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Children's Books: Weaving Mindfulness into Open Circle

Weaving mindfulness practices into the curriculum is a way to strengthen children's ability to concentrate and focus their attention.

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As a non-profit, we depend on your support. Together we will help children develop the skills to succeed in school, work, and life.

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September 2015 eNewsletter
Practical Tips for Teachers: Great Beginnings for the New School Year
Welcome back to school! Enjoy a great start to the year with Open Circle. A few tips to consider as you begin the school year:
  • Hold Open Circle Meetings twice a week for 15 minutes. Put it in your schedule - it helps! 
  • Encourage students to find ways to get in and out of the Open Circle. Come up with a plan, try it, evaluate, revise, and test again.
  • Pace yourself. Give yourself permission to get through part of a lesson in one meeting.
  • Send Home Link letters to families to reinforce Open Circle approaches at home.
  • Invite adults in your school community to sit in the empty chair during Open Circle Meetings.
  • Unite your school community by infusing Open Circle vocabulary & non-verbal signals throughout your school.
  • Strengthen relationships by leveraging Open Circle activities in staff meetings.
  • Designate an Open Circle library section.
Open Circle School: Solving Problems on the Way to Class

Walk down the halls of the New Franklin School in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and you'll instantly get the feeling that a creative and collaborative school community has fully embraced Open Circle.
Blog Post: Why Relationships Matter
Tobin K-8 Oct 2013Relationships are essential to fostering equity and excellence in our schools and classrooms. Social and emotional learning programs are one of the vehicles that can be used to establish genuine, caring relationships throughout school communities. 

Partner Offer: SEL101 Course

SEL101, a course from the Academy for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools, begins this October.


The four-week SEL101 course, offered entirely online, explores the foundations of SEL as well as recent research and innovation in the field. This course allows you to earn an online, professional credential in SEL. To apply and learn more, visit

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