforts and digital learning. The compendium also includes in-depth profiles of the 2012 Afterschool Innovator Award winners, as well as highlights from 2008-2011 award winners. 


To read more about this research, click here.

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Bullying Prevention Trivia!


Nationwide, _____ percent of students in grades 9-12 experienced bullying in 2011.



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 National Bullying Prevention Month 
October is National Bullying Prevention Month. As educators, we play a significant role in supporting this positive movement. Click here for more resources and ways you can get involved.  


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Authentic Middle School Youth Engagement in Safe Routes to School  
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America's Safe Schools Week is  October 20-26, 2013.   In this complimentary 1 hour webinar, you will be provided with a brief overview for working with middle school youth and look at programs and practices that have effectively and authentically engaged youth in active transportation efforts around their schools.

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Scott Barry Kaufman
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Photo Taken: Washington Square Park
New York, September 2013



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Executive Director 

San Leandro Education Foundation
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Academic Advisor/Coordinator  

CSU Fullerton Auxiliary Services Corporation
Fullerton, CA



YMCA of Greater Long Beach,

Long Beach, CA 


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Vendor Fair Highlight 

Revolution K12
 Academic Enrichment, Curriculum, Software/Online Services, Test Prep/College & Career Prep
Santa Monica, CA


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Speakers Corner Highlight

Dr. Gale K. Gorke
Executive Director
Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drug Prevention Programs, Arts and Culture,
Before and After School Programs & More!
Kids Kan Inc
Calimesa, CA

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