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Issue No. 28
February 2013

"I stay after-school because I want to go."


Israel, 10

Los Angeles, CA  

Greetings BOOSTers!


Dear BOOSTers,


It's February, the month known for LOVE! It is also Black History Month, Children's Dental Health Month, American Hearth Month as well as weekly observances throughout the month such as National School Counseling Week, Burn Awareness Week, Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week, and Random Acts of Kindness Week just to name a few!


We have a jam-packed newsletter this month full of love: resources, grant opportunities, program and staff highlights, and promising practices to help support the quality of your program.  


Thank you for all the work you do to support
children, youth, families, and communities,  



Tia Quinn

Executive Director

BOOST Collaborative




TRUST Conference
San Diego, CA

Join us on Friday, April 12, 2013 for the 1st Annual TRUST Conference- Teens Reflecting and Understanding Stigma Together.




TRUST CONFERENCE is an annual one-day conference created and organized by teens for teens. TRUST stands for Teens Reflecting and Understanding Stigma Together. Our Mission for the TRUST (Teen Reflecting & Understanding Stigma Together) Conference offers teens valuable tools and resources to identify and cope with real issues that occur in their every day lives.


* To reduce stigma relating to issues associated with challenges facing teens.
* To increase conversation and awareness among teens.
* To inspire and create a positive outlook for teens.
* To give teens a support network for finding solutions.   


Who Should Attend
San Diego teens wanting to expand their knowledge about challenges related to emotional, physical, and mental health issues that they are facing or their family members or friends are facing.   


Topics Covered include: 

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bullying
  • Panic
  • Bi-polor Disorder
  • Mental Illness
  • Self-esteem
  • Eating Disorders
  • Self-harm
  • Alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse
  • Wellness
For more information on the TRUST Conference click here.
Program Highlight

Walking School Bus
Cypress Elementary School
Redding, CA 



Cypress School started a walking school in October of 2012.  A walking school bus is a supervised group of students walking to school. The walking school bus is supported by the Healthy Students Initiative and Safe Routes to School, both programs of Healthy Shasta, which is a local partnership committed to decreasing childhood obesity. Two Cypress School staff members meet at a designated spot each morning (a church parking lot in the neighborhood). Parents drop their child off there, or children can be picked up along our route. Rain or shine, the walk is approximately ¾ mile trek through neighborhood. On our best day 28 students walked, typically we have 15-20 students. Our goal is to encourage our students to be active, to teach children to be safe walkers and also reduce vehicle congestion at the school. Cypress plans to continue its walking school bus until the end of the school year and with very high hopes to have it continue each year. Each month there is a drawing for students that participate; students also have received incentives, umbrellas, gloves, pencils provided by Healthy Shasta.


For more information on Cypress Elementary School's Healthy Shasta initiative, please click here.



Submitted by:

Bobbie Wion

Site Intervention Facilitator

Cypress School

Walking School Bus Coordinator

Redding, California




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Program Highlight

Stand UP, Speak OUT
City of Fontana
Fontana, CA 




City of Fontana's, Mayor and City Council are committed to the future of Fontana's youth. Mayor Warren worked closely with the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council and Jack Bulik Teen Center staff to develop the "Stand UP, Speak OUT" Youth Conference held at the City of Fontana Grover W. Taylor Council Chambers. The purpose of the conference was to encourage youth to be engaged in their community and to 'Speak Out' about challenges directly affecting them with policy makers within the City. Representatives from the Fontana Unified School District, Fontana Police Department, Fontana Fire District, Community Services Department, and several collaborative partners were in attendance to share teen programs, services, and resources. City staff and organizational representatives listened intently, while students shared challenges as teens. The event was a tremendous success with 80 students and 15 parents in attendance from 20 different Fontana and surrounding community's schools in attendance. 22 teens in attendance filled out a speaker cards and addressed the city leaders. Comments ranged from requesting more live bands at events to concerns about safety of students walking from their homes to school, as well as comments regarding school district policies and instruction.


City staff is in the process of compiling all of the youth's comments and information from the event to develop a follow up plan in response to the feedback.


For more information on Fontana's Stand UP, Speak OUT, please click here.

Submitted by:
Staff Highlight 

Suamhirs Rivera
Youth Leadership Trainer/Mentor
Caring Helpers Program
San Diego, CA


Suamhirs Rivera is currently a Youth Leadership Trainer/Mentor with the Caring Helpers Program of Mental Health Systems. He trains youth and adults on character development and leadership skills, as well as on the value of treating every child as if they may have experienced some kind of trauma in their life. This "Trauma-Informed" perspective helps avoid further pain for the children we are trying to help and assists in the reduction of stigma related to mental illness.

Suamhirs is a young man who experienced many challenges in his life. He grew up in Honduras, where he was exposed to extreme violence at the hands of his father. When he was 15 1/2, he was kidnapped and brought to America, where he was trafficked and sold. When he was finally rescued from his abductors, he struggled in a system of care that was designed to help him. He did not speak English, he knew no one, and he had 17 different residential placements while he was in this system. During that time, Suamhirs was alone, frustrated, scared, and suffering from PTSD. It was a challenging time for him. He is now using that experience as a way to support others who are having similar experiences, and as a way to educate caregivers through the eyes of someone who has first-hand knowledge of what a child encounters in the system of care.

In addition to his job at Mental Health Systems, Suamhirs travels the Country advocating for youth and teaching caregivers and service providers how to create a relationship of trust and open communication with children who have been abused and traumatized. He offers suggestions about how the choice of words and actions can create rapport, impart trust, and empower youth to focus on their inner strengths as a way to move forward and become self-sufficient and productive adults. He shares his story of survival and hope and how one special adult created a relationship of mutual respect and trust in a way that empowered him to become the amazing young man he is today.




Submitted by:

Dixie Crane

Program Manager

Caring Helpers Leadership Training Program of Mental Health Systems

San Diego, CA 



Breakfast Club

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Research: The State of Mental Health Among U.S. Adolescents
Research shows that approximately one in five adolescents has a diagnosable mental health disorder, a leading cause of disability among this age group. This month, Child Trends is issuing three briefs in its Adolescent Health Highlights series focusing on adolescent mental health:
  •  The Mental Health Disorders  brief presents the warning signs of mental disorders; describes the types of mental disorders and their prevalence and trends; discusses the consequences and risk of mental disorders; presents treatment options and barriers to accessing mental health care; and provides mental health resources. 
    brief describes barriers to treatment of adolescent mental health disorders; discusses the connection between insurance status and access to mental health treatment; and explains funding for adolescent mental health services. 
  • The Positive Mental Health: Resilience brief presents key research findings on characteristics that are associated with resilience; describes program strategies that promote resilience; discusses links between resilience and avoidance of risk-taking behaviors; and provides helpful resources on the topic of resilience.

Adolescence is a time in life when many mental health disorders first arise. These briefs highlight several facts about mental health and adolescents: 

  • More than half of all mental disorders and problems with substance abuse (such as binge drinking and illegal drug use) begin by age 14. 
  • The most prevalent mental disorder experienced among adolescents is depression, with more than one in four high school students found to have at least mild symptoms of this condition. 
  • The mental health needs of adolescents are often first identified in schools, where students spend so much of their time.
Adolescents who are resilient find ways to reduce the negative effects of stress on their lives, such as getting regular physical exercise, avoiding substance abuse, and practicing relaxation techniques.

Click here for more information on Child Trends and other briefs.
Youth Activity
Happy Lunar New Year! 


People around the world celebrate the New Year differently and at different times. There are many cultures that have different traditions and customs. This month of February, people in China, Viet Nam, Korea, and other Southeast Asian countries are celebrating the Lunar New Year. New Year is an exciting time for all these countries. In the United States, Chinese Americans celebrate Chinese New Year and the Vietnamese Americans celebrate Tet which means "First morning of the first day of the new period". This year, Tet was Sunday, February 11th. Chinese New Year and Tet are very similar but we are going to take a closer look at Tet. The Vietnamese New Year. Additional information can be found here.     


Prep time: 30 min  


Activity time: 45 min - 1 hour  


Grade level: K-8  


Group size: Large Group 


Environment: Indoor    



Students will explore the "Tet" the Vietnamese New Year. Students will participate in "Tet" traditions. Students will learn about the Vietnamese culture.   


Materials needed:

Construction paper (White, Brown, Orange, red, green) 

brown tissue paper  



writing utensils (pencils, pens)  





After students are given the overview and background of the Tet. Have students practice saying Happy New Year in Vietnamese to one another. "chúc m?ng nam m?i" (pronunciation) Explain to students that during Tet, Vietnamese Families choose a Tet tree, or which is a fruit tree with miniature oranges just ripening. The more fruit on the tree, the luckier the family. Greeting cards and good luck symbols are hung from the Tet trees.    



Today we are going to make our own Tet Tree using construction paper and make greeting cards.
1. The White Construction Paper will be the background of the tree.
2. Students can take brown tissue paper or brown construction paper to make their tree.
3. Have students cut mini circles to represent the good luck oranges. Students can write down things they wish for good luck with (ie. School, family, Passing a test, learning math facts, etc)
4. Students then can also create a greeting card to wish someone Happy New Year. Remember Red and gold are good luck colors. Get ideas of good luck symbols
here. Tet and Chinese New Year are very close in traditions. Debrief: Have a few students share their tree and what they hope good luck in. Ask students how do their family celebrate New Year? How is it different and how is similar to Tet?

Submitted by:  

Trang Truong 

YMCA of the USA  

Chicago, IL 



Do you have a youth activity that is fun, engaging, and easy to implement? Let us know about it and we may feature it here! 

Funding and Grant Opportunities
Deadline: February 22, 2012

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, NIH, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provide support to enhance childhood obesity research by fostering the formation of local, state, or regional teams consisting of researchers, policymakers, and other relevant stakeholders in order to identify research questions and hypotheses, design and implement the relevant research, and translate the research into evidence relevant to potential policy efforts in this area.

Deadline: March 15, 2013

Enter your school for your chance to win $30,000 in prizes for your school's wellness program and a new playground from Playworld Systems. One grand prize drawing will be from among all eligible entries. The second grand prize drawing will be from among all eligible entries whose schools qualify for Title I Schoolwide Program. See eligibility in official rules.


Deadline: Rolling

The mission of Bank of the West's Charitable Investments Program is to help meet the needs of communities by supporting nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving quality of life, particularly for low- and moderate-income individuals and communities. Bank of the West will consider requests for charitable investments from nonprofit organizations that qualify under the following charitable giving categories: Community and Economic Development, Education and Job Training, Health and Human Care, & Civic and Cultural.
To see more funding opportunities, click here
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Out-of-School Time in the News

Pennsylvania Representative Endorses Special Education Bill

February 12, 2013 


February 11, 2013
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 


February 11, 2013
The New York World 

Pink flamingos flock to fund homeless center
February 9, 2013
Fox 13 News Salt Lake City

February 8, 2013


February 5, 2013
eSchool News

 Click here to read more news! 



Mapping Family Change and Child Well-Being Outcomes      


The World Family Map Project seeks both to monitor the health of family life around the globe and to learn more about how family trends affect the well-being of children. This effort is particularly timely because of dramatic demographic, cultural, and economic changes affecting family life. Fertility and marriage rates are falling in much of the world, especially in higher income regions. The percentage of children living in two-parent families is also falling, particularly in Europe, the Americas, and Oceania. Likewise, individualism is on the ascendancy, as is equality between the sexes, while family-centered values and adherence to traditional gender roles are losing ground in many regions. The global economic slowdown is also putting major pressures on family life, yet it is precisely in these times that strong families are needed to support optimal child and youth development. The World Family Map Project aims to broaden understanding about how these developments among families affect children and youth in different regions of the world.  

  Child Trends Logo 





To read this research, please visit Child Trends here


Public School Graduates and Dropouts from the Common Core of Data: School Year 2009-10 


This report presents the number of high school completers, the Averaged Freshman Graduation Rate, and the dropout data for grades 9-12 for public schools in school year 2009-10. State Education Agencies report annual counts of completers, dropouts, and enrollments to the National Center for Education Statistics' Common Core of Data nonfiscal survey of public elementary/secondary education as part of the Cooperative Education Statistics System established in section 157 of the Education Sciences Reform Act of 2002, part C and the U. S. Department of Education's EDFacts data collection system. The purpose of this First Look is to introduce new data through the presentation of tables containing descriptive information. Data files and report tables include data for the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and 8 other jurisdictions. However, the findings discussed in this report focus on the reporting states and the District of Columbia.

To read this research, please visit The US Department of Education here.  

Data Sharing: Federal Rules and Best Practices to Improve Out-of-School Time Programs and Student Outcomes

The task of meeting the needs of all students and providing a well-rounded education is an extraordinary challenge, and at a time of shrinking resources and increased accountability, schools cannot do it alone.  Research and experience tell us that coordinated data-sharing between schools and OST partners can improve the quality of OST programs and provide better learning outcomes for the students they serve. This policy brief seeks to demonstrate that FERPA can allow for  data-sharing between schools and OST partners,
and why it is a best practice to do so. By outlining examples from the field, this paper aims to pave the way for more OST programs and their school partners to use student data to improve
educational outcomes and opportunities for all students.

Partnership for Children

To read this research, please visit The Partnership for Children and Youth here.
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Fact of the Month


Did you know?


In the fast paced world we now live in a good education is a value not to skip. This infographic looks at education in the US and specifically high school education. The US ranks 12th in terms of the number of college educated adults in the population and every year 1.2 million students drop out of school. Education is a valuable tool not to be neglected.




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BOOST Boot Camp

Boot Camp Flyer 2011

BOOST Boot Camp includes your choice in a series of workshops in the focus areas listed below: 

  • Academic Enrichment
  • Enrichment Elements
  • Building Relationships
  • Program Environment
  • Program Fundamentals
  • Older Youth 

View a full list of available training topics.


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BOOST Conference 2013
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Expanding Minds and Opportunities: Leveraging the Power of Afterschool and Summer Learning for Student Success, edited by Terry K. Peterson, Ph.D., demonstrates the role that afterschool and summer learning play in improving and expanding students' education, the ways that communities with different demographics are building successful supports for their students, the role that afterschool programs play in education reform, the ways in which these programs are helping students become more career and college ready and engaged in learning, and more.


This seminal work features studies, reports, and commentaries by more than 100 thought leaders and provides a variety of concrete, effective approaches to expand learning after school and during summers to serve more students.    


Individual articles will be available for free download here.

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Random Acts of Kindness Week   
February 11-17, 2013 


The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation believes people should practice kindness every day, but during RAK Week,  the hope is you will go above and beyond to make others feel special. If you're going out to eat, pay for someone else's meal or give the server a big tip! If you are light on money, think about volunteering your time at a local charity (and during RAK Week, make a commitment to volunteer more than once). If you don't live near family or close friends, make an extra effort to reach out to them with a phone call or hand-written letter instead of a text or email. If you live near an animal shelter you can donate food, blankets, towels or old (clean) t-shirts.

For activity ideas for students of all ages, click here.

Visit the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation's website for more information on how you can participate.

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Pythagorean Theorem: Exploring Space Through Math-Lunar Rover

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


In this professional development web seminar, participants learn to use the distance formula and the Pythagorean theorem to determine the minimal path and minimal time for a lunar rover to perform tasks on the surface of the moon. Participants will need access to a basic calculator that can perform square roots, graph paper, and a pencil. 

Participants will be given an overview of the lesson and a look at where it fits in the math curriculum, including an alignment to the Common Core State Standards for mathematics.


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Funding: Green School
Makeover Competition



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Training and Outreach Manager

Foundations, Inc's Center for Afterschool and Expanded Learning (the Center)

Mt. Laurel, NJ 


Starfinder Foundation    

Seattle, WA 


Policy Advocate - Toxic Free Neighborhoods Campaign

Environmental Health Coalition

San Diego, CA 


Community Training & Assistance Center

Boston, MA 


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Theresa Fox  

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and Cultural Competency 

Executive Director
What Every Child Needs
San Diego, CA

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