April 2013


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Southern Pine Lumber Prices
Housing Market Update
Boreal Forest Agreement
Two Sides Makes Headway
Forestry Industry Performance
Sale of Hoffmann Forest
Stormwater Discharge Permits
Forest Products Fairness Act
State Forestry News

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Southern Pine Lumber Prices - A Perfect Storm?

By Bob Bratton

Sometimes, there are as many ways to explain numbers as there are people to explain them. When it comes to the lumber market, some rely on the futures market, others use housing start figures and still others use gross domestic product and employment numbers.

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Housing Market Update - February 2013

By LeAndra Spicer

The housing market continued along a path of cautious recovery throughout February with investments in both homes and the construction industry adding to the nation's economic growth and recovery.

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Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement Survives Greenpeace Misinformation Campaign

By Suz-Anne Kinney

Two and a half years after the groundbreaking agreement between Canadian forest products companies and environmental groups (ENGOs) to protect both the boreal forests of northern Canada and the caribou that live there.

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Paper and Electronic Communications - Two Sides of the Same Coin?

By LeAndra Spicer

There are two sides to every story. This is precisely the point the aptly named non-profit organization Two Sides set out to make when it challenged the Paperless2013 campaign.

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Forestry-Related Industry Performance

By Yang Wan

The manufacturing sector expanded in February, and the service sector grew for the 38th consecutive month. The Performance Manufacturing Index (PMI) registered at 54.2%, up 1.1% from January's reading of 53.1%.

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Sale of Hofmann Forest Counterproductive

By Javon Carter

The North Carolina State Natural Resources Foundation (NCSNRF) appears to be in dire straits, scrambling for any means of income by selling the Hofmann Forest, an 80,000 acre research forest near Jacksonville, NC.

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Supreme Court: Stormwater Discharge Permits Are Not Required for Forest Roads

By LeAndra Spicer

The Supreme Court has reversed a U.S. Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit Court decision requiring loggers to obtain stormwater discharge permits for forest roads used during timber harvests.

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Forest Products Fairness Act Proposed

By LeAndra Spicer

The Forest Products Fairness Act, a bill intended to boost the inclusion of wood products in the decade- old BioPreferred Program, was introduced in Congress earlier this month.

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State Forestry News

By LeAndra Spicer

In all likelihood, Arkansas timberland owners should expect to pay an additional five cents per acre in taxes this year. Senate Bill 5 bill proposed an increase in the tax rate from 15 to 20 cents per acre with the intent to raise an additional $700,000 a year to support the Arkansas Forestry Commission.

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