November/December 2012 

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By Suzanne Hearn

The phrase "no good deed goes unpunished" is often used in jest-a sort of feigned indignation. For instance, you slow down to let a car turn into traffic ahead of you and then watch that car make it through the ...  


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Hearn Discusses Sustainability at USIPA Exporting Pellets Conference 


By Suz-Anne Kinney

Forest2Market's Vice President of Sales and Marketing Suzanne Hearn discussed sustainability at the U.S. Industrial Pellet Association's 2nd Annual Exporting Pellets Conference in...


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Wood-fuel prices have followed a downward trend since 3Q2010. Based on October 2012 and preliminary November 2012 data, we expect this trend will continue in  ...  


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The Role of the Military in Biofuels Development

By Suz-Anne Kinney 


In August of 2011, the Obama administration-as a means of speeding compliance with the Renewable Fuel Standards set by Congress in 2007-formed an interagency initiative between the Department of Defense (DoD) and the departments of Energy and Agriculture. For the ...  


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By Suz-Anne Kinney 


As drought conditions intensified across many corn and livestock producing states in the US during the summer of 2012, many of the governors, state and national legislators in these states as well as industry associations asked the Environmental Protection Agency ...  


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By Suz-Anne Kinney 


The latest Annual Energy Outlook released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration suggests a bright future for biomass power generation. As the table below shows, the amount of power produced from plants dedicated solely to biomass power production will grow ...  


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