The Power of Docusign

St. Davids, PA (May 2015) -Brett Furman, Broker-Owner of RE/MAX Classic, believes in the power of technology. During the 28 years of his real estate career, Mr. Furman has taken every opportunity to apply the most current technological advances to his real estate business for greater efficiency and better, faster service to his clients.

This last week, one of Mr. Furman's most frequently used and most important technological platforms has been in the news reporting growth and expansion, which can mean only good things for his clients. DocuSign, the electronic signature application launched in 2003, reported raising funds in excess of $233 million with participation from well-known financial backers, including new investor Generation Investment Management, whose chairman is former Vice President Al Gore, as well as a handful of unnamed investors. The company, now with 1,300 employees in 10 offices worldwide, is now valued at $3 billion, serving more than 100,000 companies and 50 million people across 188 countries.

When asked why DocuSign's progress means so much to him, Mr. Furman stated, "When the companies that make the growth of my business possible are growing themselves, I'm confident in the tools I need to make my clients happy." With DocuSign, Mr. Furman's clients are able to access documents and contracts online, anytime and anywhere, sign, and return them to him in just seconds. The program is secure, with encryption software that keeps all documents confidential.

"The days of ink signatures, and all of the time-consuming coordination it takes to manage live paper contracts, are coming to an end," Mr. Furman said. "My clients can sign a contract from anywhere in the world via DocuSign. I then take it to the next step, completing a process in moments that used to take days!"

An additional bonus? "The one tough thing about the business of real estate is the amount of paper we've historically been forced to use. With DocuSign, this kind of waste is all but eliminated and the use of paper contracts can be kept to a minimum. You can't help but feel good about making a positive impact on the environment while you're working."


About RE/MAX Classic

RE/MAX Classic is a family owned and operated business celebrating its 25th year of success. The firm has an outstanding technology platform & support staff to assist our agents so they can focus on productivity. Unlike most other real estate companies our Broker/Owners list and sell real estate, which ensures they are current with the latest trends. The philosophy at RE/MAX Classic revolves around exceeding the expectations of their clients, with their team of four support staff who are focused on customer service and satisfaction. 

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