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October, 2012

Mentor Kenosha & Racine Staff:

Crista Kruse
Mentor Kenosha & Racine
(262) 595-2604

Julio Escobedo
Research & Evaluation
(262) 595-2620


David Power
RUSD Mentor Coordinator
(262) 939-1671
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Paris Ecoles
KUSD Student Engagement and Equity Coordinator
(262) 359-6237

AJ Swartz
Project Management Asst.


Michael Pfeiffer
Student Assist, Newsletter Editor 
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We've Hit the Ground Running!

Certainly, things are off to a great start as the new semester begins and mentors begin working with their mentees. Every month, we hope to have a new mentor highlighted, so you can learn about their exciting adventures.  


Please be on the lookout for more information on events and courses we have coming up. Make sure to mark your calendars as we mention them, so you don't miss out on these many exciting opportunities!


Finally, make sure that if you know anyone who is interested to GET THEM INVOLVED. It's never too late to start mentoring youth, and it's an excellent way to strengthen our community.

In The News!

September 25th was an important day, as PBS and FRONTLINE broadcasted their documentary, Dropout Nation. This documentary looked at students who are at risk academically, and the individuals who are stuggling to keep them in school. On September 22nd, the media initiative, American Graduate, also hosted a telethon in honor of American Graduate Day. The goal is to raise awareness of our country's dropout crisis.



These are great resources to keep yourself informed, as mentoring plays a vital role in student success and retention rate. Your efforts are keeping students motivated and in school. Whether you realize it or not, you ARE making a difference!

For more information click the image below!
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Intro. to Mentoring Offered

Mentor KR is once again offering our Intro to Mentoring workshop on November 28th. Please click here to see our flyer regarding information. Also, please note that registration is required in order to participate. Without at least six registered participants, the class cannot be held. This workshop is FREE so don't hesitate to jump on board! We look forward to having you.

6th Annual Mentor Conference

Mark your calendars for our annual Mentor Conference to be held later this academic year. On Jan 18th, 2013, we plan to "Unlock Youth Potential through Mentoring," and would love to see you there. 


To register as a Sponsor and/or Exhibitor for this event, please click here. Your sponsorship can do great things to help mentors and professional staff bring valuable services that support the youth of our area!


Our keynote for this year's conference is Dr. Susan Weinberger! Some have referred to her as "Dr. Mentor," and we're very excited to have her join us for the conference. With many years of working in the field, Dr. Weinberger has a lot to offer in helping us foster strong mentorship! To read her full bio, please click here!
Read Susan's Bio
As the leader of our Mentor Consulting Group, Dr. Weinberger will be sharing the future of mentoring, discussing the latest mentor research and how to strengthen current programs. We wish her the best of luck as she endures the weather on the east coast and look forward to her arrival. 
60 Mentors in 60 Days!
Are you up to the challenge?

Mentor KR is in full support of RSVP as they strive to reach their mentoring goal. In the next 60 days, RSVP hopes to get 60 kids off of the waitlist and assigned to a mentor. Are you up the the challenge? Help RSVP reach their goal and make a HUGE difference in a young person's life. See the contact information below: 

 Read more about 60 in 60 here!

Welcome! Mandy Johnson
Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Match Support Specialist

Meet Mandy. She works as the Match Support Specialist for Big Brothers, Big Sisters in Racine. Mandy is an incredibly charming woman and I felt very lucky to sit down and have a conversation with her. She proves that Big Brothers, Big Sisters has a lot to offer and any mentor would be very lucky to be a part of the team!


You're the Match Support Specialist for Big Brothers, Big Sisters. What would you describe as the main responsibilities of your position?


I basically make sure that once all of the matches are matched, that everything is going well. Within the first five days of being matched, I'll follow up with an initial phone call to make sure things are starting off well. Then, monthly, matches are required to follow up with us, just to see how things are going. I also help mentors set goals and see how we can help those goals be met. Finally, I also connect matches together in the community-based mentoring program, which is another

service we provide. 


Your favorite part of the position? What drew you to Big Brothers, Big Sisters?


I did my internship here, and I really liked what I saw. I like helping kids and I think it's a really great thing to have a mentor, so I just think everything about the job and what we do is positive. If we can give kids somebody to look up to, then it starts a good thing. A lot of these kids don't have somebody to look up to, so when they get that person in their lives it's very exciting.


What inspired or motivated you to pursue the work you do today?


I've always wanted to work with kids. I was adopted, so I've always wanted to help kids grow and develop in positive ways. Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to be a social worker, so when I started the internship here, it was something that I realized I could do long term.

Read more of Mandy's interview!   

Cool Mentoring Ideas!
The Friendship Bracelet
Looking for a great activity to do with your mentee? MentorMob teaches you various ways to make friendship bracelets! This is an excellent way to create an everlasting bond with your mentee. All you need is colorful string and some beads. Click here to see all of the techniques----->  

 Cool Friendship Bracelets here! 


Use a wide variety of beads to represent the bond between you and your mentee. Different colors and shapes can symbolize:

-Goals you have set together

-Promises to be respectful

-Committment to your relationship

-Favorite activities you enjoy doing.

-Or anything else you decide! 

Meet the Staff!
AJ Swartz
MKR Program Assistant

AJ is the latest member of the Mentor Kenosha & Racine team. As the Program Assistant, he has a lot of energy and ideas to bring to the table, and we're very excited to have him!


How did you hear about Mentor KR and what are the duties that encompass your position?


I heard about mentor KR while attending UW-Parkside, but never truly knew that much about the program.  My main responsibilities with Mentor KR are project-management related. Here, I work with the Mentor KR team to take every project and event and move it forward, and do my best to make it a successful event. Our goal is to give every mentor and professional partnership the most innovative and effective experience in mentorship.    


What do you look forward to most about working with MKR?


Every day there is a new challenge to be faced. Since we're involved with the community, we encounter a wide range of people and circumstances. It makes the work more exciting. I enjoy meeting new people, and getting to know more about the Kenosha and Racine communities. Since I have been here no day has been the same! 


What do you hope to gain from working here?


I'm interested in mentoring in the future, so it will be nice to learn about how everything works. It's fun to be behind the scenes of mentor training, and at the same time, receive mentor training. Here I learn not just about mentoring, and the Mentor KR collaborative, but the university system as well. I had no idea how many mentors were committed to mentoring youth in this area. It's interesting to see how the university plays a role in the community. 


If you were trapped on a desert island and could only have one item, what would it be and why?


If I was trapped on a desert island, I would have to bring my cell phone.  I do not know what I would do without it. I NEED TO BE CONNECTED!


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Mentoring Resources

Here are some great links for mentors to find useful tools for mentoring! Use these resources to improve your skills in developing healthy relationships with your mentees. And it's totally free! You have to check this out!


Click here!

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Here is also a FREE online course for mentoring. It's an interactive website that gives information from real mentors. Through this course you will gain self-confidence in handling difficult situations, bonding with your mentee and create a stronger relationship. Click the link below to get started!

Click here to get started!  

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