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            June 2013 Newsletter


Issue No. 32
June 2013

"One thing I will always remember about my after-school program is: I learned something new." 

Carlos, 12

Tiger Woods Learning Center / Anaheim Unified School District

Anaheim, CA

Greetings BOOSTers 

It is June Gloom here is San Diego and personally, I couldn't be happier. When you live in a city where it's 75 and sunny on most days, it is a welcome change to have clouds and cooler weather (although most San Diegans would wholeheartedly disagree with me.) Change is important and we have had many changes this past year- all healthy for our organizational growth.  


A few happenings this past year:

Our spring interns have just completed the spring BOOST Ambassador program and we are getting ready to interview some exceptional summer interns. Rachel Whiteside is back at BOOST as our Program Coordinator (she's extraordinary) and we are currently forming the 2013-2014 BOOST Conference Leadership Team. We are on the road all summer long training new and seasoned staff alike and supporting their growth to take their programs to the next level.


Stay tuned and see what happens next!

Thank you for all the work you do to support
children, youth, families, and communities,  



Tia Quinn

Executive Director

BOOST Collaborative





BOOST Collaborative Welcomes Back Program Coordinator, Rachel Whiteside

Rachel Whiteside, soon to be Rachel Ruiz, grew up in Gilroy, California. She graduated from UC San Diego in 2011 with a degree in Sociology. Rachel was an intern at BOOST and has been working in social services for the past two years. She will be attending San Diego State University part-time in the fall to get her Masters in Social Work. Rachel is getting married to the love of her life and college sweetheart, Andrew Ruiz, on June 29th and will be honeymooning in Iceland (it's actually green)! She is excited to be working at BOOST again and assisting in the advancement of the out-of-school time field. When she's not at BOOST or in school, you can find her at the many delicious restaurants in San Diego or at a local coffee shop enjoying a soy chai latte.


Networking Soiree  

June 20, 2013  

5-7 pm 

Join the BOOST Collaborative and Positive Adventures teams for an evening of networking, socializing, and our beautiful sunset view in our Little Italy Studio.

Light appetizers and drinks will be provided. Come join the fun!

Please email to RSVP and for directions! 

Program Highlight

Outreach With A Dance 'Hook'
Ruth Ellis Center
Highland Park/Detroit, MI   


The Ruth Ellis Center in Highland Park/Detroit, MI provides short and long term residential safe space and support services for youth who are experiencing homelessness, have run away and are at-risk. More specifically, youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ). With such a specific target population, people often wonder why an organization is mission specific to this community. Many people are not aware that nation- wide 20- 40% of youth experiencing homelessness identify as LGBTQ (National Alliance to End Homelessness). Therefore, LGBTQ youth are more likely to be homeless compared to their heterosexual peers due to family rejection. The Ruth Ellis Center, understanding this dynamic, had to be very intentional when creating a drop in center space that would engage this at-risk community. The space offers typical, staple services such as food, showers, clothing, hygiene kits, safer sex kits, HIV testing, mental health services, youth advocacy programs among other things. However, the drop in activity that often grabs youth's attention is the form of dance called vogue. Vogue is very popular in LGBTQ communities of color and is central to most Ruth Ellis Center youth's social lives. Therefore, the organization created a safe, free and accessible space for the youth to participate in an activity that is meaningful to them. Vogue is often the "hook" that engages youth with the space, then they can build relationships with staff and get involved with other programming. This model is based in positive youth development, trauma informed care and harm reduction (meeting youth where they are). Last year alone the Ruth Ellis Center had over 5,250 service contacts. We strongly believe in working WITH youth in communities to learn about what is important to them. By connecting in this way, we can authentically interact with youth in transformative ways through services that are meaningful and productive. 
For more information on the Ruth Ellis Center, please click here.

Submitted by:   

Jessie Fullenkamp, LLMSW

Director of Second Stories Drop In

Ruth Ellis Center 

Highland Park, MI


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Staff Highlight


Ryan Shorthill

CEO & Founder

Positive Adventures

San Diego, CA 


Recently named Presenter of the Year (2010-2011) by Meeting Professionals International (MPI) San Diego's Chapter, Ryan Shortill, breaks through the humdrum of traditional presentations. Passionate about helping communities, organizations, teams, and individuals realize their productive power and capabilities, Ryan uses insightful, purpose-driven techniques delivered in a unique way.   


There are many reasons that have inspired this highlight with the first and most important being that this man consistently inspires, uplifts, and encourages not only his friends and family but his employees, clients and the multiple non-profits that he works closely with. Ryan built his entire business on volunteerism and social entrepreneurship. He includes a "give back" portion with over 70% of his corporate clients that donates needed goods or services to local non-profits such as the San Diego Center for Children (SDCC).


Ryan, the CEO and Founder of Positive Adventures, LLC, along with his team has created programs that teach people how to develop hard skills such as kayaking, climbing and backpacking but they also teach the fundamental importance of group cohesiveness and community. Ryan innovates teams to communicate and work together on corporate projects and then, most of all, he continuously creates new and innovative ideas to facilitate service projects (corporate social responsibility) to benefit the local community.


Most recently, Ryan was given the award 2013 Community Leader of the Year this month by the San Diego chapter of Meeting Professionals International at their 36th annual Awards and Installation Gala. Congratulations Ryan!


Positive Adventures Logo


To learn more about Positive Adventures, please click here.   


Submitted by:  

Megan Gneiting

Sales Manager

Positive Adventures

San Diego,CA 


BOOST Breakfast Club

Breakfast Clubc Blog Logo

Click on blog title to read more!

From the Other Side of the Counter 

Blog written by Terri Marini, Vice President of Programs, Dallas AfterSchool Network, Dallas, TX



We're always looking for new bloggers. Please contact Kristin at  
for more information on how to join this amazing group of bloggers today!


To view other Breakfast Club Blogs click here.  

 Youth Activity

What Happens When.....?

Healthy Kids Out of School's website, Healthy Kids Hub, has a variety of resources that can help kids move more during out-of-school-time programs. From videos for quick physical activity breaks to more structured activities, such as this one, you can find activities that are best for your age group, space, and time you have available. The activity described below is from Food & Fun's After School Curriculum to help kids understand what happens to their body when they are physically active.

Prep time: 10 mins   


Activity time: 40 mins


Grade level: Upper Elementary 


Group size: Small Group, Large Group 


Environment: Large Indoor or Outdoor Space   


Objective: Children will perform a variety of movements to learn how their bodies react to physical activity.    


Materials needed: Clock or Watch



Teach yourself and your staff how to take a pulse before teaching kids: use their second and their fingers to run along the windpipe and then along the jaw until you feel a pulsing sensation. This is their carotid artery! Have kids move their fingers slowly back and forth so they don't pass over it. Remember that this artery supplies blood to the brain, so children should not press on both sides at the same time, or they will lessen the blood flow



Teach kids how to find their pulse and ask them to count the number of beats they feel as you time 10 seconds. Tell kids to remember the number or write it down on a piece of paper. Have kids take large, slow steps around the room or down a hall. Return to a circle, march in place, and do 10 jumping jacks. Have kids take another 10-second pulse. Is the number bigger than the first time? Now move into more vigorous activities. Jog around the room, play a game of tag or a relay race to get kids moving quickly. Play hard for 10 minutes then take a break to check in with how they feel and take another 10-second pulse-everyone's number should have gone up at this point. Continue to play for another 10-20 minutes. Cool-down. Take another 10-second pulse. If the number is still high then they need a few more minutes to cool down. Explain that when they play hard on a regular bases, their bodies get used to moving and that makes it easier to play for longer periods of time (called endurance).

To visit the Healthy Kids Hub, please click here.

Submitted by:  

Laura Carroll  

Healthy Kids Out of School, an initiative of ChildObesity180  

Boston, MA  




Do you have a youth activity that is fun, engaging, and easy to implement? Let us know about it and we may feature it here! 


Funding Opportunities 
June 28, 2013


This fall's Healthy Lifestyles Energy Balance 101 Grant focuses on an everyday healthy lifestyle practice known as energy balance. Energy balance is simply finding a balance between the calories we consume and the calories we burn. National PTA will award 25 Healthy Lifestyles Energy Balance 101 Grants of $2,000 each to local PTAs for family education events targeting grades PreK-5 (or schools with grades K-5 such as Pre-K- 8/Pre-K-12). Title I schools are strongly encouraged to apply.


July 15, 2013

Do you have a RiteAid in your community? The Rite Aid Foundation is offering funding to nonprofit organizations that focus on children's health and wellness in the communities they operate within. 


Deadline: Rolling

The Charlotte Martin Foundation is a private, independent foundation dedicated to enriching the lives of youth in the areas of athletics, culture, and education and also to preserving and protecting wildlife and habitat. Athletics include a wide range of individual and team sports, with an emphasis on the value of sports for lifelong participation. Funds support sports programs, facilities, equipment and after school programs, with a focus on ages 8-15. The Foundation accepts applications, reviews proposals and makes funding decisions on an ongoing basis. 


To see more funding opportunities, click here
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Out-of-School Time News 

June 5, 2013  



 Click here to read more news! 

Transforming Schools through Expanded Learning Time: Tumbleweed Elementary School

This research aims to take a look into a program meant solely to provide a supply of high quality teachers to our most high-need schools and students. The main purpose of this research was to estimate the effect of TFA corps members and TFA alumni on Texas student mathematics and reading scores for the 2010-20111 school year in the state of Texas.





To read this research, please visit National Center on Time & Learning here


5 Ways to Make Summer Learning Programs Successful  


This summer, about 25 percent of children in the U.S. will attend a summer learning program -- less than half of the number who have parents interested in enrolling them. Summer learning programs are non-mandatory programs, typically four-to-eight weeks long, that support accelerated learning. There is much we know (and more we can learn) about designing and executing effective summer learning programs. Based on the best available research, Child Trends offers five ways to make these programs successful.


To read this research, please visit Child Trends here

Educating the Student Body: Taking Physical Activity and Physical Education to School

Currently, less than half of youth meet the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommendation of at least 60 minutes of daily vigorous to moderate-intensity physical activity. This increases youths' health risks and can jeopardize their well-being throughout their lives. Physical activity is also critical to children's cognitive development and academic success. In this light, the IOM was asked to examine the status of physical activity and physical education efforts in schools, how physical activity and fitness affect health outcomes, and what can be done to help schools get students to become more active.

To listen to this podcast, please click here.
Fact of the Month

Did you know?


Click here for a closer look!


For resources on this topic, visit the BOOST Resource Center here

BOOST Boot Camp

Are you planning staff trainings this summer?
Host a BOOST Boot Camp and take your program to the next level.
Boot Camp Flyer 2011

BOOST Boot Camp includes your choice in a series of workshops in the focus areas listed below: 

  • Academic Enrichment
  • Enrichment Elements
  • Building Relationships
  • Program Environment
  • Program Fundamentals
  • Older Youth 

View a full list of available training topics.


We will be in several cities around the U.S. We would love to stop by your city! 


If you would like to schedule a BOOST Boot Camp in your area, please contact Tia Quinn at 

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June Poll

June is Gay and Lesbian Pride month. Approximately how many high school students say they are out to their classmates?
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For the correct answer, visit the Human Rights Campaign website here

For resources for LGBTQ youth please visit the BOOST Resource Centerhere.  

June Contest

Graduation time is here! From June 11-23, head over to our Facebook Page and share your senior high school yearbook picture. On Monday June 24, we will announce one winner. They will get a BOOST Book Bundle.

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May Contest Winner 

Congratulations to Lynn Johnson from Glitter & Razz Productions in Oakland, CA for winning our May contest! Lynn won a copy of Paul Tough's best selling book, "How Children Succeed." Make sure to participate in this months contest for your chance to win this month's prize!
Congratulations Dr. Andi Fletcher and Kathy Lewis!

Dr. Andria Fletcher  

Andi and Kathy have been selected by The President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition (PCFSN) to receive a 2013 PCFSN Community Leadership Award. This award is given each year to individuals or organizations who improve the lives of others in their community by providing or enhancing opportunities to engage in sports, physical activities, fitness or nutrition-related programs.


HBC Header Logo  


For more information on the Healthy Behaviors Initiative, Andi Fletcher, and Kathy Lewis, please click here.  



For more information on the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition Community Leadership Award, please click here.


National Summer Food
Kick-Off Week

June 10-14, 2013



During this week, the USDA will promote summer meals through kick-off events and social media. June 12 will be when the national kick-off event takes place. On June 13, USDA will host a Twitter Town Hall from 10:00 - 11:00 am PST, in partnership with Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), Feeding America, WhyHunger, and the Food and Nutrition Coalition. 


To visit the USDA's twitter to join in the town hall, click here! 

  Free Webinar: Implementing Equity in Health in All Policies and Health Impact Assessments: From Concept to Action

June 19, 2013 9:30 - 11:00 a.m. PT  



Join this webinar, sponsored by PolicyLink and the National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO), focused on why equity is critical to Health in All Policies (HiAP) and Health Impact Assessments (HIA), and specific strategies to implement and ensure equity.

The speakers will discuss principles and frameworks for the inclusion of equity, as well as present examples of the principles in practice.    

Featured speakers:

  • Shireen Malekafzali, Associate Director, PolicyLink (facilitator)
  • Ken Smith, Senior Analyst, National Association of City and County Health Officers
  • Jonathan Heller, Co-Director and Co-Founder, Human Impact Partners (HIP)
  • Kate Hess Pace, Organizer, ISAIAH
  • Coire Reily, Manager, Community Wellness and Prevention Program, Contra Costa Health Services

Register for the webinar here! 

TRUST Conference Leadership Team Graduates  


BOOST would like to congratulate the students from Health Sciences High and Middle College
(HSHMC) in San Diego, CA. Vanessa, Vincent, Ashley, Wendy, Chloe, Cynthia, Danielle, Jared, Lilliana, Marissa, and Corina planned and coordinated the first annual TRUST (Teens Reflecting and Understanding Stigma Together) Conference. This conference was planned for teens by teens. We are proud o fall of their hard work and can't wait to see what they do next. GOOD LUCK! 


For more information on the TRUST Conference, click here

  Free Live Chat: Your Proposal Writing Questions, Answered
June 18, 2013 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm  ET 
Ever wondered how many foundations you should approach to get a project funded? What about if you get more than what you actually need? Perhaps you have questions about following up with a funder after submitting a proposal. This is your chance to get the answers you are looking for!


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The New Poverty: Dealing with Economic Change

In today's global economic state, many families and children face reduced circumstances. These "poor kids" don't fit the traditional stereotypes. In this episode, our guests discuss the implications of this new poverty for schools, many of which have seen drastic changes in the populations they serve and their communities. Schools that took their communities' wealth for granted more frequently need to deal with issues of child hunger, fewer resources, and more demands for services.

To listen to this podcast, please click here.
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iLearn: Continents & Oceans

A fun way to learn the names and locations of the continents and oceans. With three modes to choose from, learn mode, game mode, and test mode, it's guaranteed to be engaging and fun. Leader board keeps track of high scores. Game Mode can be addictive, allowing you to unwittingly learn all of the continents and oceans in no time at all.


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AmeriCorp Vista Independent Regional Director

Strive for College

San Francisco, CA 


YMCA Topeka  

Topeka, KS 


First 5 First Steps Family Support Worker

Say San Diego, Inc. 

San Diego, CA 


BOOST Collaborative 

San Diego, CA 


View more listings here.

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Vendor Fair Highlight 

Revolution Prep Logo

Revolution K12

Test Prep/College Prep, Academic Enrichment, Curriculum, Software/Online Services
Santa Monica, CA   


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Speakers Corner Highlight

Gabriela Baeza
Project Specialist II
Behavior Guidance, Community Service Learning, Risk Behavior Prevention, and much more!
San Diego County Office of Eduation
San Diego, CA


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