August 2014
We are sooooo excited!
The new Member Directory
is live on the website!!

This Monday
August 18th - 8:00 p.m.
Girl Talk Teleclass Call

Girl Talk with Jennifer Vaughn

We are over-the-top excited to
 announce the arrival of the Member Directory
on the website. This new site will undoubtedly
 bring a lot of exposure to you, our beloved
members. It will also help you connect with
other members to share resources, develop
business relationships, introduce deals
and announce upcoming events.

As with any website, there are quirks
that occasionally arise and limitations with
the widget, but this is a huge step for us.
We cannot thank Ally Piper enough for all her assistance with this site. She has devoted
hundreds of hours to create an brand
and image that would represent WIW well
and all of you. Plus make it easy to navigate!

Thank you to the members
who beta tested this for us and provided
valuable insights and ideas!

We welcome feedback and suggestions
 from all of you as well!


Please read the attached document
which outlines the benefits of the site
and how to navigate through it.
**Please note that a head shot is
preferred as the primary photo vs.
a business card or logo. For those of you
already listed on the site, please take a
moment  to make that change.

Ally has created a video tutorial as well.
It just takes a few minutes to watch and will
make it easy to understand how to
create your profile.


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PJ's and Pampering Party
September 17, 2014
Fratello's in Manchester

Prior to the call on
Monday, August 18th
with Alicia Forest,
please download the worksheet:


Join us after the teleclass
 in our private Facebook group to
continue the conversation!
3 Principles, 5 Blind Spots
and 1 Plan to Your
Highly Profitable Business
in Less Than Part-Time Hours! 

A complimentary member-exclusive  
teleclass with 
Alicia Forest, MBA
The Business Shifter 

Growing a successful and sustainable business online can be hard - more so today than ever before. And sometimes, no matter how driven you are or how hard you work, you still don't get to those markers of success that are most important to you.


Well, Alicia has some good news to share. It's not your fault. There are just some critical things you don't know yet. Once you know these things, all the struggle and effort you've been putting out - without results - will end. There's cutting-edge information that she will share with you so you get the real results you want - finally.


When it became a lot harder to gain traction and create income online these last few years (especially for newer business owners), Alicia became determined to figure out what WAS working, and she's stayed on the cutting edge of those proven and successful strategies ever since.


Alicia Forest grew her $15k a year coaching practice into over $1 million in sales in less than 15 hours a week, while raising two small children, by staying nimble in the market and on top of what's working right now.

When you join us for this call you'll learn:
  • 3 principles that have been the critical factors in enabling Alicia to create a multiple 6-figure business while only working about 15 hours a week
  • 5 blind spots that may be holding you back from reaching the level of success you truly desire and deserve
  • The only business model that you can customize to your market and message and that has clients pursuing you instead of you chasing them. It's authentic, easy and works.
  • A simple yet powerful plan that alleviates overwhelm and gives you a clear path that shows you exactly what to focus on that will bring you to profit sooner.

When you attend this call and follow her 10+ year proven system for building a successful and sustainable business online, in your time on your terms, you'll find that doing so can actually be quite a bit easier - if you let it. Learn more about Alicia HERE.  


Download the worksheet before the call (link to the left). 

Attend by Web:
Primary Dial in Number: (425) 440-5100
Guest Pin Code: 159454#

Call will be recorded if you cannot attend live!

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Featured Member Benefits . . .
We want to make sure you are aware of a few of the member benefits . . .
A Member Minute
Together let's inspire and
educate the world!

Recently we introduced a new member benefit . . .
Shoot a video that is under one minute long and send it to us! This could be used in our newsletter, blog or on Facebook. The video should contain helpful tips, ideas, suggestions, a demonstration or anything educational.

Please begin your video by stating your name and business (if desired) followed by "and this is my Member Minute."

You can give your website address or Facebook ID during the video or at the end, but that is it. IT CANNOT BE PROMOTIONAL. Do not pitch a product, a class, a free sample, your newsletter or anything else that is promotional or we will never use it.

Email to: or privately through Facebook!

**Although we have not finalized our schedule for the November 14th NH Conference for Women, we may do this "live" throughout the event. Stay tuned for details.

A round of applause for Barbara-Ann Yates
 who was the first to do a Member Minute!
Discover Your Worth
Take the 30-Second Challenge

What Else is on the Calendar?
Lots of events are in the planning stages, so keep watching the newsletter for details!
NH Conference Horizontal 

A Day of Inspiration, Education
and Transformation

Friday, November 14th
Radisson Hotel, Manchester, NH 

Keynote Speaker:
Mel Robbins, a CNN Contributor
and Success Magazine Columnist


Newspaper headline Extra Extra isolated on white background

We are having a lot of fun over at our member-exclusive Facebook group. Head over HERE and ask to join. We will approve you and ask that you take a few minutes to introduce yourself (plus please read the "protocol").

We encourage sharing of business information or community initiatives that you are involved with, but really don't want to see a lot of self-promotion. There has to be a balance!

Pink Telephone
Don't forget that you get a 30 minute telephone chat with Leslie Sturgeon, WIW Founder and 25-year entrepreneurial veteran. You can talk business, personal stuff, career, life's challenges, time management or anything else! Email Leslie at to set up a date and time!


It makes us very happy to include member news
in our newsletter. We have a mailing list of
around 4,500 women so if we can share
information about you, we want to!

We cannot guarantee that it will be included
and we do have some restrictions
(such as blatant self-promotion!) 


Items that we like to include:

Career and Business Achievements

Media Coverage

Awards and Recognitions

Events and Programs


Through the new Member Directory you can  

include most of these items as well as
promotions/sales - please don't be offended
if we can't include 100% of what you send us.
With over 300 members, we can't possibly include
it all and not all of
it is appropriate. THANKS!

Email us at 

To ensure even more exposure,
we do have newsletter advertising for the low
rate of $35.00 per month for members.
Our newsletters will reside on the website
and be shared through social media for
even more attention!
Welcome Gifts . . .
Want to be included?
Beautiful pink and white gift box present for Christmas Valentine birthday wedding or mothers day...
New Member
Welcome Gifts
Want to be included?
Scrolled line
We are collecting items to be featured in our New Member Welcome Gifts. This is a great way to bring exposure to your business, make a new member feel warm and fuzzy, share a special item that you personally love and also to help WIW bring a smile to someone's face!

We would like 50 to 100 items. If you can contribute more or less, that is okay, too :) That quantity will get us through for a bit.  These boxes will be mailed and because of size constraints and weight, we may not be able to use all items. Perhaps your item could be used as a WIW door prize instead!

Before sending us anything, drop us a note to let us know your ideas! or (603) 744-0400

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 627, New Hampton, NH 03256
Physical Address: 76 Jenness Hill Road, Bristol, NH 03222
While we are open to suggestions, we would like the following items:

Gift Cards - Product Samples - Girly Things
Journals - Books - Paper/Pads - Magnets
Inspirational or Motivational Items
Delicious treats that have a
shelf life longer than 6 months

Items we don't want:
Business cards, brochures or promotional items
Anything that will leak or break during shipping
Anything larger than 5 x 7
Stay Connected
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P.O. Box 627 - New Hampton, NH 03256