May 2013


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In This Issue
PNW Harvest Rates Increase
Lake States Pulpwood Prices Remain Steady
OCC Prices Results and Trends
Manufacturers Face Increasing Competition
Forestry-Related Industry Performance
Housing Market Update
Health of the Nation's Forests
Owls' Critical Habitat Designation

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PNW Harvest Rates Increase in 1Q2013 on Housing Recovery and High Log Prices

By Gordon Culbertson

In 2009, during the depths of the recession, timber harvests across the West fell to levels not seen for many decades. Oregon harvests, for instance, settled to the lowest levels since the great depression of the 1930's. Owners of private timberlands responded to low log prices by deferring harvests.


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1Q2013 Pulpwood Prices Remain Steady Throughout Lake States

By Peter Coutu

Finished product markets across the Lake States were somewhat mixed throughout the first quarter of 2013. Though the printing paper business experienced some economic challenges due to weak demand, the packaging side of the business continued to do well economically.


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OCC Prices: 1Q2013 Results and Trends Likely to Affect 2Q2013 Results

By Al Villamil

First quarter results from Market2Mill are in, and they show that US domestic OCC prices and order volumes increased while price volatility decreased (volatility is represented on the chart by the black whiskers on the blue line).


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Pellet Manufacturers Face Increasing Competition from OSB Mills

By Suz-Anne Kinney

A resurgence in OSB demand in the US, prompted by an earlier- and stronger-than-expected housing recovery, will mean stiffer competition for pulpwood, putting pellet manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage.


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Forestry-Related Industry Performance - March 2013

By Yang Wan

The manufacturing sector expanded in March for the fourth consecutive month, albeit, the expansion did occur at a slower rate. The service sector grew for the 39th consecutive month.


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Housing Market Update - March 2013

By LeAndra Spicer

For the first time since the 2008 financial crisis, housing starts surpassed the one million mark in March, a seven percent increase from the previous month and 46.7 percent higher than one year ago. Performance, however, was mixed. Single-family home starts were down 4.8 percent, while multi-family starts were up a whopping 26.9 percent.


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Legislators Ramp Up Efforts to Address the Health of the Nation's Forests

By LeAndra Spicer

Lawmakers in both the House and Senate focused their attention on the state of the nation's forests this past month. As rural communities with economies largely dependent upon timberland felt the effects of the sequester,


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Lawsuits Filed in Response to Northern Spotted Owls' Critical Habitat Designation

By LeAndra Spicer

More than two decades after the northern spotted owl was first identified as a threatened species, the lands designated as its critical habitat continue to cause legal battles. The American Forest Resource Council (AFRC) recently joined together with a number of parties, including forest products manufacturers and private forest landowners, to file a lawsuit in response to the new northern spotted owl critical habitat designation.


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