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Issue No. 33
July 2013
"The world would be a better place if:  people wouldn't steal things."

Ariel, 10

YMCA of Greater Long Beach

Long Beach, CA

Greetings BOOSTers 

While recently having dinner with my friend Dr. Nancy Frey, a woman of boundless wisdom and useless trivia, I learned an interesting fact:


The word Independence is never mentioned in the body of the Declaration of Independence.


Here are a few trivia questions to dazzle your friends or students with. (See answers below in newsletter)


A. Where is the Declaration kept today?


B. What is the first word of the Declaration?


C. Of all the colonies, which one had the most signatures?


D. Who was the first person in Congress to sign it?


E. Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence?


F. Which signer of the Declaration of the Independence was arrested for committing treason because of the role he played in the Boston Tea Party?


Thank you for all the work you do to support
children, youth, families, and communities,  



Tia Quinn

Executive Director

BOOST Collaborative





BOOST Collaborative Welcomes Gobie H20 to the BOOST Office


BOOST is excited to welcome Gobie H2O to our office space! These local entrepreneurs were recently on the ABC hit show Shark Tank, and their business is growing fast. Learn more about them and why their water bottles are award winning and changing lives by clicking here!

Meet the Summer 2013 BOOST Ambassador

Jessica Lindquist 
Jessica Lindquist is a San Diego native and earned her B.A. degree in international politics with a minor in education from the University of California at Santa Cruz. Her studies have focused on human rights, foreign policy and education reform. While pursuing her degree, Jessica founded the Invisible Children Club at UCSC and was president of her college's senate. During her senior year, she studied abroad at the University of Ghana, Legon, in West Africa, where she also interned with a human rights law firm. Jessica recently moved back to San Diego after living in San Francisco. In her free time, Jessica likes to cook with friends, stay active, and dedicate time to volunteer with organizations like Meals On Wheels.

Program Highlight

Texas Senate Bill 503 Passed!


After months of hard work, Texas Senate Bill 503 has been passed. This bill will allow for the creation of the first Expanded Learning Opportunities Council.

Relying on the expertise of out-of-school time stakeholders from across Texas, the Expanded Learning Opportunities Council will be charged with:
  • Analyzing current research on best practices and other issues related to Expanded Learning Opportunities;
  • Analyzing the availability of, and unmet needs for, state and local Expanded Learning Opportunities;
  • Analyzing opportunities to create incentives for employers and businesses to support Expanded Learning Opportunities;
  • Analyzing opportunities to maximize charitable support for public and private partnerships to bolster Expanded Learning Opportunities; and
  • Analyzing opportunities to promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in Expanded Learning Opportunities.
For more information on Texas senate bill 503, click here.
Staff Highlight


Monica Logan 

Director of Youth Programs

The Parks and People Foundation

Baltimore, MD


"The task of the leader is to get his[her] people from where they are to where they have not been." This is what Monica Logan does as my leader and supervisor. Ms. Logan is the Director of Youth Programs for the Parks and People Foundation, a non-profit in Baltimore dedicated to supporting a wide range of recreational and educational opportunities and creating and sustaining beautiful and lively parks. She has been in this position since 2000 after graduating from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a Master's degree in Social Work. She manages 4 sports leagues, the organization's environmental educational programs, and SuperKids Camp, a nationally recognized summer reading enrichment camp. All this and she still has a social life and time to mentor her staff to get them where they have not been. She believes in her staff and sees their potential. She questions you to make you think through the issue and find your own resolution. She is always seeking growth in herself and in her staff so that we all reach new heights. Monica is a leader that all should aspire to emulate. She is a visionary for her division and has taught me to continually look at the big picture while helping grow those around me.



To learn more about the Parks and People Foundation, please click here.   


Submitted by:  

Alicia Copeland 

Manager of Youth Program Administration

Parks and People Foundation 

Baltimore, MD 


BOOST Breakfast Club

Breakfast Clubc Blog Logo

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The Heart of the Matter 

Blog written by Terri Marini, Vice President of Programs, Dallas AfterSchool Network, Dallas, TX



Dr. Andria Fletcher
Leading With Purpose, Passion and Intention!
Blog written by Dr. Andria Fletcher, Chief Consultant, Center for Collaborative Solutions, Sacramento, CA

"If You Don't Love Kids....Get Another Job!"
Blog written by Dr. Gale Gale K. Gorke, Executive Director, Kids Kan Inc., Calimesa, CA

Let's Grow Our Growth Mindsets: Rethinking How We Praise Kids
Blog written by Linda Kekelis, Executive Director, Techbridge, Oakland, CA



We're always looking for new bloggers. Please contact Kristin at  
for more information on how to join this amazing group of bloggers today!


To view other Breakfast Club Blogs click here.  

 Youth Activity

Once Upon the Moon - Craters! 

* Experiment with making and assessing impact craters * Manipulate the conditions that control the size and appearance of impact craters. * Make predictions and discuss the relationships between the size of the crater, and the size of the projectile * Identify craters on the Moon * Utilize the science skills of observing, classifying, communicating, inferring, predicting, gathering and organizing data, developing hypothesis, team work*

Prep time: 20 minutes once you have gathered all the material  


Activity time: 45 mins


Grade level:Grades 4-5   


Group size: Small Group, Large Group 


Environment:Outdoors on a calm day if possible; otherwise use an indoor area that is easy to protect and clean up (avoid rugs or cover them with plastic tarp)     


Objective: Understand a common feature found on the Moon and throughout the solar system - craters! Learn the physical characteristics of a crater. Learn how a crater's characteristics can give clues to the history of a planetary body.      


Materials needed:   

* Bag(s) of flour or sand, enough for 2" deep in each student team's pan   

* Dry chocolate cake mix or cocoa   

* Sifter - or paper cup pierced with sharp pencil to make small holes in the bottom For each student team of 4-5:   

* Newspaper or tarp to catch flour outside of the pan - aids in clean-up   

* Pan, tray or copy box lid (sides about 4" tall)   

* 3 different rounded projectiles (marbles, pebbles, ball bearings, clay, golf balls, other materials in different sizes, weights)   

* Pencils and paper  

* Ruler - for measuring crater depth and width  

* Yard stick or tape measure - for measuring projectile drop height  

* Protective eye gear



* To compare the craters you make at your site with the Moon, look for an image of the full moon on the internet (, or have the kids observe the full moon at home (around July 22, August 21, Sept 19 for summer 2013).
* Prepare and label sets of projectiles for each team. Gather a variety of sizes and mass, golf-ball sized or smaller.
* Prepare the impact boxes (one for each team of 4 - 5) by pouring layers of materials: o First - flour, sand or baking soda (2 or more inches thick) o Next - chocolate cake mix or cocoa powder sifted lightly but solidly across the top, just until the contents below cannot be seen. The experiment won't work with too thick of a top layer.
* Collect lids of boxes of copy paper or ˝-size aluminum steam table pans (for serving food). 20 pounds of flour will cover about 5 ˝-size aluminum pans.
* Lay out a complete set of materials for each team in stations.



1. Divide your students into teams of 4-5. Ask the students what they observed on the moon or in the photo. Explain that many of the smaller features we can see on the moon are impact craters. Ask if they know what causes craters, and what happens when they are made? (They might know correctly that something crashes into the ground and forms the crater, and/or that the impact comes from some kind of space debris, that material is blown out of the crater upon impact, that a crater could be deep or wide). Explain these are formed when objects such as pieces of asteroids, comets or a meteorite strike a solid surface. We see craters on planets, moons and even on other asteroids and comets. Impact craters can give us an idea of the age, structure, and history of a surface when we study the overlapping of craters, the weathering or erasing of the evidence of craters, layers within craters, and sometimes from the materials thrown around a crater (ejecta). Ask students if they think that craters are more easily made with heavy and small, or light and large objects. Tell them they will do an experiment to determine this - you'll get to make your own craters with projectiles of different weights and sizes.

2. Give each team a pencil and piece of paper and ask them to go to one of the crater boxes. Have the students choose a job for the first step of this experiment, one of:
  • Make the impact with the projectile
  • Remove projectile and take the measurement of the width and depth of the crater, and distance away from the crater of any ejected material.
  • Record the predictions, data, and observations/measurements about the crater
Draw a picture of the crater

3. Next, tell the teams to write down their predictions about the type of crater each projectile will make. They should include information about how deep or wide will the crater be, and if the rim (top edge) will have sharp or soft edges.

4. Then, have one team member hold the yardstick straight up from the ground, and another should choose a height from which to drop the projectile into the pan (no throwing). To avoid eye injury, students should wear safety goggles when dropping objects into the pan. They should make the first impact by standing over the box and, at the height they agreed on, drop the projectile straight down into the box - in a free fall, rather than throwing it.

5. Have the teams remove the projectiles from the surface carefully so as not to disturb the shape of the crater.   Team members should now make and record the measurements and draw the picture of the crater and ejecta.

6. Ask the teams what they observe both inside and outside of their crater. Where they surprised to see the underlying material (flour/sand) exposed?   What material was thrown out of the crater? (The materials seen as lines of spray are called "ejecta rays".)

7. Leaving the previous crater as it is (don't cover it up), have the team members switch jobs, and have a different student drop from the same height, but with a different projectile, in a different location from the first crater. (It's fine if the craters overlap.) Measure and record the crater size and depth. Repeat one more time with the last projectile.

8. Ask them to discuss the following questions:
- Does the weight and size of the projectile affect the type of crater that is made?
- What do you observe about craters in your box? (Examples: they begin to cross over each other, they mix up the ground, things come up from underneath.)
If you went to another team's box, could you tell which ones were made first and which came later? How? (The older ones have been partially or completely covered by the newer ones.)
- Again look at an image of the Moon. Can you show which craters are older and which are younger? What is your evidence?

- If there are all these craters on the Moon, what about Earth? Do we see them there? Why or why not?

9. Conclude the activity by congratulating the students on being careful observers - a key science skill! Explain that:
Lunar rocks returned by the Apollo missions indicate that there was an intense amount of bombardment about 3.9 billion years ago affecting all the young planets and other bodies. Time, weathering and movement of the Earth's surface has largely erased traces of its early crustal period. But the near absence of weathering on the Moon retained craters and other evidence of this ancient time. The planet Mars has more visible craters than Earth because Mars has a thinner atmosphere to protect it, and has less weathering than on Earth. 

Student Leadership: Once they've done the activity, older students can lead younger students in a different class.

Find more after school activities about the solar system at:
See how scientists today are searching for asteroids passing near the Earth and keep track on them on your desktop with a widget that can be downloaded from Angela Green is "living her dream" as a Lunar Sample Processor at NASA Johnson Space Center - she preserves, protects, and distributes (for scientific and educational studies) lunar rocks brought back from the Moon by the Apollo missions. Read more about Angela at: Explore the lunar surface through the Moon Zoo Crater Survey - look at different types of craters and answer questions about what you observe. Your answers contribute to scientists' understanding of the moon. 

To visit NASA, please click here.

Submitted by:  

Leslie Lowes 

NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory   

Pasadena, CA   




Do you have a youth activity that is fun, engaging, and easy to implement? Let us know about it and we may feature it here! 


Funding Opportunities
July 22, 2013


The Basic Center Program establishes, or strengthens, community-based programs that provide emergency shelter, food, clothing, counseling and referrals for health care to runaway and homeless youth and their families in an effort to keep them from ending up the child welfare, mental health, or juvenile justice systems.


October 15, 2013

Do you have a community or school garden that needs new plants? Are you looking for seeds to start one? Apply today for the opportunity to help plants native to your area grow today. Funds are restricted to the purchase of native plants and seed for the grant-award year.  


Deadline: Rolling

Youth Service America (YSA) features an Everyday Young Hero each week in the National Service Briefing. Each Everyday Young Hero selected receives certificate and award letter, is featured in National Service Briefing, is featured on YSA's websites, receives customized press release for local media, and is eligible for recognition as a YSA Service Star. Nominations are accepted on an ongoing basis.


To see more funding opportunities, click here
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Out-of-School Time News   

July 1, 2013  

The Wall Street Journal 


 Click here to read more news! 


Academic Achievement Trajectories of Homeless and Highly Mobile Students: Resilience in the Context of Chronic and Acute Risk
This research examines academic achievement data across third through eighth grades , comparing students identified as homeless or highly mobile with other students in the federal free meal program, reduced price meals, or neither.

To read this research, please click here.  

WWC Review of the Report "Large-scale Randomized Controlled
Trial with 4th Graders Using Intelligent Tutoring of the Structure
Strategy to Improve Nonfiction Reading Comprehension"

Read a review that examined the effects of a web-based tutoring program, Intelligent Tutoring for Structure Strategy (ITSS), on the reading comprehension of fourth-grade students. This study assessed the effectiveness of ITSS immediately after the end of the intervention concluding that ITSS had a positive statistically significant effect on the children's reading comprehension.





To read this research, please visit the Institute of Education Sciences here


Pathways for Youth: Draft Strategic Plan for Federal Collaboration

This report is a first step to help partners address their common goals for youth, elevate strong models of youth programs, and articulate areas for future collaborative work with and for youth. As research is continued, more reports will be released.

To read the report, please visit Find Youth Info here.
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June Facebook
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Congratulations to Nora Purto Hana from San Joaquin County Office of Education
in Stockton, CA for winning our June contest! Nora won a BOOST Book Bundle (includes books: "Instant Recess," "Urban Science Education for the Hip-Hop Generation," and "The Element")Make sure to participate in this months contest for your chance to win this month's prize!
 Positive Adventures Named
Most Innovative Product/Service in San Diego


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On June 24th, 2013, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards recognized Positive Adventures as the Most Innovative Product/ Service in San Diego. BOOST Collaborative Congratulates you and knows the awards will only keep coming.    


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America's National Night Out 
August 6, 2013 



National Night Out is a night where is celebrated to promote crime prevention activities, police-community partnerships, neighborhood camaraderie and send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back. The National Association of Town Watch ask you to lock your doors, turn on outside porch lights and spend the evening outside with neighbors and police. 


For your very own tool kit to start planning your neighborhoods event, click here! 

  Free Webinar: Strengthening Physical Activity and Nutrition Programs in Afterschool   

July 24, 2013 2:00 pm EDT  

  Afterschool Alliance    


Join this webinar as they introduce the afterschool and summer learning field to the Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Standards in Out of School Time, the first-ever comprehensive national nutrition and physical activity standards for K-12 out-of-school programs, and 2013 BOOST Conference Exhibitors Healthy Kids Out of School, an initiative that offers resources to provide healthy foods and increase physical activity. Guest speakers will also discuss how to take advantage of funding through USDA child nutrition programs.   

Register for the webinar here! 

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BOOST Conference 2014 


Join the nation's largest, most recognized and comprehensive conference for after school and out-of-school time professionals. Set in a retreat-like atmosphere, this extraordinary event will rejuvenate your passion and boost your direction for quality programming. Make sure not to miss BOOST Conference 2014! Mark your calendars today.   


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Photo Taken: Botafogo Beach and Marina, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 2013

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Charter School Facilities:
The Pursuit for Equity

August 1, 2013 1 - 3 pm ET

Participants of this webinar will discuss the most challenging aspects of securing and financing a facility for today's charter schools, examples of best practices that are helping solve this problem, and the impact of the facilities challenge on charter schools' academic performance.

To register for this webinar, please click here.
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Partnership for a Healthier America

Washington, D.C. 

Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation   

New York, NY 


VOYCE, Safe Schools Consortium Coordinator

Albany Park Neighborhood Council  

Chicago, IL  


America's Promise Alliance  

Washington, D.C. 


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Challenge Day
Challenge Day
Academic Enrichment, Assembly Programs, Non-Profit Organization, Team Building
Concord, CA


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Tia Quinn
Executive Director
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BOOST Collaborative
San Diego, CA


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Answers to Declaration of Independence Trivia   
A. National Archives
B. When
C. Pennsylvania
D. John Hancock
E. Thomas Jefferson
F. Samuel Adams

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